Following is a list of all campaign missions in Ace Combat: Joint Assault.

# Title Date Location
Steel Axe Midway Island
Antares Squadron has joined Martinez Security, and takes part in a training exercise with Rigel Squadron and the Japan Self-Defense Forces, practising usage of missiles, lock-on, and radar. Halfway through the exercise, the forces are interrupted by a group of unknown hostiles heading for Tokyo.
Bird Hunt Tokyo, Japan
An airborne fortress, named "Spiridus" is sighted above Tokyo and uses its railgun system to attack the city. Antares Squadron and Rigel Squadron eventually take out the railgun, protecting Tokyo and causing the Spiridus to retreat.
Red and Black - Alpha Izu Islands, Japan
The terrorist group Valahia are planning to attack Tokyo again, approaching from the north and south of Japan. Antares and Rigel Squadron are tasked with supporting and protecting the JASDF forces in the Izu Islands from the Valahia reinforcements.
Red and Black - Bravo Boso Peninsula, Japan
During the Izu Islands operation, Antares and Rigel Squadron are also tasked with helping and protecting the JGSDF forces stationed on the Boso Peninsula, as well as destroying a fleet of enemy reinforcements.
Capital Defense Tokyo, Japan
The Valahia has broken through and is once again attacking Tokyo, now equipped with a new airborne fortress, named "Orgoi". Antares then destroys the Orgoi, making it crash into the sea, but also witnesses the betrayal of Rigel Squadron, who are now loyal to the Valahia.

There are two variants of this mission. 05A is the single-player version with fewer targets, and 05B is the multiplayer version with more targets. To access 05B, players must be doing a campaign run while playing in ad-hoc or infrastructure mode.
Desert Dawn Central Egypt
Due to Rigel Squadron's sudden betrayal, Martinez Security has lost a lot of its reputation. To make up for the situation, Antares Squadron joined the International Union Peacekeeping Force (IUPF) and are first tasked with eliminating a large group of Valahia forces situated near some pyramids in Egypt. After the mission, Spiridus is sighted flying above the battle area.
Safe Recovery - Alpha Middle East Oil Fields
Mr. Leblanc, head of the International Insurance Auditing Organization (IIAO) has been captured in a Middle Eastern city by the Valahia. A rescue helicopter, callsign "Paper Wasp" is heading from the desert into the city, being protected by Antares. The rescue goes as planned, until a fire breaks out at Paper Wasp's landing site, prompting Antares to destroy the facilities at the oil fields in the desert. After Paper Wasp rescues Mr. Leblanc, Antares escorts the helicopter back to base, destroying any hostiles in their way.
Safe Recovery - Bravo Middle East City Area
During the events of "Safe Recovery - Alpha", Antares is now tasked with destroying targets attempting to finish off Mr. Leblanc's original escort helicopter, callsign "Fat Duck" After a while, the fire at the pipeline breaks out, thus hindering Paper Wasp from rescuing Mr. Leblanc. IUPF forces in the desert seize the facilities triggering the fire, while Antares destroys RPGs and SAMs attempting to take out Paper Wasp. As the rescue helicopter leaves the city, Antares' final job is to take out fighters attempting to prevent Paper Wasp from leaving the city.
Spotlight - Alpha Dardanelles, Turkey
The Mora Jamming Station located in the Turkish Mountains has been severely limiting radar communications around the region. Antares is tasked with destroying power stations in the Dardanelles which supply power to the jamming facility, while IUPF forces in the mountains destroy the long-range artillery that was used by the Valahia to try and stop Antares from destroying the power stations.
Spotlight - Bravo Northern Turkey
During the operation in the Dardanelles, Antares is tasked with destroying Mora directly. The squadron has no radar or lock-on during the mission, but manage to destroy the substations near the facility, disabling Mora's high-spec SAM system and its jamming capabilities. After destroying the artillery preventing the IUPF forces from progressing in the Dardanelles, Antares proceeds to destroy Mora and ends all jamming in the region.
Raging Sea Adriatic Sea
There have been numerous reports that there is a Valahia submarine lurking on the coast of Croatia. After destroying two groups of fighters along the coastline, Antares encounters Rigel Squadron, who have been renamed as "Varcolac Squadron" and have arrived at the scene to eliminate Antares Squadron. After damaging three of the squadron's aircrafts, Antares proceeds to destroy the submarine, which is equipped with high-tech thermobaric missiles.
Nightwatch London
Spiridus has begun its attack on London, now being loaded with an explosive laser system, known as an "electrolaser cannon". First, Antares destroys the electrolaser cannons which are dealing damage to the city, and then encounters the Spiridus for a second time, which is prepared with an anti-air electrolaser cannon. After destroying the remaining armaments attached to the Spiridus, Antares then shuts down the electrolaser cannon for good, downing the Spiridus into the Thames River.

