"Sorry, but I'm gonna eat while I work. My judgment goes fuzzy when I'm too hungry."
― AWACS Long Caster[1]

AWACS Long Caster is the callsign of an Osean Air Defense Force AWACS which participated in the Lighthouse War. Long Caster often worked in tandem with Long Range Strategic Strike Group squadrons, Cyclops and Strider.

He often packs food in the aircraft on long-distance flights. With a cheerful personality, he always lightens the mood for the team.[2]


When the Long Range Strategic Strike Group conducted an air raid on the Erusean Royal Navy platforms stationed at Snider's Top, Long Caster relayed tactical data to both Cyclops and Strider squadrons.[1] Nine days after Operation Siren's Song, he once coordinated the defense of Stonehenge and aided the operation to succeed, resulting in the destruction of Arsenal Bird Liberty.[3] On September 2, 2019, he once again served as the AWACS during Operation Magic Spear[4] and two days later during Operation Sighthound, where the Osean Maritime Defense Force attempted to capture the advanced nuclear submarine Alicorn, with the support of Strider Squadron.[5]

Following the Alicorn's escape, Long Caster led the LRSSG during a raid on Anchorhead,[5] and once again during final encounter with the submarine sometime later. After the ordeal with the Alicorn, he aided the LRSSG in capturing an Erusean base in Cape Rainy.[6] Three days later, he led the LRSSG once again during the battle for Farbanti and continued to provide data analysis during Strider's engagement with Sol Squadron. After both of Osea and Erusea's satellite networks were destroyed, Long Caster guided the LRSSG to Gardos Air Base.[7]

Cut off from Osean command, the LRSSG began to operate independently. On October 1, Long Caster made contact with Captain Karl of the Osean Ground Defense Force, who was escorting Erusean General Édouard Labarthe to safety. Despite the LRSSG successfully escorting Labarthe to an evacuation helicopter through dangerous terrain, the operation ultimately failed due to Erusean radicals providing AWACS Argus with false information, causing Labarthe to be killed by friendly fire; as a result, the LRSSG's commander suffered a nervous breakdown, and Long Caster was forced to take interim command.[8] Nine days later, Long Caster oversaw the LRSSG operation to rescue Osean forces who were stranded on Tyler Island amidst infighting between the Erusean Conservatives and Radicals. Following the success of the main operation, Long Caster provided data on the supply ships that had launched from the mass driver.[9]

Two weeks later, the LRSSG was running low of supplies and needed to conduct an air raid to capture Shilage Castle in the former nation of Shilage. During the operation, Long Caster provided tactical data analysis regarding the X-02S Strike Wyvern to Trigger during his final dogfight with Mihaly A. Shilage.[10] One week later, Long Caster gave orders to the coalition of Osean and Erusean forces which had gathered around the International Space Elevator in order to destroy the remaining Arsenal Bird.[11] The following morning, he coordinated the attack on both ADF-11F Ravens, thereby aiding in their destruction. Shortly afterward, Long Caster commented on Captain Kei Nagase's return to Earth.[12]


As the LRSSG’s AWACS operator, Long Caster does his best to keep the pilots under his command updated with tactical information and incoming enemy forces while making sure that everyone in the unit made it back alive. He would often give each pilot praise during and after missions and believed that every pilot always played their part no matter how big or small.

A lover of food, Long Caster would often make references towards all kinds of food during missions, and would often bring finger foods onboard his aircraft like sausage rolls to eat whenever he got a break from his duties. He avoided bringing foods that required two hands to eat, stating that they generally get in the way of his duties.