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The front cover of "Ace Combat: Ikaros in the Sky".

Ace Combat: Ikaros in the Sky (エースコンバット イカロス・イン・ザ・スカイ) is an Ace Combat novel. It was published on March 28, 2012, in Japan (Japanese language) only by ASCII Media Works. The book is written by author Heijiro Yamamoto, and it features illustrations from noted artist Kozaki Yūsuke.[1]

The SSTO section in Chapter 3 was included in the December 2011 issue of Dengeki Hobby Magazine as part of an article titled Ace Combat Short Story Scene 00 "Battle Encounter".[2][3]


In the year 2002, the country of Japan suffered an incursion of multiple unidentified aircrafts. The circumstances of this incident led to the birth of the "ASF" initiative, a project with the objective of creating a new fighter aircraft for the role of national defense.

The protagonist of the story, Japan Air Self Defense Force 2nd Lieutenant Kei Nagase is selected as the pilot of a prototype ASF aircraft, codenamed "Shinden II". Her former colleague, Wataru Asano, also happened to be a test pilot for the Shinden II. The fate of Nagase would change greatly as a result of his appearance...[1]

Table of Contents

  • Prologue: ASF-X (プロローグ:ASF-X)
  • Chapter 1: New Face (第一章:新隊員/ニューフェース)
  • Chapter 2 (第二章)
    • Q-X (クオクス)
    • Exercise (演習/エクササイズ)
    • Accident (事故/アクシデント)
  • Chapter 3 (第三章)
    • Conspiracy (陰謀/コンスピリシー)
    • SSTO (Armstrong/アームストロング)
    • Actual Fighting (実戦/アクチュアル・ファイティング)
  • Epilogue: Ikaros (エピローグ:イカロス)
  • Appendix (あとがき)



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