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Exploiting dark blue glitch

during the space elevator tunnel portion, The player can do a post stall manuvaer to confuse the game to thinking the player in the tunnel. Count gets stuck under the tunnel. But he will fly at the players speed when you exit the tunnel the same way the player came in, once the player go to the elevator itself. Count will proceed to do circles underneath the elevator, the player can then choose to stay outside the tunnel or go in agian. The same dialogue will play until the part where count gets hit. Count won’t say anything about getting hit, only about his rudder, the interesting thing here is that the ADF-11 drone doesn’t spawn, the player can only destroy the repeaters. No dialogue will play. The player is not ordered to escape. Forcing the timer to run out ending the mission

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• 2h

What is your favorite Russian Aircraft in Ace Combat

What is your favorite Russian planes in Ace Combat series. Mine is Su-27, Su-30SM & M2, Su-33, Su-35, Su-37, Su-47 & MiG-29.
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• 4h

S Ranking Issues

So I'm trying to S rank mission 19 on Ace difficulty and I swear to God I'm racking up numbers but still getting a measly A rank every time. Does anyone happen to know the minimum score needed to S rank mission 19 on Ace?
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• 3/17/2019

ADF-01 seen in Ace Combat 7 Season Pass Teaser Trailer

Since ADF-01 FALKEN is seen in Ace Combat 7 Season Pass Teaser, is ADF-01 FALKEN will appear in AC7 along with ADFX-01 Morgan?
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• 3/16/2019

Stonehenge Denfensive Arsenal Bird Fight seems to be bugged

cwhen I was playing mission 12. During where the player has to destroy the propellers, I destroy all of them, including the sub propellers. The Arsenal Bird just stops completely in midair.

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• 3/16/2019

In German pleas

Wäre ganz gut das es so langsam mal ein Deutsches Update geben würde. Für den Preis kann man das jawohl erwarten......


LG: AK47
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• 3/14/2019

Ace Combat game rips, data mines, and the wiki

In December 2014, I announced the wiki would cease to host any file uploads extracted from Assault Horizon that aren't available to standard players. Other users agreed to continue allowing file uploads extracted from the older Flash websites, but content acquired from game rips was a no-go.

This issue has come up again in regards to Ace Combat 7. Some intrepid users have managed to crack the game's encryption and have now begun going through all of the game's data. Things like the game's soundtrack, the aircraft models, skin sheets, special weapons (see ), are all being exposed and uploaded. There's even the question of whether the game can be modded (the wiki will ignore modded content since it's not from the actual game).

We already discovered some details thanks to Reddit user KeystoneGray, such as the names of the two MQ UAVs. I can only imagine that we'll start to get other details such as aircraft mechanics as well. The problem is, we can't easily reference this kind of content because it's not easily accessible by all players. Verifiability on the wiki requires that all of our users can verify our information comes from reliable sources.

So the question is, how verifiable can data mining really be for the standard user who can't verify that data on their own? Does data included in the game really matter if it's not accessible? For example, there is code for making the ADF-11F Raven a playable aircraft -- does that mean the wiki should mark it as a playable aircraft, or make assumptions about it being in the DLC, just because there's some data in there?

To play Devil's Advocate, though: would the wiki be incomplete if it didn't include data mined content? One possible way to think about it is in relation to books like Aces At War and the Perfect Guides; most people don't have access to these, yet they contain some additional information. Do they count as verifiable sources, and if so, how different is data mining?

It's an interesting conversation. As of right now, we have a case-by-case moderation basis with some ripped content, which is included in some Trivia sections in some unused line examples, but maybe we should remove that content? Especially since, as stated, it's difficult to verify. As for books, well, most of them have ISBN numbers so that works as verification.

As far as wiki policy is concerned: Any AC7 content only visible through game rips or data mining is not currently permitted.

But what do you guys think? It's a very interesting conversation I'd like to discuss.

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• 3/13/2019

Release date of ACI (Ace Combat Infinity)

I have a question... What is the release date of Ace Combat Infinity?
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• 3/13/2019

So AC7 got an update in PS4 and probably also Steam and XB1.

