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For the uprising that took place in 2006, see 2006 Free Erusea uprising.

The 2014 Free Erusea uprising was a series of armed insurrections conducted by Free Erusea on the Usean continent. To maintain peace across the continent, the IUN mobilized its peacekeeping forces, which included Mobius Squadron among multiple other units.


Following the Circum-Pacific War, the militaries of Osea and Yuktobania were severely weakened, resulting in Free Erusea gaining access to greater amounts of funding and weaponry.[1]

Throughout the early 2010s, Free Erusea grew from being a mere terrorist organization to a global threat.[1]


In May 2014, Free Erusea once again began conducting insurrectionist activities across the Usean continent. Still undergoing reconstruction following the Ulysses Impact Event, the IUN couldn't allow the rising power of a resurgent Free Erusea to threaten Usea. In an effort combat them, the IUN prepared its peacekeeping forces to quell the insurrection.[1]

On May 28, 2014, the IUN facility on the Peyton Penisula detected Free Erusean aircraft approaching Fort Grays Island. In response, the IUN deployed multiple squadrons from the aircraft carrier Albatross to intercept and force them to land. Ignoring IUN-PKF hails, the Free Erusean aircraft engaged. During the battle, numerous other insurrectionist squadrons entered the airspace, however, Mobius 1 almost singlehandedly shot them down.[2]

On June 16, 2014, Free Erusean aircraft were chasing the IUN's Gray Moth Squadron, who were attempting an emergency landing at the IUN-PKF base in Scofields Plateau. In response, Mobius 1 and Viper 2 were deployed from the base and intercepted the Free Erusean aircraft, allowing AWACS SkyEye to takeoff. Following SkyEye's takeoff, numerous Free Erusean ground forces were detected attacking the IUN substations. Mobius 1 quickly eliminated all Free Erusean elements surrounding the substations, only to find the IUN base itself under attack from ground forces. Ultimately, Mobius 1 prevented the base's seizure from Free Erusea.[3]

On July 11, 2014, multiple IUN squadrons were sent to the Waiapolo Mountains to capture a Free Erusean transport aircraft. Capturing the aircraft would allow the IUN to obtain war crime evidence which would allow the suppression of Free Erusean activities throughout the continent. Upon making contact with the transport aircraft, the IUN squadrons discover the craft is unmanned, and are soon after ambushed by multiple Free Erusean squadrons. Following the elimination of the Free Erusean aircraft, Ghost Squadron enters the airspace and a fierce dogfight ensues. During the engagement, Mobius 1 single-handedly shot down the squadron.[4]

Following Operation Sentry's Brunt, Free Erusea's operations were revealed to be a diversion, and their true intentions remained unknown.[5]


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