All right, gentlemen, it's time to clean house!
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The Arkbird and its SSTO craft

The A-SAT laser is a high-energy laser system developed by the Osean Federation for use by the Arkbird spaceship, designed to destroy orbital bodies, hence the name "A-SAT" (anti-satellite.)


In 2008, the nations of Osea and Yuktobania worked together in a project to clear the Earth's atmosphere of many small fragments left after the Ulysses 1994XF04 asteroid's planetfall in 1999.

The project would remain active until September 2010, when the Circum-Pacific War broke out. In October 3, Yuktobanian forces launched an attack on the Osean Basset Space Center with the intent of destroying the site's mass driver as it was launching an SSTO vehicle carrying the A-SAT laser system. However, the raid was foiled by the local OADF forces, and the launch was conducted successfully with no major problems. A month later, in November 4, Yuktobania launched a massive amphibious assault on the base of Sand Island, home to the 108th Tactical Fighter Squadron. When most of the enemy forces had been neutralized, the Yuktobanian underwater carrier Scinfaxi began burst missile attacks against the Wardog Squadron and the rookies following them. After the first missile launch, AWACS Thunderhead detected a "command override", called "Data link to A-Sat targeting system". After a ten-second countdown, a laser fired from orbit vaporized the incoming missile, thus revealing the A-SAT system's existence. The Arkbird fired its laser at the Scinfaxi, forcing it to surface. at which point it was attacked by Wardog. The joint attack by the 108th TFS and the Arkbird led to the destruction of the underwater carrier.

Some time after the Sand Island invasion, the Arkbird was seized by Belkan Gray Men operatives. In December 19, the ship was intercepted by the Wardog Squadron (now known as the Ghosts of Razgriz) over the Ceres Ocean just as it was planning to perform an A-SAT attack on the Yuke city of Okchabursk. In the ensuing battle, the ship attempted to use the A-SAT system to wipe out the Razgriz, however it was disabled along with the rest of the Arkbird's main systems. It was destroyed with the Arkbird itself when the ship's engines were wiped out, causing it to plunge into the ocean.

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