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The 747 200B is a commercial airliner developed by Boeing. It is only playable in Ace Combat: Joint Assault.


First seeing service in 1971, the 747 200B is the basic passenger version of the 747-200 series, outfitted with a greater fuel capacity and more powerful engines than its predecessor. The 747 can carry 539 passengers and crew.

General Analysis

The 747 is seen mainly in Ace Combat: Joint Assault. The physics for the aircraft are not realistic, as the aircraft can do a barrel roll without falling apart. Because of its non-military nature, it is classified under the "Airliner" category, and is the only plane of its type. As a civilian aircraft, it cannot use any weapons to protect itself, and is quite vulnerable to enemy attacks because of its size (however, using cheat codes, the 747 can carry LSWMs). Its bulk provides just enough protection for its occupants against gunfire, and is relatively stable. Because they are not designed for speed, its engines can barely surpass the 600km/h limit.

Game Analysis

Ace Combat: Joint Assault


A high-capacity aircraft capable of carrying over 500 passengers in a single flight.


The 747 200B makes a major appearance in the mission "Grand Flight", in which Antares One is forced to pilot Andre Olivieri's personal unit through a Valahia-controlled mountain region in Turkey. It is exclusive to this mission, and cannot be selected or flown outside it.


Special Weapons


  • C01: Standard Olivieri Life Insurance livery; white w/ red, green and blue vinyls.
  • C02: Red upper section and black underbelly. Meant to mimic the Olivieri Life Insurance logo.
  • C03: Grayish white body.
  • C04: Off-white with golden wing trim and underside.
  • C05: Solid black.
  • C06: C-5 Galaxy-styled gray and green desert camouflage.


  • The 747-200B is the first true player-controllable aircraft in Ace Combat history to lack any kind of on-board weaponry, as well as the largest and the only non-military aircraft manned by a player character.
  • If the CWCheat third party device is enabled when playing through Grand Flight, upon reaching the 2nd phase of the mission the 747 will be able to fire Long-range Shock Wave Missiles.



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