Aces in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon only appear during Mission Co-Op, not including Markov or Illich during the Campaign. These pilots are incredibly difficult to shoot down, and, depending on the mission, can risk mission failure. They typically require Dogfight Mode to be able to shoot them down.

Mission Pilot Callsign Aircraft
Oil Field Baas MiG-21bis
Savannah MiG-21bis
Baobab MiG-21bis
Griot MiG-21bis
Mamba MiG-21bis
Kipanga MiG-21bis
East African Town Alikuwa MiG-21bis
Roho MiG-21bis
Mwanga MiG-21bis
Shanti Mi-24 Hind
Dubai Chimera Su-33 Flanker-D
Scythe Su-33 Flanker-D
Chariot Su-33 Flanker-D
Tyrant Su-33 Flanker-D
Derbent Legion MiG-29A Fulcrum
ICBM Base Executioner Su-35 Flanker-E
Fury Su-35 Flanker-E
Mantis Su-35 Flanker-E
Central Moscow Sledgehammer Mi-24 Hind
Moscow Cajun Su-27 Flanker
Mayhem Su-27 Flanker
Python Su-27 Flanker
Streak Su-27 Flanker
Markov Su-35 Flanker-E
Miami Markov PAK-FA
Akula 2 PAK-FA
Akula 3 PAK-FA
Akula 4 PAK-FA


  • The MiG-21 pilots that appear during East African Town are possibly the most annoying of all aces, since they are flying fighters while all players are restricted to helicopters. Therefore, the only reliable method of shooting them down is through utilizing Air-to-Air Missiles.
  • The four PAK-FA aces during Miami all appear at once, after all other aircraft are shot down, as a final battle. All four of them utilize the same maneuvers that Markov uses during Akula.
  • At San Diego Comic-Con 2011, instead of playing the Nightmare mission as in other demos, convention attendees could play dogfights against named aces flying Su-35 Flanker-Es over Miami, including "Nocturne" and "Eclipse".[1]
  • Trinity is named during the Campaign as well, even though it isn't a pilot.


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