Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Master File (エースコンバット アサルト・ホライゾン マスターファイル) is a promotional book published by GA Graphic and Project Aces in March 2012. It is an special edition of "Variable Fighter Master File", a yearly series of informational magazines centered on the Variable Fighter aircraft of the Macross universe.

The book is centered on the F-3 Shinden II, a fighter aircraft introduced in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon created by Macross developer Shoji Kawamori. It details the fictional history of the aircraft, from the events that led to its creations to its technology, weaponry and operational history. As well, a particular section is dedicated to describing the "real world" history of the CFA-44 Nosferatu, a fighter from the Strangereal world.

The complementary information of the Master File makes mention of various real world concepts and events, such as the September 11 attacks and aircraft brands like Rolls-Royce and Lockheed Martin. Notably, it uses an unusual nomenclature for airplanes: Japanese aircraft are referred to by their proper name (such as "C-1"), while aircraft from Russia and the West are given the ambiguous prefixes "Type-" and "Model-", respectively. Similarly, companies are named only as acronyms, such as "RR" for Rolls-Royce.

Contents (in order)[]

  • Introduction
  • Shinden II photo gallery
  • Shinden II development history
  • Aircraft airframe data
  • Body & fuselage systems
  • ASF-X weaponry
  • Shinden II squadrons, 2018
  • ASF-X escort fleet
  • CFA-44 Nosferatu information
  • Shinden II diagrams