The A-10A -XMAS- is a skin for the A-10A Thunderbolt II available as DLC for Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation, as part of DLC Pack 03. It serves as the winter holiday counterpart to the fall F-14D -HALLOWEEN- holiday aircraft. It was released on December 20, 2007, with an initial price of $2.49 (200 MSP) to download, but has now been made a free download.


The A-10A -XMAS- skin is colored dark blue with some red and green stripes, as well as white sparkles and a wing on the left and right side of the tail. The Garuda Squadron emblem is also present on the engines. When missiles or rockets are fired, they leave a yellow trail behind them, similar to the Rafale M -SHINING-, F-16C -MAMI- and F-2A -AMI- aircraft.

Performance-wise, the ammo count hasn't changed, but the aircraft gains a boost in speed, making it no longer slow compared to the original A-10A. Also, it stands out as having maxed out stability, making it the most stable aircraft in the game, and also comes with the unique ability of being immune to control problems during inverted flight. All of this comes at a price, however, as the iconic defense of the aircraft has been sacrificed to make this possilbe.

Overall, this is a better choice compared to the regular A-10A, despite the weaker armor, and is able to go toe-to-toe with the A-10A -THE IDOLMASTER SP-.


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