The 3rd Osean Naval Fleet is one of the oldest fleets in the Osean Maritime Defense Force. The fleet is commanded by Captain Nicholas A. Andersen, who has led the fleet to victory in countless occasions. Its flagship is the OFS Kestrel. The fleet and its flagship OFS Kestrel are now under President Harling's command including the Demons of Razgriz pilots.


Belkan War

The 3rd Osean Naval Fleet presumably saw it's first warfare action in the Belkan War of 1995. Somewhere in May, the fleet passed through the Futuro Canal, located in the Republic of Ustio, in order to assist the Ustian military in their fight against the Belkan Federation, which was heavily defended by Belkan forces. This operation is known as the Battle of Futuro Canal or Offensive Campaign No. 4101.

Circum Pacific War

15 years later, the 3rd Osean Naval Fleet would become a pivotal element in the Osea-Yuktobania Circum-Pacific War. However, on or around December 7, 2010, parts (if not all) of the fleet split from Osean Maritime Defense Force to form the OFS Kestrel battle group. The OFS Kestrel's sister ships are OFS Vulture, OFS Buzzard and OFS Barbett.


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