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The 6th Air Division was a unit of the Ustian Air Force that fought during The Belkan War. It's only known units are the 66th Air Force Unit and the 4th Air Force Unit.


The 6th Air Division was raised mainly of mercenaries after most of the country was overrun by the Belkans. The 66th Air Force Unit, or "Galm" team, succeeded in stopping the Belkans from seizing the rest of the country and played many vital roles in the subsequent counter-attack. The Galm team took part during the invasion of Belka itself and the fighting with the terrorist group A World With No Boundaries. The 4th Air Force Unit, better known as "Crow" team, was first seen taking part in the Battle of Tauberg. Their history is unknown before the battle, but it is more than likely that they took part in action before Tauberg. They continued to fly alongside Galm team for most of the war until the Northern Belkan Nuclear Detonations, after which Crow 3, PJ, took the place of Galm 2, who dissapeared during the explosions. The fate of the other two members of Crow team remains unknown.

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