Abyssal Dision[a] is a major character in the Japanese version of Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere. He was an ace pilot in the General Resource Defense Force (GRDF), flying several successful sorties for the group in the past. Dision was killed in an attempt to cover-up Yoko Martha Inoue's sublimation project, but not before Inoue successfully created a sublimated copy of him.

The sublimated copy replaced the human Dision in the GRDF and founded the terrorist organization Ouroboros, intending to force all of humanity to undergo sublimation. The copy of Dision is the main antagonist of the game; regardless of the player's actions, they must shoot down and destroy him by the end of the game. It is later revealed that the entire game was a simulation designed by Simon Orestes Cohen to ensure that Nemo would always destroy Dision if the events played out in reality.


Dision was born in Usea in 1997.[1] He graduated from Sandbury GR Defense Academy in 2018 with a degree in aerospace engineering. He then joined General Resource Limited where he was assigned to the GRDF as a pilot in September of the same year. He was given the title of ace for his achievements in suppressing a terrorist operation in 2026.[5] Dision flew with Keith Bryan, who graduated from the same college in Sandbury.

Around 2030, Dision became romantically involved with Yoko Martha Inoue who also worked at General Resource. Yoko was researching sublimation and eventually chose Dision to help her test the concept. On June 14, 2030, Yoko successfully created a Dead-Copy (digital copy of the human brain) of Dision and uploaded it to the electrosphere before terrorists bombed the laboratory, killing both of them. Dision's copy watched the event unfold from security cameras. It is later revealed that the terrorists were in fact General Resource operatives tasked with eliminating Yoko and her Sublimaton research.

In the same year, he met a 9-year-old girl that displayed great ability in piloting fighters. He then invited this girl, known as Rena Hirose, to participate in a skill development project by General Resource, which led her to test-fly the X-49 Night Raven and to help develop the COFFIN system[6], before getting transferred to the UPEO in 2037.

Sometime before the Corporate War, Dision triggered the Payton Dispute, a dispute between General Resource and Neucom that occurred when an Inter-Continental Ballisic Missile (ICBM) nearly hit the the NC Space Development Base in the Comona Islands, causing Neucom to attack General Resource in retaliation. General Resource denied ever launching the ICBM. A temporary truce was enacted by UPEO Delegate Clarkson, but after an attempt on his life, a major conflict broke out. Dision's involvement never came to light.[7]

Early on in the war, they provided combat training to Nemo. But later on, he defected from the GRDF and was found to be the leader of a terrorist organization, called Ouroboros.

In preparation for his coup d'état, Dision successfully convinced a number of aces from each organization (one of which was Cynthia, a NEU Ace Pilot) to join his cause and undergo Sublimation, with the promise of being able to "experience a world unlimited by the boundaries of flesh." He exploits Rena's dream of flying the Night Raven again as a way to convince her to use it in his war against humanity.

At the end of the game, it is revealed by Simon that he was an 'Artificial Intelligence' copy of the original Dision.

In the Corporate War, Dision dies regardless of the path Nemo chooses.

In other games

Abyssal Dision makes a cameo in Ace Combat: Joint Assault. He is the 8th Ace Combat ace fought in the mission. He flies an F-15S/MTD in combat, alluding to the original Eagle+.



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