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O Hrimfaxi (リムファクシ Rimufakushi) foi o segundo submarino nuclear da classe Scinfaxi desenvolvido pela União das Repúblicas Yuktobanianas (Union of Yuktobanian Republics) durante a Guerra Fria (Cold War) junto com seu navio irmão, o Scinfaxi. Foi posteriormente destruído durante a Guerra do Circúlo-Pacífico (Circum-Pacific War).


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The Hrimfaxi's creation was announced at the unveiling of the Scinfaxi in early September 1991. The Hrimfaxi entered service with the Yuktobanian Navy in 1997, 2 years after the completion of its sister ship; however, the vessel's battle record prior to the Circum-Pacific War in late 2010 remains unknown.


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A little more than a month after the sinking of its sister ship, the Hrimfaxi began launching burst missiles at Osean ground forces from several hundred miles away in the Razgriz Straits. On November 14, the Hrimfaxi temporarily ceased its missile launch operations, surfaced, and began refueling from a friendly tanker; a defensive line of picket submarines was established around the submersible to warn of any hostile forces.

The Hrimfaxi received an alert from one of its scout subs that Osean fighters were inbound. The Hrimfaxi aborted the refueling effort and began emergency diving preparations; however, before it could successfully submerge and escape, the Osean fighters damaged its ballast tanks, making sustained submersion impossible. Unable to run, the Hrimfaxi engaged Wardog with its anti-aircraft weaponry, burst-missile barrages, and swarms of vertically-launched UCAVs. Eventually, the Hrimfaxi lost its defensive weaponry and the ability to dive altogether; after sustaining considerable hull damage, the vessel was torn apart by a reactor overload, similar to the fate of its sister ship.


Main article: Scinfaxi-class submarine § Design

One notable difference between the two submersibles is the fact that the Hrimfaxi was equipped with UCAVs, while the Scinfaxi supported carrier-launched and VTOL aircraft.