For the Aegir Fleet cruiser, see Raven.

The ADF-11F Raven is a seventh-generation[1] fighter aircraft and the latest in the Advanced Dominance Fighter series. The Raven uniquely combines separate nose and wing units to create one aircraft. Using data from an onboard AI, the Raven dominates in aerial dogfights.

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown initially released with the ADF-11F Raven being unplayable; it was seen exclusively as an enemy unit during "Dark Blue". On March 13, 2019, a player found game files indicating the aircraft was originally intended to be playable, but was left incomplete by the time of the game's launch.[2] Bandai Namco officially announced the Raven as part of the ADF-11F Raven Set DLC pack, which was released on May 22.[3]


The name "Raven" is a reference to Norse mythology. The Norse god Odin is attested to have two ravens accompanying him, Huginn and Muninn, who travel the world and gather information for him. In Ace Combat 7, before he defected, Doctor Schroeder produced two ADF-11F Ravens—Hugin and Munin—and they attempted to transmit their battle data across Usea to create more drones.[4]


Technical information


The ADF-11F Raven is a combination of two other craft:

  • One ADF-11 nose unit. This can be either an undetachable manned cockpit for a human pilot or a detachable UAV. In manned units, the COFFIN data is sent to a helmet-mounted display.[1]
  • One RAW-F body designed for air superiority.[1]

The RAW-F bears some similarities to the ADF-01 FALKEN from which it was derived: both airframes feature twin engines equipped with thrust-vector technology, and both feature a vertical stabilizer on the bottom of the aircraft. The RAW-F features traditional cropped delta-shape wings, breaking the Advanced dominance Fighter tradition of forward-swept wing designs. The RAW-F also lacks rear vertical stabilizers. Primarily designed for absolute air superiority, the RAW-F is equipped with a series of potent weapon systems like the characteristic Tactical Laser System and Quick Maneuver Air-to-Air Missiles.[1] The RAW-F is notable for the lack of a machine gun; instead, the nose unit is equipped with a single Pulse Laser cannon.[5] The wing unit provides stealth capabilities that will mask even attached ADF-11s from radar detection until the nose unit (in a UAV model) detaches itself.[4]

The combined ADF-11F features phenomenal performance, capable of pulling turns tighter and faster than most aircraft. This is partially made possible through the Copro onboard artificial intelligence, which is loaded with a wealth of combat data provided by Mihaly A. Shilage for the EASA. For human pilots, Copro reduces the strain of high-G maneuvers using its machine learning to optimize ideal conditions for its pilot whenever the situation demands it. The combined ADF-11F can also carry two UAVs, one under each wing, and deploy them to support the main craft. These can either be Weapon UAVs[4] or MQ-99s.[1]


One ADF-11F Raven flying past the space elevator

Gründer Industries designed the ADF-11F Raven using the Erusean Air and Space Administration's concept for "the ultimate in survivability".[1] Gründer's chief researcher, Doctor Schroeder, gathered data on Mihaly A. Shilage's flight capabilities to advance the Zone of Endless[6] AI throughout the Lighthouse War. Near the end of the war, the flight data was equipped onto two unmanned Ravens, codenamed Hugin and Munin. Ionela A. Shilage, Mihaly's granddaughter, discovered Schroeder's plan and destroyed his data chip before he could use it on more drones, but not before Hugin and Munin received the data at a remote manufacturing plant.[7]

Hugin and Munin arrived at the International Space Elevator at the conclusion of Operation Daredevil and engaged the Osean and Erusean coalition forces,[8] causing massive casualties. The drones' objective was to transmit their data to drone manufacturing plants across the continent and perpetuate the war.[4] However, due to the efforts of Princess Rosa Cossette D'Elise and Avril Mead, the space elevator, which was the only place capable of wide-area data transmission following a loss of satellites, was offline.[8] This proved crucial in preventing the UAVs from using it as a transmission tower. They both flew around the space elevator for the next 16 hours, waiting for it to come back online.[4]

The remaining coalition forces, including Strider, Sol, Rigel, Skoll, and Salamander Squadrons returned the next day and engaged the Ravens in Operation Hush. Despite suffering further losses, the coalition forces emerged victorious after Trigger inflicted heavy damage to both of the Ravens. Their cockpit ADF-11 units detached, but Trigger shot both of them down as well before any data was transmitted.[4]

Game Analysis

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

"A large fighter created by North Osea Gründer Industries. The Erusean Air and Space Administration (EASA) planned to create a UAV-model and a few manned models; this aircraft is the latter. What makes the ADF-11F stand out is its ADF-11 nose unit and large wing unit, which can be changed to suit the operation at hand. It can be an air superiority fighter, an anti-surface bomber, an electronic surveillance aircraft, and more. The F-model wings, designed specifically for close-range combat, give the ADF-11F its name. Its nose is fitted with a small-bore laser cannon, while its wings are loaded with highly maneuverable anti-air missiles. Additionally, it is equipped with a high-output strategic laser system and a small, multipurpose UAV.
The unmanned version's nose unit is capable of flying independently, whereas the manned version utilizes a cockpit instead. Originally, the aircraft was designed to be able to detach from its wings if damaged enough to allow it to retreat to a safe area in order to preserve the AI's combat experience. Its nickname is "Raven.""

How to Unlock

Acquire the ADF-11F Raven Set DLC pack (purchasing the Season Pass or the DLC pack individually).


ADF-11F Stats.jpg


  1. PLSL x600 ( on Easy/Normal)
  2. MSL x150
  3. Special Weapon
  4. FLR x2

Part Slots

BODY: 28
ARMS: 28
MISC: 28


  1. Osea - Air superiority grey, red decals
  2. Erusea - ADFX-10F livery, red decals
  3. Special - Black livery used by Hugin and Munin, white decals
  4. Mage - Osea skin with Mage Squadron markings
  5. Spare - Osea skin with Spare Squadron markings
  6. Strider - Osea skin with Strider Squadron markings
  7. Metallic Red - A metallic skin painted in classic Zone of Endless red livery, white decals



  • The English version of Aces At War: A History 2019 mistakenly names this aircraft as the "ADF-11F Raven Raven".[1]
  • The cockpit view of this craft uses a blue/red stereoscopic 3D filter which can be used with corresponding 3D glasses.
  • Ravens are one of a number of bird species that are capable of sound mimicry, including human speech; similarly, Hugin and Munin can both be observed transmitting radio static that appears to serve the same purpose as radio communications between humans.
  • The Raven, along with the ADF-01 FALKEN appears in the "It's Time to Play" PS4 ad.[9]
  • The ADF-11F's blueprints are based on the YF-23's blueprints.[10]