"Look Talisman, the sun’s coming up. Even after the darkest nights, morning always comes."
― Ghost Eye[1]

AWACS Ghost Eye is the callsign of a Republic of Emmeria Air Force AWACS which participated in the Emmeria-Estovakia War. Ghost Eye is tasked with coordinating strikes and provided tactical data analysis to Emmerian ground, air and sea forces during combat operations. He mostly worked in tandem with Garuda Team throughout their numerous deployments.[2]

He was one of two AWACS present in Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation.[2]


When Estovakia launched a surprise attack on Gracemeria, Ghost Eye commanded the numerous Emmerian Air Force squadrons which were dispatched to defend the capital. Forced to abandon the city due to overwhelming firepower from Estovakia's P-1112 Aigaion, Ghost Eye ordered all remaining Emmerian aircraft to evacuate as he retreated alongside them.[3]

Nearly three months later, Ghost Eye was stationed alongside a substantial portion of remaining Emmerian forces at Campagna Airport. He successfully co-ordinated air and ground assets when Estovakian bombers attempted an air raid on the city of Vitoze and the airport.[4] Following this victory, the Emmerian military went on the offensive, and Ghost Eye successfully led operations which resulted in the recapture of Sipli Field and Mount Marcello, completely regaining control of Khesed Island.[5][6]

After the Emmerians stormed Rargom Beach and headed further inland,[7] Ghost Eye led the Emmerian Air Force as they rescued pinned down allies across Rawllins Plain.[8] Ghost Eye, now at the helm of a much larger force, continued to head east towards their former capital. Ghost Eye successfully managed to conduct an evacuation during an ambush above the Selumna Peaks.[9] To deal with the threat of Nimbus missiles, the Emmerians required Cavallia Air Force Base in San Loma to launch an attack on the Aigaion. On February 15, 2016, Ghost Eye provided strategical data which resulted in the Emmerians managing to liberate the city of San Loma.[10]

Five days later, Ghost Eye led the successful ambush on the Aerial Fleet which was spearheaded by Garuda Team.[11] With the threat of Nimbus missiles gone, the Emmerian military continued east towards their capital.[12] Ghost Eye led successful operations in Grageo Canyon and the Moloch Desert, however, was unable to stop Garuda Team from disobeying orders and continuing to engage Strigon Team.[12][13] The following day, Ghost Eye led Garuda Team, who conducted an infiltration operation and successfully destroyed WMD catalysts.[14]

On March 31, Ghost Eye led the Emmerian military as they recaptured Gracemeria and the subsequent patrol mission, during which, Estovakia retaliated using the Chandelier to strike the city.[15][16] The following day, Ghost Eye led a successful assault on the Chandelier, where Talisman destroyed the railgun by flying into its barrel and destroying its core. Following the battle, Ghost Eye returned to Emmeria with all remaining aircraft.[1]