Following is a list of all missions in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy.


# Title / Operation Date Location
Gambit Twinkle Island
Destroy all bombers (TGT).
Easy Money Mt. Lambert
Destroy enemy E-767 and Lancer Squadron (F-14D).
City On Fire Anchorhead Bay
Destroy enemy warships (TGT). 1 Carrier and 2 Transport Ships.
Tin Castle Amber Mountains
Destroy the rebels' front base, The Keep. This is the first mission Phoenix can choose to fly alongside a wingman.
Opera House Gunther Sd.
Destroy the rebels' oil facilities and the massive drilling base, Opera House.
Hunting Season Payton Channel
Destroy rebel aircraft in the Channel airspace. Destroy the rebel Beast Squadron (F/A-18E).
Midnight Assassin Meriton
Destroy retreating rebel planes and jammers. Destroy ZOE F-14D.
Rising High Amber Mountains
Destroy rebel's retreating high altitude recon planes, 2 U-2 and 2 SR-71.
Acid Rain Anchorhead Bay
Destroy rebel's bomber and stealth bomber units attacking Anchorhead. Minimize damage to the city.
Cuckoo's Nest Chopinburg
Destroy the rebel's transports dropping supplies to the ground forces. Destroy the supplies that already paradropped.
Groupies Mt. Lambert
Protect the Allied transport carrying an important person from enemy interceptors. Callsign : Dryman.
Seagull Skully Islands
Destroy the rebel fleet stationed in the area. Including the fleet's Cocoon Squadron (Rafale M) and ZOE F/A-18E.
One Night Stand Seals Bridge
Destroy the Dragonet Submarine deep within the ravine.
Green Bird Scofield
Protect the Allied Pennant Squadron (12-11) attacked during training sortie. Destroy the new target : ZOE YF-23A.
St. Elmo's Fire Payton Channel
Protect the allied warships sailing through the channel from enemy attacks. Allied Flagship callsign : White Valley.
Visiting Hours Rocky Island
Assist the Allied landing ship Petral Coost during the landing to the rebel geothermal power plant Turntable. Destroy the core of the Turntable after the barrier is successfully opened.
Toy Box Comona Islands
Search and destroy the 4 rebel satellite weapons hidden in the hangar complexes. Destroy the shuttle carrying the last satellite weapon before it launch into space. Destroy the new Beast Squadron formation (F-15S/MTD and 2 F/A-18E).
Cavalry Sandbury Desert
Assist the Allied Red Bear Squadron on its way to rescue the downed allied recon plane E-767 Cassiopea.
El Dorado Faith Park
Destroy the underground missile silo's exhaust ducts by firing a missile directly into the duct.
Final Countdown Snider's Top
Destroy the defending rebel fleets in the sea. Destroy advanced heavy bombers XB-10 entering the combat airspace. Destroy the Albireo Squadron (PAK FA and Su-47).
Kingpin St. Ark
Destroy the rebel's last lines of defense. Destroy ZOE F-15S/MTD capable of making phantom targets on the HUD. Destroy the SAMs surrounding the rebel HQ to reveal the HQ building. Destroy the HQ building.
Last Resort St. Ark
Destroy the Dragonet Submarine on the sea. Destroy the SLBM launched from the submarine before it hits St. Ark.
Fighter's Honor North Point
Destroy the fortress' main guardian, the ZOE flying the ADF-01 FALKEN. Destroy Fortress Intolerance's power plants, then attack the fortress itself to start a fire inside the fortress. When the rebels open the front shutter to air out the smoke, Scarface One flies in to destroy the ICBM inside. The destruction of the ICBM leads into the destruction of Fortress Intolerance and the end of the war.

Survival Missions[]

# Title / Operation Date Location
Survival Mission 01 Anchorhead
Destroy all targets in the city.
Survival Mission 02 Mount Lambert
Escort Dryman through the area.
Survival Mission 03 Payton Channel
Escort the 4th Fleet through the area.
Survival Mission 04 Faith Park
Destroy all missile silos in the area.
Survival Mission 05 Amber Mountains
Destroy the rebel base in the area.
Survival Mission 06 Gunther Sound
Destroy all rebel oil facilities in the area.

Extra Missions[]

# Title / Operation Date Location
Extra Mission 01 Chopinburg
Destroy the C-17A transports along with any paradropped containers and tanks they release.
Extra Mission 02 Seals Bridge
Pursue and destroy the ZOE ADF-01 in the ravine.
Extra Mission 03 Scofield
Destroy 100 aircraft that spawn in multiple waves.
Extra Mission 04 North Point
Destroy the ADF-01 FALKEN guarding Fortress Intolerance. Then, attack the power plants and fortress, enter the tunnel, destroy the ICBM inside and pull a U-turn to exit the tunnel through the entrance. Finally, destroy a squadron of four TLS-wielding ZOE ADF-01 FALKENS.