"Airplanes are meant to be flown by human beings. To those of you listening in, am I wrong?"
― Édouard Labarthe[1]

Édouard Labarthe was a lieutenant general that served in the Erusean Army. He was the leader of the Erusean Conservatives.[2]


By September 2019, General Labarthe and the Erusean Conservatives had already begun to show opposition to the ideals of the Erusean Radicals. The loss of the Erusean Royal Navy reserve fleet at Anchorhead as a result of the Long Range Strategic Strike Group's Operation Domino was said to have aided Labarthe's cause.[3]

Throughout the Lighthouse War, Labarthe had secretly communicated with the Osean military. On October 1, Labarthe hid within the outskirts of Anchorhead Bay and received support from the Osean Ground Defense Force, where they would escort him to a helicopter at the eastern part of the city and exit the airspace.[1]

Strider Squadron arrived at the airspace and guarded the vehicle from opposing Erusean forces, while Osean Army captain Karl drove the vehicle and navigated through the city. As the operation progressed, Labarthe convinced some of the Eruseans to join him. He also revealed the truth behind the war, as well as the true cause of Vincent Harling's death.[1]

Labarthe and Karl safely arrived at the helicopter's location and proceeded to exit the airspace. However, AWACS Argus ordered all Osean forces to eliminate the general. An Osean fighter then shot down the transport, killing him and everyone else aboard.[1]


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