The Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Original Soundtrack is the soundtrack of Ace Combat: Assault Horizon. It will be released sometime after the release of Assault Horizon, presumably in late 2011 or early 2012. The OST features music composed by the Namco Sound Team, involving famed long time Ace Combat composers such as Tetsukazu Nakanishi and Hiroshi Okubo, while including new composers such as Rio Hamamoto and the Yuval Ron Ensemble. Copies of one disc containing some pieces from OST were available with the European Limited Edition of Assault Horizon, as well as pre-orders from Best Buy in North America.

The soundtrack contains a total of 38 tracks divided among three discs.

Track List

D.Tr Title Artist Game Appearance Order
1.01 "REBIRTH" from Sand Storm Keiki Kobayashi Shockwave 03
1.02 Inferno Hiroshi Okubo Inferno 05
1.03 Town of Fiction Rio Hamamoto Red Moon (plays after tutorial upon approaching the first target area) 06
1.04 Spooky Rio Hamamoto Spooky 07
1.05 Tower, Respond Hiroshi Okubo Blue on Blue (at beginning as Bishop asks Guts about his fuel state) 08
1.06 Blue On Blue Hiroshi Okubo Blue on Blue (after Bishop says the Russian planes are hostile) 09
1.07 Mayday Hiroshi Okubo Blue on Blue (at start of emergency landing sequence) 10
1.08 Driven Keiki Kobayashi Cutscene between Blue on Blue and Power Play 11
1.09 Rush Rio Hamamoto Power Play 12
1.10 Beyond the Canal Rio Hamamoto Lock and Load (once the first RPG is fired) 13
1.11 Hangar Bay #1 Hiroshi Okubo Aircraft select (display aircraft) up to Lock and Load 04
2.01 Dogfight Rio Hamamoto, Keiki Kobayashi Nightmare (opening plays synced to intro cutscene) 02
2.02 Paint Hiroshi Okubo Aircraft paint customization (unlocks after first campaign completion) 38
2.03 Pipeline Norihiko Hibino Pipeline 16
2.04 White Devil Rio Hamamoto Siege (as Guts says "Tally bandits, Warwolf 1") 17
2.05 Naval Warfare Rio Hamamoto Hostile Fleet (after loading icon finishes after Magic says "Shadow flight is initiating ECM coverage") 18
2.06 Infiltrator Keiki Kobayashi Cutscene between Hostile Fleet and Launch (at exterior shot) 19
2.07 Undercover Jesahm Launch (upon first gaining control of the bomber after transition from opening cutscene; fades out after clearing Waypoint Charlie) 20
2.08 Launch Hiroshi Okubo Launch (after clearing the radar segment, as the first ASM IP appears) 21
2.09 Eyes Jesahm Launch (bomber segment) (after entering ASM IP C; section around 0:47 plays after optional QTE to focus on incoming hostile fighters)

Launch (fighter segment) (when hostile fighters appear)

2.10 Moscow Keiki Kobayashi Cutscene between Launch and Motherland 23
2.11 Keep Alive Rio Hamamoto Motherland (after gaining control of helicopter after transition from short intro cutscene) 24
2.12 Shall Defend Rio Hamamoto Aftermath (upon gaining control after transition from short intro cutscene; pauses during and resumes after cinematic shot of shooting down Markov's Su-35) 25
2.13 Refrain Keiki Kobayashi Main menu 01
3.01 Hangar Bay #2 Hiroshi Okubo Aircraft select (display aircraft) from Pipeline onward 15
3.02 Deja Vu Keiki Kobayashi Cutscene between Lock and Load and Pipeline as the camera zooms in on Markov's face 14
3.03 Fight Back Keiki Kobayashi Cutscene between Aftermath and Home Front (plays in briefing scene after shot of photo of Markov and Illich) 26
3.04 Home Front Takahiro Izutani Home Front (from beginning up until the TGT_LEAD Su-35 crashes into the stadium scoreboard) 28
3.05 Fighter Rio Hamamoto Home Front (after the stadium scoreboard crash as Magic asks Warwolf leader for his situation) 29
3.06 Over There Rio Hamamoto Home Front (upon emergency QTE to focus on Guts' aircraft) 30
3.07 Decisive Battle Rio Hamamoto Home Front (upon seeing Guts' parachute after shooting his canopy off) 31
3.08 Mrs. Krista Yoslav Katya N. Akula (after optional QTE to focus on Markov's aircraft) 34
3.09 Hurricane Yoshitaka Suzuki Hurricane 32
3.10 Horizon Keiki Kobayashi Cutscene immediately before Home Front (after selecting aircraft)

Akula (controlled sequence after destroying the Trinity missile)

3.11 Release Keiki Kobayashi Akula (at opening cutscene after the camera shot of the 5 Tu-160s; section at around 4:47 plays after emergency QTE to focus on the Trinity missile after destroying Markov's PAK FA) 33
3.12 His Repose Keiki Kobayashi Ending cutscene after Akula, up to before the final optional QTE 35
3.13 Gotta Stay Fly Ken Stacey & Emi Evans Ending cutscene/credits (plays after final optional QTE) 36
3.14 Dying Echoes Keiki Kobayashi Credits (crossfades in from "Gotta Stay Fly") 37

European Limited Edition CD

Following tracks are available on the CD:

  1. "Rebirth" From Sand Storm
  2. Inferno
  3. Town Of Fiction
  4. Spooky
  5. Blue On Blue
  6. Mrs. Krista Yoslav
  7. Rush
  8. Beyond The Canal
  9. Pipeline
  10. Launch
  11. Dogfight
  12. Release
  13. Horizon
  14. Gotta Stay Fly