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This is the full list of all named aircraft featured in Ace Combat: Joint Assault as well as where and how to find them.

# Unit Callsign Mission
01 X-45 Watercress "Steel Axe"
Watercress appears after the player shoots down the F-4E Phantom II in the first three enemy groups.
02 X-29A Katana "Bird Hunt"
Katana appears after the player damages the Spiridus enough to force its retreat.
03 F-16C Fighting Falcon Osaka "Red and Black - Alpha"
Osaka appears in Phase 2. The player must shoot them down before the JASDF does.
04 Mirage 2000D Onyx "Red and Black - Bravo"
Onyx appears in Phase 2 in the northeast, flying alongside the coast.
05 MiG-21-93 Fishbed Balalaika "Capital Defense" (05A)
Balalaika appears once the player destroys the third set of weapons on the Orgoi.
06 AH-64A Apache Jolly "Capital Defense" (05B)
Jolly appears over Tokyo Bay during Sulejmani's speech about "enemy lives".
07 AV-8B Harrier II Sphinx "Desert Dawn"
In the final part of the mission, four helicopters will spawn around the player. The player must destroy them, then Sphinx will take off from the nearby pyramid.
08 Fuelcar Zircon "Safe Recovery - Alpha"
Zircon appears in a western facility.
09 U-2 Hengel "Safe Recovery - Bravo"
Hengel appears over the northwestern coast and will fly eastward.
10 C-5 Galaxy Gizmo "Spotlight - Alpha"
Gizmo appears near the player's starting position when the player destroys three power plants.
11 SR-71 Blackbird Buzzword "Spotlight - Bravo"
Buzzword appears over the Mora Jamming Station once all power plants are destroyed.
12 Icebreaker Kraken "Raging Sea"
Kraken appears in Phase 2 docked at the harbor.
13 Gunboat Offside "Nightwatch" (12A)
Offside appears in the River Thames after the player shoots down the first two Su-27 Flankers.
14 F-15E Strike Eagle Mr.8 "Nightwatch" (12B)
Mr.8 appears in Phase 2 flying above the Spiridus but the player(s) cannot target Mr.8 until they destroy the first Fire Control Units (FCUs).
15 E-767 Timeline "Cyclops Slayer"
Timeline appears over the secondary facility in the east after the player destroys the primary facility.
16 YF-23 Black Widow II Bloodstone "Dragon Lair"
Bloodstone appears in the southwest after about one minute has elapsed from the start of the mission.
17 F-117A Nighthawk Nightowl "Grand Flight" (multiplayer)
Nightowl appears after the player controlling the 747 200B escapes the ravine.
18 Typhoon Element "Blockade"
Element appears after the Valahia load the cargo into the ship and head to port.
19 Rafale M Hayate "Sanctify"
Hayate spawns in the west after the player shoots down Sulejmani.
20 C-17A Globemaster III Express "Alarm Clock"
Express appears in the west after the player destroys the first Orgoi's first set of weapons.
21 F-15 S/MTD Kelpie "Desert Gust"
Kelpie appears when almost all ground targets in the middle of the map have been destroyed.
22 Su-47 Berkut Lily "Ghost Hunt"
Lily spawns in the west at the start of Phase 2 and will fly eastward.
23 F-35C Lightning II Vulcan "Reprisal" (21A)
Vulcan spawns with the second formation of bombers in the middle of the map.
24 Hovercraft Garnet "Reprisal" (21B)
Garnet spawns after the player(s) destroy the ground forces near the bridges.