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灯台戦争終結(The end of the Lighthouse War)は2019年12月以降に出版されたGAZEの終戦特別号である[1][2]。ACE COMBAT 7のカットシーン及びACES at WAR 2019に登場した。


The end of the Lighthouse War[]

In December 2019, the countries of Osea and Erusea forged a peace agreement at the EC conference. The longstanding war between them will end with the signing of a nonaggression pact that's planned to take place next month at North Point...

Report & Photos by Albert Genette

Refugees Flock to the Space Elevator[]

A long line of cars stretches almost endlessly across a bridge connecting Selatapura to the space elevator, their occupants hoping to escape the war that rages behind them. The base of the mountains surrounding the elevator is now home to a large refugee camp for more and more people from across Usea. The Erusean military guides the people, while the Osean military provides them with necessary supplies. These troops decided to stay behind on their own volition and formed their own self-government organization. Meanwhile, Yuktovanian[注 1] aircrafts continue to drop additional supplies. What a strange scene. Three nations who fought against each other a couple of months ago are now redefining the rules by helping these refugees as one.

According to the text of establishment of interim administrations agreed by U.N. Security Council, the very idea of a country as it is traditionally defined no longer exists. Borders are not stipulated and members of the government are not disclosed. An area within a 20-kilometer radius of the space elevator island is tentatively regarded as an air defense area. An idealistic thought like cosmopolitanism can be seen in the text as a whole, and the idea of "promotion of restructuring of the whole world around the space elevator" is used as a pretext. Still, the real is far from the ideal. At the end of the day, it is a refugee camp built in the once-battlefield; supplies are never sufficient, and the pungent smell of char clings to the nostrils. Even so, the people living here continue to smile warmly while ... children play just like they are in an athletic ... and adults help each other out to develop a new ... The sound of young girls singing old, ... songs can be heard over the general dim of the ... tension in the air, and no one tries to ... This can be put down to the efforts of ... Princess Cossette of The Kingdom of Erusea, who called for countries to come together to build the refugee camp, and provide its people with aid. She comes here regularly, despite being busy with restoring regions of Erusea, including its capital of Farbanti. Dressed in a white shirt and regular pants, the scruffy-haired young woman looks nothing like your typical princess; only her radiant smile sets her apart. People are naturally drawn to her, and the air is filled with ease.

Rosa Cossette D'Elise helped spearhead the war efforts, and as such carries a great weight on her shoulders. The Erusean king was killed in this war, while the queen had already passed away from illness beforehand. The responsibility is too heavy for an 18-year-old girl to bear under the confusion in the government. Even with everything she has had to face, the princess has never stopped working, involving herself in international congress by acknowledging Erusea's culpability in the war, imploring international cooperation, and seeking to use the space elevator for peace. It reminded us of the princess who inspired her nation's people with enthusiasm at the beginning of this war. She never uses her words to blame, only to inspire hope. She influenced the world this time.

The princess Cossette is only a legitimate heir to the former throne. The selection of the next king is an urgent issue but Erusea does not recognize female heads of state. A new head needs to be found in the royal family as with the Restoration period. The majority of people favor the princess, but they may be in for a long wait before a woman is ever allowed to permanently sit upon the throne. It might not be a nation the princess is aiming for. The refugee camp contains people from all over the world. There are no borders here. She certainly sees a place for them to live before her.

Lighthouse War: From Beginning to End[]

… mechanical precision. When … used in aerial combat, they … And with … against Osea’s actions, public opinion tilted greatly in … the drone program … for some time, and deployed the birds, making their defenses practically … stationed on the…eastward, further restricting Osean movements. Erusea then deployed … auto-intercept system on an …

… had found a blind … they … exactly the same time, Erusea took out all of the satellites still under Osean control, turning the entire communications network to go completely dark. Forces…enemy command found themselves instantly … The war was supposed to …

With…spiraling out of control, the … began fighting … found anywhere. Even so, Erusea’s young revolutionaries were still brimming with confidence. They set up an HQ near the space elevator and … their forces with more…were covered by drones … found out, they headed straight to the area. It was a…

Erusea Pursuing an Ultimate Evolution of Drones[]

In 2004, the Kingdom of Erusea (formerly the Erusean Republic) lost the Continental War. The kigndom once boasted a deadly military force comprised of the Aegir Fleet—said to be invincible—and lead the world in the military technology such as the variable-sweep stealth aircraft development. By the end of the war, most of their technology was gone. Erusean forces maintained "the minimum organization for self-defense" though dismantlement of the forces was promoted after the war. They invested a great deal in the development of drones in the name of global cooperation. That was only a way for them to survive.

