Following is a list of medals in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy.

Name Image Requirements
Bronze Star of Victory
AC3D Medal 01 Bronze Star of Victory
Complete the campaign once
Silver Star of Victory
AC3D Medal 02 Silver Star of Victory
Complete all campaign missions on Ace difficulty
Gold Star of Victory
AC3D Medal 03 Gold Star of Victory
Get an S rank on all campaign missions (normal difficulty)
Virtuous Patriot
AC3D Medal 04 Virtuous Patriot
Complete all Extra Missions
Flying Immortal
AC3D Medal 05 Flying Immortal
Complete all Survival Missions
Legendary Wings
AC3D Medal 06 Legendary Wings
Complete five missions with the A6M5 Type Zero Carrier Fighter or F6F-5 Hellcat
Hack & Slash
AC3D Medal 07 Hack & Slash
Complete all wingman-compatible campaign missions with Slash
Blade's Edge
AC3D Medal 08 Blade's Edge
Complete all wingman-compatible campaign missions with Edge
Bloody Dragon
AC3D Medal 09 Bloody Dragon
Complete campaign mission 02, Easy Money
Beast Slayer
AC3D Medal 10 Beast Slayer
Complete campaign mission 06, Hunting Season
AC3D Medal 11 Exterminator
Complete campaign mission 12, Seagull
Swan Hunter
AC3D Medal 12 Swan Hunter
Complete campaign mission 20, Final Countdown
Pack Leader
AC3D Medal 13 Pack Leader
Complete campaign mission 17, Toy Box
Zone of Endless
AC3D Medal 14 Zone of Endless
Complete the campaign once
Special Collector
AC3D Medal 15 Special Collector
Purchase all aircraft, special weapons, and parts, and unlock all aircraft colors
Hall of Fame
AC3D Medal 16 Hall of Fame
Destroy all named units
Bronze Ace
AC3D Medal 17 Bronze Ace
Destroy 200 enemies
Silver Ace
AC3D Medal 18 Silver Ace
Destroy 500 enemies
Gold Ace
AC3D Medal 19 Gold Ace
Destroy 1,000 enemies
Fighter's Honor
AC3D Medal 20 Fighter's Honor
Complete all campaign missions without using any Action Maneuvers