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The ADFX-10 is an experimental UAV designed to operate as the cockpit of an ADFX-10F Prototype Raven.


The ADFX-10 functions as the cockpit of an ADFX-10F Prototype Raven. As with its successor model ADF-11, the strake sections can unfold into main wings and fly independently as an escape unit.

For armament the aircraft is equipped with an autocannon to test the aircraft's viability to use weaponry under great mobility. It is also equipped with fire control system, radar, and infra-red sensors, but unlike ADF-11 the ADFX-10 lacks cameras, which is a distinguishable visual difference from its successor model. It is also installed with a simple retractable landing skid for landing after separating from its wing unit.[1]

The ADFX-10 is also installed with North Osea Gründer Industries' Zone of Endless AI system, allowing it to collect information from battles, analyze the data, and evolve to overcome its own weakness and develop a flight characteristics suitable for an unmanned aircraft. For security reasons, transmission of combat data is not done via combat datalink, but through EHF waves that are collected by special antennas installed in air bases or signal stations.[1]


The ADFX-10 was developed in small numbers at an Erusean Air and Space Administration base in eastern Usea.[1] As ADF-11's prototype its main purpose was to obtain flight data from mobility tests and functionality tests upon separation from the RAW-F wing unit.

On August 5, 2019, an ADFX-10 that was conducting a test flight at an EASA base was pursued by the Cyclops Squadron.[1] The aircraft eventually reached Bulgurdarest airspace, where it later engaged Spare Squadron over the area, but it was ultimately shot down by Trigger.[2]

Game Analysis[]

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown[]

How to Unlock

This aircraft is not available to the player.



  • The aircraft is only referred as "UNKNOWN" in the mission where the player battles it. Its name was first seen in the game's soundtrack and later in Kotobukiya's 1/144 ADFX-10F model kit.