Countries across the globe were competing fiercely to develop drones as a means of reducing human suffering and overcoming the lack of human resources during wartime. Erusea had superiority at the beginning of the war even with this background, which can be a result of them investing effectively on unmanned weapons, especially drones.

The joint project with the giant corporation North Osea Grander IG was one of cases where Erusean taxpayer money was spent on. Erusean forces participated in the project to work on the joint development and provide test pilots and bases. They deployed a test flight squadron to their air base of the EASA, and utilized an ace pilot with unmatched combat ability and experience to gather combat data that would be used to form the basis for an artificial intelligence to be used in battle.

A chief researcher "Dr. Schroeder" requested for a capable pilot. The pilot fought endless waves of aggressor squadron to gather data which was then used to update the AI. Thanks to the pilot as well as the researcher, development of the drone program progressed with unprecedented speed. How did Erusean forces find this pilot even though they lost many pilots in the previous battle?

Some say that the Principality of Belka was involved with a large part of Dr. Schroeder's project. North Osea Grander IG had previously operated as a government-run weapon production facility in the south of Belka. ... Belka and Erusea were world-renowned ... their prowess in the field of technolo... surprising that their coop...

Unnamed Section[]

One of the aims of the space elevator project was to harness the sun's vast energy for solar power applications. A solar battery was to be sent into space, where it would collect the sun's energy and then send it back to a facility on Earth via microwaves. The announcement caught the attention of the entire world. The energy shortage caused by the Ulysses disaster remains as an international issue, causing wars to erupt all over, particularly the Continental War, and soon people had high hopes for a new way forward that reduced over-reliance on nuclear energy and fossil fuels.

It was decided that the elevator would be constructed in the old Erusean Republic region of Gunther Bay near the equator for two reasons: the area seemed to be a favorable site for easy installation of construction materials because it was a critical passage of maritime traffic; and it was the nearest place to Selatapura trade port which is achieving significant economic development recently. However, this plan caused a new conflict in Usea. The Erusean interim government at that time raised an objective that ... construction on the site was a cultural ... that ignores its historical value. Erusea ... defeated nation who confused the ... and the resistance showed by Erusea ... their place, which provided a ... the active defense of allied nations ... forces to Osea who spent a ... of money to the project. Osea, ... deploy drone motherships: aerial arsenal ships, aka the Arsenal Birds.

...corporations who joined ISEV went ahead with the plan. The construction progressed as planned. That is, until just before its completion, when Erusea declared war. President Harling was inside the elevator on the very day Erusea seized control of it.

Unfortunately, the former president lost his life after being dragged into the conflict. When the Circum-Pacific War ended, he was referred to as the Ambassador of Peace, so it was only natural that his death caused shockwaves around the globe, causing the war to intensify.

Although Erusea utilized the space elevator for military purposes during the war, Princess Cossette begged the international conference to use it for peace after the war ended. She was successful with her efforts and a global pact was signed, selecting her as an ambassador.

Arsenal Birds were deemed counterproductive to peace and disappeared. In their place, a new defense air force was formed. Though they operated as a peacekeeping force that answered directly to the United Nations, they had no connection to the IUPF. While some say they are little more than Princess Cossette's lapdog, and that all military forces should be disbanded, there is no denying that the world is not yet totally at peace. As such, it was determined that the country where the space elevator is located and those surrounding it needed protection.

The space elevator also functions as a space station. Shortly before the war concluded, the planetary observation team Pilgrim 1 came home from its seven year mission. Its captain, Kei Nagase, gave the following quote upon her return:

"The universe continues its perpetual expansion. And now we've got a gateway to further our exploration on our quest for knowledge. Cheers to the pilot who gave us all a future.[注 2]"

With the cooperation of the Erusean Space Station, Princess Cossette's plan for international space development was put into motion. The flag of hope once carried by Osea's President Harling is now being held firm and high by the princess of Erusea.






セラタプラと宇宙エレベーターを結ぶ橋には、背後で激化する戦争から逃れようとする車の長い列が延々と続いている。エレベーターを囲む山の麓には、ユージア各地から多くの人々が集まってくる大規模な難民キャンプがある。エルジア軍は避難民を誘導し、オーシア軍は必要な物資を供給している。これらの軍は自らの意思で残留を決め、独自の自治組織を結成した。一方、ユークトバニアの航空機は、追加の物資を投下し続けている。なんとも不思議な光景である。数カ月前まで敵対していた3カ国[注 3]今、難民を助けることで一体となり、ルールを再定義しているのだ。

