"The guys that allied with the villains are biting at each other. Look at 'em—like a bunch of dogs from hell."
― AWACS Oka Nieba[1]

AWACS Oka Nieba ("Sky Eye") was the callsign of an AWACS of the Yuktobanian Air Force. As an AWACS, Oka Nieba's primary role was providing tactical data analysis and logistical support to other YAF aircraft. He is known to have operated with the 172nd Fighter-Bomber Squadron and supported Razgriz Squadron in the final engagements of the Circum-Pacific War in 2010.


"The SOLG has fallen to an altitude low enough for you to attack. I know you can do this. Destroy it!"
― AWACS Oka Nieba[2]

On December 30, 2010, Oka Nieba was performing unknown operations with the 172nd Fighter-Bomber Squadron when Harling's and Nikanor's broadcast reached them. The leaders' words convinced them to head for Sudentor, North Osea to engage the war's true instigators.[1]

At some point, Oka Nieba was contacted by Pops and began relaying communications between him and the Razgriz pilots. During the siege on Gründer Industries' tunnel facility, Oka Nieba monitored the ground forces' progress and the movement of hostile units; he also voiced his contempt for the Osean and Yuktobanian warmongers, whom he described as "dogs from hell."[1]

The following day, Oka Nieba assisted Razgriz Squadron in its efforts to shoot down the SOLG as it descended through the atmosphere towards Oured. As the Razgriz headed for the satellite's projected descent point, Oka Nieba monitored their progress and alerted them when the SOLG had fallen to a vulnerable altitude. Suddenly, Oka Nieba detected the approach of Ofnir and Grabacr Squadrons and alerted the Razgriz pilots.[2] The Razgriz successfully shot down the Belkan fighters and destroyed the SOLG, thereby bringing the war to an end.

Oka Nieba is presumed to have returned to Yuktobania after these events.