The 8th Air Division was an air force division part of the Republic of Emmeria Air Force. Its only known was deployments were during the Emmeria-Estovakia War.[1] Its only known air units were Garuda Team, the 28th Fighter Squadron[2] and Windhover Squadron, the 15th Fighter Squadron.[3]


The 8th Air Division saw deployment during the Emmeria-Estovakia War beginning with the invasion of Gracemeria. The beginning of the battle is when Marcus Lampert was first assigned as Garuda Team's number 2 and Talisman's wingman.[4]

After being forced to abandon the city due to overwhelming force, members of the 8th Air Division retreated to Khesed Island with a large portion of the REAF.[5] This is where Daniel Pollini, the leader of Windhover Squadron, assembled new pilots for the 15th Fighter Squadron. These new members of his team were, Lanner, Saker and an unnamed fourth member.[3]

Together they would work with Garuda Team in various operations throughout the war, eventually recapturing their capital in Operation Free Gracemeria.[6] The 8th Air Division was comprised of pilots who made a significant contribution to the war and aided in securing an Emmerian victory. Some of their most commendable achievements were destroying the Estovakian Aerial Fleet[7] and the Chandelier.[8]


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