"Just know that you've got a bunch of people pulling for ya. I'm one of them."
― AWACS Sky Keeper[2]

AWACS Sky Keeper is the callsign of an Airborne Warning and Control System unit for the IUN-PKF. He performs his task professionally with composure at all times.[3]


During the Lighthouse War, Sky Keeper served as the AWACS for IUN-PKF forces, where he provided information and status updates during missions.[4][5]

During Operation Dual Wielder, Sky Keeper provided instructions for Golem, Mage, Gargoyle and Skeleton Squadrons. Once the Arsenal Bird Liberty entered the airspace, Sky Keeper ordered all forces to shoot it down. As the IUN-PKF headquarters ordered a retreat following the loss of Skeleton Squadron, Sky Keeper ordered Golem and Mage to rescue the remaining forces from attacking MQ-101s.[6]

He is last heard from in Operation Lighthouse Keeper, where he guided Trigger through the radar network and later provided orders for Mother Goose One.[2]


  • Sky Keeper served as the player's AWACS in the VR Demo, later being replaced by AWACS SkyEye in the full game.