Anyone know what changed or what happened? I'm always curious as to what an update does.
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• 3/12/2019

A new aircraft for AC was hinted by Kono ?

Kono hinted a new real life aircraft could be added to Ace Combat .

According from latest ACF videos : Chinese planes are possibility
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• 3/10/2019

Possible real silo locations in Bunker Buster

The locations of real silos change depending on (as of now) unknown factors. Here are the possible variations.
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• 3/9/2019

Which is better in terms of plot, story, characters, missions, and soundtrack

Ac6 vs ac7
  • Ace combat 7 skies unknown
  • Ace combat 6 Fires of liberation
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• 3/9/2019
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• 3/8/2019

DLC now please

I'm sure others have asked and responded to the question a million times, but when is DLC coming out and are we likely to see more skins to buy? Oh and can we buy MRP anytime soon. I'm just not good enough online to earn it quick. I'm getting V. old.

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• 3/8/2019

Mission 9 S rank on Ace difficuilty

Can someone please give me some help/Tricks, how to do the mission easier?
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• 3/8/2019


It's in the game files...

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• 3/8/2019

Can anyone help me to translate archange's lyrics from Latin to English?

I already translated part of the lyrics. The first part says: "Protege nos fili vita" which means "project the life of our sons" (or descendants, like 13 was to Mihaly) and the final part that says "Tormiento e ilumina o cielo nostro" and this means. "" torment and "iluminate" our sky"". I know the torment part is out of context but that probably means ending the torment that's keeping our sky dark. Some random guy already found "perpetuo" (perpetual) in the middle but that's about it. I need your help to translate it and i hope i can count on you guys. See ya later!
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• 3/5/2019

DLC skins expected to appear in Ace Combat 7

What do you want a DLC aircraft skin to appear in AC7? Mine is F-22A Mobius, F-14D Wardog, F-15C Cipher, Su-33 Strigon & Su-47 Grabacr.
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• 3/3/2019

...Lackluster Multiplayer...

Well, after playing campaign mode and getting my fill, I decided it was time to take to the air against fellow Ace enthusiasts, just like yourself! And upon doing so, I was overwhelmingly unimpressed. (...ZzZzZzZz...) BORING!!!!! In fact, Ive created a room five minutes ago and I'm still waiting for people to join! I've veen waiting here long enough to allow myself the time to write this little mini article, put it that way.

You see, it's not that Ace 7 has a bad multiplayer mode, its just that there is no meat to it. NONE. It's so basic and repetitive that it is, well, must I say it again, BORING. Flat out boring. And I love this game, mind you. My anger and disappointment stems from the fact that these designers could have (should have) easily made this a fantastic, memorable, even an "instant- classic" multiplayer game and they totaly blew it. I mean they totally fell asleep at the wheel on this one guys...crash and burn status.

All I am asking for, which in my humble opinion would make this a straight banger, is variation. Yep, some different game modes. That's it. Maybe a few more maps too. But seriously, battle royal and team death match? That's it? Way to use your imagination guys. A 65 year old grandpa working for retirement in a nitroglycerin factory could have come up with some more original ideas than that.

So, I speak of variation. What exactly do I have in mind you ask? For starters, how about some type of capture the flag mode? How about a defend the objective mode where you have to protect attackers from destroying ground targets? How about esscort the VIP mode where you protect the president from foreign invaders? I mean, you can't tell me the designers haven't thought of these! Was it too expensive? Was it too much to fit into the game? Why have we been deprived of a legit multiplayer mode for a title with such rich lineage and deeply rooted fan base?! We, and this title, deserve so much more than this watered down lame excuse of a multiplayer mode. It's as simple as that.

So as I sit here writing this, I still havent had enough people to join my room to start a match and when I look for another room, there are none available. It's already dying ladies and gentlemen. And that my friends is a crying shame. We deserve more. This game deserves more. Please Bandi Namco, make this right. We love your game. We always have. You broke our hearts with making us wait forever to play it. Now you picked up the pieces of those broken hearts and threw them into the crematory that is your Ace Combat 7 multiplayer mode....
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• 3/3/2019

Do the MGP count as only gun run?

Hey guys if I use the machine gun pod it count as gun only mission?
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