The three-digit number 765 commonly occurs throughout the Ace Combat series. It is a reference to Namco's Goroawase number (a Japanese phonetic wordplay).


Goroawase is a mnemonic device where numbers, especially those with many digits, can be remembered easily by associating an abbreviated pronunciation with each digit. For example, the number 123,456 is pronounced in English as "one-hundred-twenty-three-thousand-four-hundred-fifty-six". Using Goroawase, this number can be pronounced in Japanese as "hi-fu-mi-yo-i-mu".

Using Goroawase, 7 and 6 can be pronounced as "na" and "mu" (from kun'yomi), and 5 can be pronounced as "ko" (from on'yomi). Together, 765 can be pronounced in Japanese as "na-mu-ko", how "Namco" is pronounced in Japanese.

Appearances in Ace Combat

Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War

  • Oured's population is 7.65 million around the start of the game.[1]

Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War

  • In VS Mode Stage I, the flag on the island awards 765 points when destroyed.

Ace Combat Infinity

  • Duplicate emblems from crossovers with other Namco titles, such as "XEVIOUS" and "PROJECT SOUL", award the player with 765 Credits when dropped.
  • 76,500 Credits can show up as a random drop.
  • 765 and multiple variations (e.g. 1,765, 7,650) show up as recurring lucky numbers for Ranking Tournaments.
  • 765 is the Lv.1 price of the IDOLM@STER Aircraft dropped in a Collaboration Event. 765 is also the total machine gun ammo for most of the craft at Lv.5, in particular all of the Attackers and all but one of the Multiroles (the F-15E -CHIHAYA- doesn't increase machine gun ammo until Lv. 6, at which point it is brought up to 765).

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

  • The Round Bonus for completing Dark Blue on subsequent Campaign playthroughs is 765,000 MRP.
  • The Frequent Flyer achievement requires the player to fly a total of 76,500 kilometers in the campaign.


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