"Those who can hear us are our allies. Your new orders are to dispose of Édouard Labarthe. The Osean Army officer with him is an imposter."
― AWACS Argus[1]

AWACS Argus is the callsign of an Osean Air Defense Force AWACS which participated in the Lighthouse War.[1]


On October 1, 2019, during Operation Gorgon, due to the miscommunication caused by the destruction of communications satellites, Argus was provided with false information by Erusean Radical engineers regarding Captain Karl.[2] The information claimed the captain was an imposter, who was simply posing as an officer in the Osean Ground Defense Forces.[1]

As a result, Argus ordered all Osean forces within Anchorhead to eliminate Erusean General Édouard Labarthe. While Karl and Labarthe were being extracted by helicopter, an Osean F-16C Fighting Falcon shot down the transport, killing everyone on board.[1]


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