"Sorry, but I'm gonna eat while I work. My judgement goes fuzzy when I'm too hungry."
― AWACS Long Caster[1]

AWACS Long Caster is the callsign of an Osean Air Defense Force AWACS which participated in the Lighthouse War. Long Caster often worked in tandem with the Cyclops and Strider squadrons.

He often packs food in the aircraft on long-distance flights. With a cheerful personality, he always lightens the mood for the team.[2]


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Operation Siren's Song

"Platform purge confirmed. You just put the meat in between those buns and that burger is well done."
― AWACS Long Caster

Long Caster was first seen assisting Strider and Cyclops Squadrons during Operation Siren's Song after Trigger and Count joined the respective squadrons. He gives the team a heads up on what they're approaching, such as the fleet and supply bases. When either Trigger or Wiseman attacks one of the structural supports on one of the platforms, Long Caster updates their IFFs, allowing Trigger to "purge" the platforms more easily. After dealing irreparable damage to the enemy forces, Long Caster announces that the mission is accomplished.

If Trigger deals a significant enough amount of damage to the enemy forces, Long Caster well tell the team that he's ordered dinner for them from the "Italian" bistro near the base.

Operation Dragon Breath

The damage caused in the previous operation has given the Osean forces a chance to destroy one of the Arsenal Birds by using Stonehenge. Strider and Cyclops squadrons are deployed to the area to provide close air support for other defending forces. If any bombers or helicopters are inbound, Long Caster will alert Trigger to them.

Unfortunately, Erusian agents had attacked and destroyed survey vehicles, which were supposed to help Stonehenge get an accurate shot on the Arsenal Bird. Soon, the Arsenal Bird enters the airspace. Long Caster orders Trigger and Wiseman to destroy the main propellers on the Arsenal Bird while everyone else holds off the drones. With the Arsenal Bird slowed down, Stonehenge is able to successfully fire at and destroy Arsenal Bird.

Operation Magic Spear

Erusean forces have activated several IRBM silos in Sierraplata in order to destroy incoming Osean forces. In response, Strider Squadron was deployed in order to destroy all of the missiles. Long Caster lets Trigger know that some of the missile silos are fake. After destroying "all" five of the missile silos, three more pop up from hidden locations, and Long Caster informs the squadron of their arrival and departure.

Operation Sighthound

"The rest is all yours, captain. Now I can finally have my sausage roll."
― AWACS Long Caster

Operation Werewolf

"Commence the attack! It's time for the wake up call."
― AWACS Long Caster

Long Caster tracks Trigger's progress through the canyon, reminding him to stay below 600 feet. After Strider squadron successfully traverses the canyon, they begin their attack on the base to cover for Basilisk Team. If any enemies attack Basilisk, Long Caster will order Strider squadron to defend them.

Operation Giant's Step

During the operation to take control Farbanti, Long Caster informs Trigger about the objectives throughout Farbanti where Trigger has to assist advancing Osean Ground Defense Force and Osean Maritime Defense Force from Eruseans. He also give updates on oncoming enemy reinforcements. After the completion of first part of the mission, Long Caster informs that the operation is nearly complete. He also asks the squad to "Think something you'd like to eat." as he will pay for it.

Suddenly, Sol Squadron enters Farbanti and start to decimate Osean ground forces. Under the emergency order of mission command, Long Caster orders Cyclops Squadron and Strider Squadron to stop Mister X. Facing though opposition from Mihaly and his support, the squadron suffers a loss as Wiseman being shot down by Mihaly to give Trigger a chance to shoot him down. After Trigger lands a hit on Mihaly's plane, the Osean forces are losing connection as their satellite network went offline because Eruseans are shoot down their satellites as well. Long Caster informs that Farbanti is nearly on Osean control and order all Osean aircraft to leave the airspace to the scheduled airport. Mourning over the death of their squadron member, Count wants to avenge Wiseman's death. Long Caster responds that they all have same feeling.

Operation Gorgon

With Osea's satellite system down, Long Caster must analyse footage from Strider squadron to identify unknown targets. He informs the squadron that every target must be identified before firing on them. Along the way, he occasionally updates the IFF of all Osean forces in the area. After enough time, Labarthe and Karl reach the helicopter and takes off in it.

A Kawasaki C-1 enters the airspace above Anchorhead Bay, with an announcement that while they have escort fighters, they are just a civilian liaison and do not intend to engage in combat. They are attacked by several fighters, but Long Caster orders Strider squadron to identify the fighters before taking any action. They are identified as Erusean, and are subsequently shot down.

Suddenly, the escorts begin attacking Strider squadron. The pilot informs Long Caster that they are drones acting autonomously, giving them permission to shoot down the escorts. After Strider squadron shoots down the drones, Long Caster declares a mission a success and returns to base along with the squadron.

Following the operation, the LRSSG commander suffers a nervous breakdown after receiving the news of Labarthe's death from friendly fire and locks himself in his office; in his place, Long Caster becomes the interim commander of the LRSSG.

Operation Reflux

Several Osean ships are sighted at the coast of the island, and while they prepare to attack the incoming aircraft, Long Caster informs the ships that they're friendly, and has Strider squadron defend the nearby ground force. The Osean soldiers ask Long Caster to help allies scattered around the island, and he pledges to what he can. If any bombers are inbound, Long Caster will inform Trigger of them.

After a majority of the Erusean forces are destroyed, a transmission is received from Avril, and while Long Caster is skeptical, Count lets him know she's a friend. Avril requests help for some refugees and herself in exchange for information, but without any way to mark the attacking tanks, Cosette throws a smoke canister at the enemies, marking them for fire. After Strider squadron destroys the enemy vehicles, Avril tells Long Caster that "the supply ships will take off soon". Right then, two supply ships are launched from the mass driver to supply the Arsenal Bird. They are shot down by Strider squadron before they can leave the area. With Tyler Island in complete anarchy, Long Caster and Strider squadron are forced to return back to base.

Operation Beehive

Since there are no allies near Shilage Castle, Long Caster marks all the unknown units as hostile. After Strider squadron neutralizes all the anti-air defenses near the castle, Sol squadron appears and engages them. Long Caster's demand for their surrender does not work, and a railgun shot suddenly rips through the air. Mihaly, piloting an X-02S Strike Wyvern enters the airspace and engages Trigger. Long Caster demands that Mihaly lands as well, but to no avail. Once the X-02S is shot down, the helicopter retrieves the supplies and all aircraft return to base.

Operation Daredevil

"Wiseman trained his squadron well. Everyone still in it as an ace, and he'd be proud of you all."
― AWACS Long Caster

Operation Hush

"The space elevator is able to broadcast and communicate. With the information infrastructure down, it's the only place capable of wide-area data transmission. The drones are waiting for it to power up again."
― AWACS Long Caster


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