All right, gentlemen, it's time to clean house!
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Below is a list of ace pilots present in Ace Combat: Joint Assault.

# In-game name Callsign Aircraft Mission
01. X-45 WATERCRESS Watercress X-45 01
Spawns after the F-4E in the first three enemy groups is destroyed.
02. X-29A KATANA Katana X-29A 02
Spawns over Tokyo once battle damage forces the Spiridus to retreat.
03. F-16C OSAKA Osaka F-16C Fighting Falcon 03
Spawns in Phase 2. Make sure to intercept him quickly; if the JASDF kills him first, his death won't count.
04. MIR-2000D ONYX Onyx Mirage 2000D 04
Spawns in Phase 2 at the northeast, flying his down the coast.
05. MiG-21-93 BALALAIKA Balalaika MiG-21-93 05A
Appears once the third set of weapons on the Orgoi is destroyed.
06. AH-64 JOLLY Jolly AH-64 Apache 05B
Spawns over Tokyo Bay during Sulejmani's "enemy lives" speech.
07. AV-8B SPHINX Sphinx AV-8B Harrier II 06
Four Apaches will spawn near the pyramids. Destroy them and Sphinx will take off from the Keops Pyramid.
08. Fuelcar ZIRCON Zircon Fuelcar 07
Spawns at a western facility.
09. U-2 HENGEL Hengel U-2 Dragon Lady 08
Spawns over the northwestern coast, flies to the east and repeats its flight route.
10. C-5 GIZMO Gizmo C-5A Galaxy 09
Spawns near the mission start point when three power plants are taken out.
11. SR-71 BUZZWORD Buzzword SR-71 Blackbird 10
Once all power plants are destroyed, the ace will spawn over the Mora Jamming Station.
12. Icebreaker KRAKEN Kraken Icebreaker ship 11
Kraken is one of the ships docked at harbor in Phase 2. Turn around at the start to see it.
13. Gunboat OFFSIDE Offside Gunboat 12A
Destroy the two Flankers at the start and the "ace" will spawn in the River Thames.
14. F-15E MR.8 Mr. 8 F-15E Strike Eagle 12B
Spawns at the start of Phase 2 right above the Spiridus, but will not be targetable until the first Fire Control Units (FCUs) are destroyed.
15. E-767 TIMELINE Timeline E-767 13
Appears over the secondary eastern facility after the primary facility is down.
16. YF-23A BLOODSTONE Bloodstone YF-23 Black Widow II 14
Appears in the southwest at the very beginning of Phase 1, around the 1:00 mark.
17. F-117A NIGHTOWL Nightowl F-117A Nighthawk 15
Appears after escaping the ravine; target cannot be shot down in single player. Name and aircraft are a reference to Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation, which awards player who complete an Attacker-only run with the Night Owl medal.
18. Typhoon ELEMENT Element Typhoon 16
Spawns once they load the cargo into the ship, then heads to the port.
19. RAFALE M HAYATE Hayate Rafale M 17
Spawn on the west coast when Sulejmani is downed.
20. C-17 EXPRESS Express C-17A Globemaster III 18
Appears when the two first weapon set of the initial Orgoi are destroyed, after which it will spawn in west Midway.
21. F-15S/MTD KELPIE Kelpie F-15S/MTD 19
Spawn when nearly all the ground targets in the mission are destroyed in the middle of the map.
22. SU-47 LILY Lily Su-47 Berkut 20
Spawns in the west at the start of Phase 2, then flies east.
23. F-35C VULCAN Vulcan F-35C Lightning II 21A
Destroy the first two bombers over San Francisco. Vulcan will spawn with the next formation in the middle of the map.
24. HOVERCRAFT GARNET Garnet Hovercraft 21B
Spawns after the ground forces in the Oakland Bay and Golden Gate bridges are annihilated.