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O Estreito de Razgriz (Razgriz Straits) é um corpo de água subártico que circunda as ilhas do norte e o litoral do continente aneano; eles estão diretamente a leste de Fensalir. Devido à sua localização logo abaixo do Oceano Ártico (Arctic Ocean), o Estreito de Razgriz fica congelado durante a maior parte do ano, tornando-o intransitável.

Os estreitos derivam seu nome da lenda de que o Demônio de Razgriz reside nele. As partes ocidentais do Estreito de Razgriz pertencem a Eméria (Emmeria), enquanto as partes orientais pertencem a Estovákia (Estovakia)


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Early history[]

In 1998, Estovakia began constructing the Chandelier railgun facility near Sonne Island as a weapon to combat the Ulysses 1994XF04 asteroid and protect their nation. It was ultimately not constructed in time due to belated news regarding the increased area of impact.

In July 1999, many Ulysses fragments fell into the straits and struck nearby islands.

Circum-Pacific War[]

Main article: Operation Long Harpoon

Sometime before November 14, 2010, during the Circum-Pacific War, the Yuktobanian Navy's underwater carrier Hrimfaxi was stationed in the western Razgriz Straits. The Hrimfaxi began to launch ballistic burst missiles at the Osean ground forces, which were attempting a large-scale offensive into mainland Yuktobania. In response, Wardog Squadron was dispatched to attack the Hrimfaxi via low-altitude infiltration. After sentry submarines alerted the Hrimfaxi to Wardog's approach, a heated battle broke out, and the submarine was subsequently sunk to the icy depths of the straits, earning Wardog the collective nickname "Razgriz" among both sides.

Emmeria-Estovakia War[]

Main article: Assault on the Chandelier

During the Emmeria-Estovakia War, the Chandelier's heating issues were solved and the railgun was commandeered by Estovakian officers who opposed the treaty with Emmeria. On March 31, 2016, they used the Chandelier to launch a retaliatory strike against Emmeria following the liberation of Gracemeria. Emmerian intelligence quickly traced the missile trajectory back to an area north of Sonne Island. On April 1, numerous Republic of Emmeria Air Force squadrons were dispatched to investigate the area with orders to engage any potential threats. The Emmerian squadrons soon located the Chandelier, and a battle ensued which concluded when Talisman dealt the final blow to the railgun.