The 747 200B is a commercial airliner. It features no weaponry, and is used primarily by worldwide airliners to transport civilians from one city to another.


Joint Assault universe[]

Besides its use as a civilian jet airliner by airliners all over the world, the 747 200B was specifically used by the International Union Peacekeeping Force's top ace, Antares One, to fly Andre Olivieri though a Valahia-controlled mountain region in Turkey.[1]

Game Analysis[]

Joint Assault[]

"A high-capacity aircraft capable of carrying over 500 passengers in a single flight."

How to Unlock

While the 747 200B is technically available for viewing pleasure immediately prior to and following Grand Flight, the aircraft cannot be used outside of this mission.


Speed: Low
Air-to-Air: None
Air-to-Ground: None
Mobility: Low
Stability: Medium
Defense: Medium

Special Weapons

This aircraft cannot equip special weapons, or any weapon of any kind.


  • C01: Standard Olivieri Life Insurance livery; white body with red/green/blue vinyls.
  • C02: Red upper section and black underbelly. Meant to mimic the Olivieri Life Insurance logo.
  • C03: Grayish white body.
  • C04: Off-white with golden wing trim and underside.
  • C05: Solid black.
  • C06: C-5 Galaxy-styled gray and green desert camouflage.



  • The 747 200B is the first player-controlled aircraft in the Ace Combat series to lack weapons, as well as being the first and only player-controlled airliner. It also features the largest wingspan of all player-controlled aircraft.