The ADFX-02 Morgan was an experimental combat aircraft built by Gründer Industries at the South Belka Munitions Factory.


The Morgan was the second ADFX aircraft produced by the South Belka Munitions Factory, after the ADFX-01. Despite having identical bodies and technology, the -02 was designed as a testbed for experimental weapons, and the differences in role were considered enough to have them considered as entirely separate aircraft.

The ADFX-02 was obtained by the group "A World With No Boundaries" during their uprising in late 1995. It was given to former Ustio mercenary Larry Foulke, who had it painted in his characteristic "white body-red wing" livery. During the Ustio-Osea invasion of the Avalon Dam silo in December 31, Foulke flew the Morgan to ensure the launch of the V2 missile within the site.

File:ADFX-02 (V2 Launch).jpg
Upon entering Avalon airspace, Foulke tried to kill his former comrade Cipher with the Morgan's "Zoisite laser weapon , but took down Patrick James Beckett instead. Cipher engaged him to stop the launch of the V2 and defeated Pixy in a duel of "aerial jousting", where Cipher eventually shot Pixy and his ADFX-02 down, causing the missile to self-destruct in the atmosphere as the Morgan crashed into the earth.

Some time after the battle of Avalon, crews from the reformed Gründer Industries tracked down the remains of the Morgan and recovered the black box. The battle data obtained in the battle between Cipher and Pixy was used by the company to create the first-generation ADF-01 FALKEN.


The ADFX-02 shares the Sukhoi-inspired body design of the ADFX-01, having a virtually indistinguishable body. Similarly, both aircraft have identical performance parameters, sharing the same WWX-GD-400 engines and empty manufacturer's weight.

In terms of weaponry, it shares the same basic configuration of the 01, using imaging infrared missiles and a GiL30mm machine gun. As an experimental testing platform, it was equipped with a variety of unconventional weapons developed by the South Belka Munitions Factory.

  • The Tactical Laser System, codename "Zoisite" is the predecessor of the variant employed by the ADF-01 FALKEN. Unlike its advanced successor, the Zoisite version takes the form of a bulky weapon pod mounted in the Morgan's upper midsection. The weapon works under a limit of 7-G. The ADFX-02's TLS features hydraulics and minor targeting systems for a narrow automated target elimination, while the ADFX-01 requires the pilot's concentration to steer the plane and the TLS onto the target, akin to the ADF-01.
  • The Multi-Purpose Burst Missile, codename "Hyperstene" is an scaled down ballistic missile, modified specially for the ADFX models. Being larger than a normal missile, it uses polynitrogen to produce a massive explosion upon impact. However, the substance is very unstable, forcing its creators to reduce the weapon's power to a tenth of its original strength. It was the predecessor of the Yuktobanian Burst Missile used by the Scinfaxi class submarines.
  • The Electronic Counter Measure Pod, codename "Morganite" is an special electronic defense system which disables enemy missile tracking. As well, the weapon is capable of generating a field which renders the aircraft invincible to nearly all attacks, simply ignoring missile impacts and deflecting incoming bullets.


  • The name Morgan is derived from Morgan le Fay, a powerful sorceress in the legends of king Arthur. This is yet another reference to Arthurian legend in Ace Combat Zero.
  • The final stage of the fight almost replicates a medieval jousting match, with the player being required to attack the Morgan head-on to avoid its shields.
  • The Morgan also bears a resemblance to the YF-19 fighter from the anime OVA Macross Plus, especially in Pixy's Morgan's paint scheme.
  • Interestingly, Pixy's ADFX-02 Morgan could be considered the most powerful fighter in Ace Combat history, not counting the science-fiction themed fighters of Ace Combat 3. The playable ADFX-01 is already quite effective, but the ADFX-02 has several improvements. Primarily, it can carry all three special weapons at once (although judging by Pixy's usage, it appears that only one of these is "active" at a time). Also, the special weapons have features not available to the player: Pixy's TLS beam possesses targeting features through hydraulics, and the ADFX-02's ECMP not only interferes with enemy radar and missile lock, but actually "shields" the plane against bullets, explosives, et cetera (except for the engine intakes). While Leasath's Fenrir from Ace Combat X features equipment unavailable to the player (the digital optical stealth and high-powered microwave weapon), these features are restricted to work in tandem with ground facilities, restricting them solely to defense roles. The ADFX-02's power is somewhat ironic, as the Morgan only appears in Ace Combat Zero, which cronologically is the earliest game in the series, and still displays tremendous power even though lacking the enhancements of a COFFIN system.


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