The Ustio Air Force's 6th Air Division was a mercenary aerial squadron division formed immediately prior to the Belkan War. The air division employed multiple air units, but the only known ones were the 66th Air Force Unit, Galm Team, and the 4th Air Force Unit, Crow Team.


The 6th Air Division was formed sometime in, or prior to, 1994.[1] After the Belkan War broke out, the air division took part in many vital counterattack operations, particularly the defense of Valais Air Base, Offensive Campaign No. 4101, the liberation of Directus, and the destruction of Excalibur.

Following the cessation of hostilities, Patrick James Beckett was transferred from Crow Team to Galm Team, and Galm continued performing clandestine operations (the fates of the other Crow members are unknown).[2]

The 6th Air Division's last known operations were against A World With No Boundaries in December 1995.[3]