All right, gentlemen, it's time to clean house!
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This is a list of enemy Ace units in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy. ZOE aircraft are not included. Some units are not aircraft but ground targets.

Mission In-Game Name Callsign Aircraft Unlocks


Gold Bird MiG-1.44

Motor - Uranus Motor

Wing - Advanced Activator

Appears with last wave of fighters if you arrive under a minute.
2 B-2A COSMIC Cosmic B-2A Spirit Cockpit - Sniper OS
Found deep inside the mountain ravine directly below the target E-767.
3 VEHICLE BIG CAT Big Cat Vehicle

Engine - C-Cycle engine

Cockpit - Emergency Automatic Pilot

When you arrive at the bay, destroy the 2 F-4E planes in the aircraft carrier, and the first wave of F-4Es flying over the area. Big Cat will appear at the start of the bridge, moving along until it arrives at the tunnel and disappears. It's fast for a ground vehicle, so it is highly recommended to kill it when it first appears. The bridge cables may shield it from the player's missiles.
4 SU-37 RICOCHET Ricochet Su-37 Terminator Wing - Extra Hardpoint
Appears at the northeast of the second target at the mission start. Flies around for a while before leaving back east off the map.
5 F-117A D.COWBOY D. Cowboy F-117A Nighthawk Armor - Extra Hardpoint
Near the upper targets at the beginning of the mission. Close to the cluster of fuel tanks. It will escape to the east if not destroyed quickly.
6 PAK FA D.R.2000 Death Rave 2000 PAK FA Armor - Special Alloy Armor
Appears with Beast Squadron. It will escape to the east if not destroyed quickly.
7 F-4E RAZORBACK Razorback F-4E Phantom II
Located near the left E-767.
8 MIG-31 DAO Dao MiG-31 Foxhound
One of the second wave of escort fighters.
9 LNDG. SHIP LEONID Leonid Landing Ship

Wing - Adv. Balance Tab

Appears near the island with the third wave.
10 TYPHOON HANGMAN Hangman Typhoon Armor - Beatle Armor
Destroy all ground enemies.
11 F-14D TALLMAN Tallman F-14D Super Tomcat

Motor - Rocket Motor

Appears with the F-14D squadron, one of the 4 F-14Ds after the first AV-8.
12 RAFALE M ROSEPINK Rosepink Rafale M

Wing - Adv. A. Balance Tab

Armor - Anti Ground Armor

Appears after the first encounter against Cocoon Squadron.
13 CH-47 COMET Comet CH-47 Chinook Wing - Extra Canard
Appears under the bridge on the Apache path after the path fork.
14 GRIPEN NG JIAN Jian JAS-39 Gripen NG Armor - CFRP Conversion
Appears just West of the player after saving the first cluster of allied pilots. It is the lone aircraft.
15 X-29 XIAO Xiao X-29A
Near the white line during the second wave. Starting from the west side, moving to the east.
16 F-16C METAL SPHERE Metal Sphere F-16C Fighting Falcon Wing - Extra Aileron
Appears right before the barrier is opened.
17 F-15S/MTD STALKER Stalker F-15S/MTD

Cockpit - AMFD

Appears with Beast Squadron.
18 SU-25 METEOR Meteor Su-25 Engine - Bullet Engine
Located with the group of Su-25s.
19 YF-23A MAX&GOOSE Max & Goose YF-23A Black Widow II Armor -Titanium armor
Appears with enemy reinforcements.
20 F-35 SUPERFLY Superfly F-35C Lightning II Engine - Hayabusa engine
Destroy both waves of enemy ships under 2:00.
21 TANK MOLE Mole Tank

Wing - Adv. B. Wing Body

Armor - Light Armor

Appears under the archway after the SAMs surrounding the HQ are destroyed.
22 AH-64 HOT SNOW Hot Snow AH-64 Apache

Engine - SCRAMJet Engine

Cockpit - Argus

Appears at the lower left corner of the map after the SLBM launch. Player may have to give up S rank for this mission to get it.
23 SU-47 F.F.F. Fox Force Four Su-47 Berkut Armor - TiAl Armor
Spawns in front of the left power plant after destroying the F-22 formation.
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