The ADF-11 is an advanced UAV designed to operate as the cockpit of an ADF-11F Raven. It was an evolution of the ADFX-10 prototype UAV.


The ADF-11 is visually identical to its ADFX-10 prototype, having the same visual design of forward-swept wings and small, thin body. However, the ADF-11 is colored solid black as opposed to the ADFX-10's solid white.[1]

The ADF-11 possesses the same incredible mobility as the ADFX-10, allowing it to perform advanced maneuvers at any time. Instead of being equipped with multiple machine guns, it is equipped with a single fixed forward-facing Pulse Laser, losing the ability to intercept missiles from its predecessor. It also has the ability to transmit data through the International Space Elevator.[1]

The ADF-11's defining feature is being able to connect to and control a larger wing unit designed to perform a specific task[2], among which are air superiority, anti-surface, and electronic surveillance. The F-model wing unit also known as a RAW-F, is designed for close-range anti-air combat.[3] When an ADF-11 and a RAW-F combine, the result is an ADF-11F Raven. In combat, the combined Raven maneuvers in such a way to protect the ADF-11, damaging the wing unit instead. If the wing unit is severely damaged, the ADF-11 can detach from it and resume functioning on its own.[1]


Only two models of this craft are known to exist; they were developed to work with the two unmanned ADF-11F Raven craft, codenamed Hugin and Munin. Once the Raven craft were destroyed, both ADF-11 cockpit craft ejected from the main body. The second ADF-11 cockpit craft openly attacked the Osea/Erusea coalition while the first ADF-11 flew towards the undersea tunnel leading to the space elevator. Its goal was to transmit its data to the drone factories across the continent using signal repeaters underneath the space elevator's main structure.[1]

Once Trigger shot down the first hostile ADF-11 cockpit craft, Rosa Cossette D'Elise managed to contact the coalition and inform them of the existence of the other UAV. AWACS Long Caster detected the craft flying to the tunnel entrance outside of the combat area. Trigger and Count entered the tunnel to pursue it. The ADF-11 managed to damage Count's engines, but Trigger shot it down before it could transmit the data.[1]

Game Analysis

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

How to Unlock

This aircraft is not available to the player.



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