国連安全保障理事会で合意された暫定行政機構の設立に関する文章によると、従来定義されていた国の概念そのものがもはや存在しないのである。国境は規定されず、政府のメンバーも明らかにされない。宇宙エレベータ島の半径20キロメートル以内は暫定的に防空識別圏とされている。文章全体にはコスモポリタニズムのような理想主義的な思想が見られ、「宇宙エレベーターを中心とした全世界の再編成の推進」という理念が口実として使われている。それでも、現実は理想とはほど遠い。結局、かつての戦場に作られた難民キャンプであり、物資は決して十分ではなく、炭の刺激臭が鼻腔にまとわりつく。それでも、ここに住む人たちは温かく微笑みながら......子どもたちはまるでアスレチックのように遊び......大人たちは互いに助け合いながら、新しいものを育てていく......そんな生活をしている。若い女の子たちが、懐かしい歌を歌う声が、薄暗い店内に響いている。これは、... エルジア王国のコゼット王女が、各国に呼びかけて難民キャンプを建設し、国民に援助を与えたからだ。首都ファーバンティをはじめとするエルジア地方の復興に忙しい中、定期的に訪れている。白いシャツに普通のズボンを履いた無造作な髪型の彼女は、普通の王女には見えない。人々は自然と彼女に引き寄せられ、和やかな空気に包まれる。

ローザ・コゼット・ド・エルーゼは戦争の先鋒を務め、その肩に大きな重荷を背負っている。この戦争でエルジア王は死亡し、王妃はすでに病気で亡くなっていた。政府が混乱する中、18歳の少女が背負うにはあまりに重い責任である。さまざまな困難に直面しながらも、エルジアの戦争責任を認め、国際会議に参加し、国際協力を訴え、平和のための宇宙エレベーターの利用を求める王女は、仕事を休むことはなかった。 それは、この戦争が始まったとき、国民を熱狂的に鼓舞した王女の姿を思い起こさせる。彼女は決して非難するために言葉を使わず、ただ希望を与えるために言葉を使う。彼女は今回、世界に影響を与えた。





制御不能になって… 戦い始めて… どこにでもある。 それでもエルジアの若き革命家たちは自信に満ち溢れていた。 彼らは宇宙エレベーターの近くに本部を設置し、...さらにドローンに覆われた彼らの軍隊を発見し、その地域へ直行した。それは...


エルジア王国(旧エルジア共和国)は2004年[注 4]大陸戦争において敗戦した。当時「無敵艦隊」と呼ばれたエイギル艦隊を保有し、可変翼ステルス機の開発など高い軍事力を誇っていた彼らだったが、戦中にその技術のほとんどが失われていた。戦後のエルジア軍は解体が進められたものの、「自衛のための最小限の組織」を維持。国際協力の名のもとに、無人兵器の研究に少なくない予算を割り当てた。それがエルジア軍の生き残る道でもあった。



主任研究員「シュローデル博士」は有能なパイロットを求めた。 パイロットはアグレッサー飛行隊の無限の波と戦い、データを収集し、それを使用して AI を更新した。このパイロットと研究者のおかげで、ドローンプログラムの開発はかつてないスピードで進んだ。前大戦で多くのパイロットを失ったエルジア軍は、どのようにしてこのパイロットを探し当てたのだろうか。

シュローデル博士の計画には、ベルカ公国が大きく関わっていたという説もある。ノースオーシア・グランダーIGは、以前南ベルカにある政府運営の兵器生産施設として運営されていた... ベルカとエルジアは世界的に有名な国であり、その技術力には目を見張るものがあった。




...ISEV に参加した企業は計画を進め、 工事は予定通り進んだ。 つまり、エルジアが宣戦布告をするまでの完成直前まで。 ハーリング大統領は、エルジアがエレベーターを乗っ取ったまさにその日、エレベーターの中にいました。



アーセナルバードは平和に逆行するものとされ、姿を消した。その代わりとして新たな防衛航空隊が編成された。国連直属の平和維持軍として活動するが、IUPFとは関係がない。彼らはコセット王女の愛犬にすぎず、すべての軍隊を解体すべきだと言う人もいるが、世界がまだ完全に平和ではないことは否定できない。 そのため、宇宙エレベーターのある国とその周辺国には保護が必要であると判断された。



エルジア宇宙ステーションの協力を得て、コセット王女の国際宇宙開発計画が動き出した。 かつてオーシアのハーリング大統領が掲げていた希望の旗は、エルジアの王女によってしっかりと高く掲げられている。



  1. 正しくはYuktobania
  2. ゲーム本編では以下の台詞となっている。 The universe lies ahead of us, waiting to be discovered. And now, at last, we have a gateway to ascend to it. Over and over again. I salute the pilot, who gave us all a future.
  3. 正しくは2か国
  4. 開戦したのは2003年


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