There are two variants of this mission. 12A is the single-player version with jamming, fewer targets, and fewer phases; 12B is the multiplayer version with no jamming, more targets, and more phases. To access 12B, players must be doing a campaign run while playing in ad-hoc or infrastructure mode.
Cyclops Slayer Serbia-Romania border
A railgun used by the Spiridus in Tokyo, named "Balaur" has been built on a Romanian hillside fortress, and is responsible for several long-range attacks in Southern Europe, while being aided with three radar sites on the border between Serbia and Romania. Antares successfully takes out all the radar sites, considerably weakening Balaur's long-range abilities, but soon bumps into Varcolac Squadron again, who are equipped with better planes and are attempting to destroy Antares high above the mountains. After damaging all of Varcolac's aircrafts, Antares heads back to base.
Dragon Lair Central Romania
A few days after the events of "Cyclops Slayer", Antares is tasked with destroying the Balaur to stop long-range attacks across Europe. Antares takes out all hostiles blocking their way, as well as dodging Balaur's lethal attacks. Soon after, the squadron takes out a cluster of jammers on top of hillsides that are hindering radar signal, and they then proceed to destroy the railgun itself, as well as the large fortifications around it.
Dragon Killer Serbia-Romania border, Central Romania
Only playable in multiplayer co-op; combination of Missions 13 and 14. Antares commences a Joint Assault operation to in order to destroy the radar sites in Serbia and the Balaur fortress in Romania. Antares successfully destroys both the railgun and radar sites, and then fights off Varcolac Squadron, there to intercept them for destroying the fortress.
Grand Flight Northern Turkey
Antares 1, callsign "OLI1" for the mission, is tasked with transporting Andre Olivieri in his private Boeing 747 200B. The operation goes as planned, but the airliner is nearly hit with a SAM, and OLI1 must descend into the valley below. Flying at low altitude, the plane dodges masses of Valahia forces attempting to crash the plane, and climbs soon after the Valahia is out of sight. However, Valahia leader Nicolae Dumitrescu tunes into the plane's frequency and sends more Valahia forces out to destroy the plane for good. Despite this sudden attack, Olivieri safely makes it to the combat zone border, and the plane lands at a nearby base.
Blockade Dardanelles, Turkey
A Valahia helicopter unit has been spotted transporting plutonium to Valahia's nuclear missile silos in Central Asia. Antares quickly intercepts the escort helicopters but does not destroy the helicopters transporting the fuel. After a while, the helicopters land in a nearby city (namely Çanakkale) and load the fuel onto a container ship. After following the ship and destroying ground forces, planes, and other ships, Antares stalls the container ship, leaving IUPF boats to sink it and seemingly "prevent" Valahia's nuclear missile launch.
Sanctify Central Asia (known by Valahia as "Infern")
Valahia controls an old Soviet missile solo, attempting to launch nuclear missiles at cities in North America and Europe. After a brief encounter with Varcolac Squadron, Antares destroys their aircraft for the first time, and proceeds to head into the missile silo itself. After guiding their way through the silo, Antares destroys the main facility, killing Dumitrescu and dismantling the Valahia. During the fight with Varcolac Squadron, it is revealed that the Valahia betrayed their employer Andre Olivieri, forcing him to create the so-called "Golden Axe Plan.
Alarm Clock Midway Island
Martinez Security's AWACS aircraft "Canopus" is refueling at the base in Midway Island, but is suddenly attacked by a group of fighters who are willing to kill anyone who knows details of the Golden Axe Plan. After destroying the fighters and protecting Canopus, Antares encounters an Orgoi, about to drop bombs on Canopus. Antares destroys the Orgoi, just as a fleet of supply ships, callsign "Orca" enter the archipelago. However, they are attacked by yet another Orgoi. Things get even worse when a second Orgoi appears, but fortunately Antares destroys both airborne fortresses.
Desert Gust Southern Nevada
M42 Squadron moves into the mainland United States of America to stop the Golden Axe Plan Private Army from instigating an attack on San Francisco. The GAPPA are equipped with a newly-built Spiridus, and have seized an abandoned base in Southern Nevada. Antares proceeds to assault the base, and helping ground forces Dog Bear, Lazy Bear, and Black Bear to fire missiles at the Spiridus in Lake Tahoe. After disabling Spiridus' long-range thermobaric missile fire, Antares destroys all targets at the airfield and occupies the area along with the ground forces.
Ghost Hunt Lake Tahoe
After the events of "Desert Gust", Antares is tasked with destroying the Spiridus once and for all above Lake Tahoe in California. The Spiridus is now equipped with IRCMs, as well as a thermobaric missile system and heavy weaponry. Antares first disables the Hi-TASM with support from the ground forces, causing the Spiridus to retreat to San Francisco. This is not to happen, so Antares takes out the Spiridus' engines as well as the IRCMs. The GAPPA commander onboard the airborne fortress cancels the retreat, and tries to fire an electrolaser cannon at Antares, which, in turn, is destroyed. After this, the ground forces fire one last missile at Spiridus, crashing it into the mountains around the lake.
Wrecking Ball Southern Nevada, Lake Tahoe
Only playable in multiplayer co-op; combination of Missions 19 and 20. Antares performs a Joint Assault op in order to capture the abandoned air base from the Golden Axe Plan's private army in Southern Nevada, and to destroy the Spiridus above Lake Tahoe. Antares captures the air base and launches a long range missile at Spiridus, destroying it.
Reprisal San Francisco
The Golden Axe Plan has already been drastically halted, but they have still gone ahead with the attack on San Francisco, carrying fighters, bombers, and ships. Antares keeps San Francisco's damage to a minimum after taking out all the attacking forces, but still has to destroy the Olivieri Life Insurance data center. However, the situation is put on hold due to Varcolac Squadron making one final appearance, now equipped with powerful GAF-1 Varcolac fighters. Antares first takes out Daniel Oruma, Faryd Gaviria, and Tolya Kiriakov, before they finally eliminate the squadron's leader, Milosz Sulejmani. A few minutes later, Dog Bear makes another appearance and is heading towards the data center. Antares takes out a few choppers, while Olivieri rushes out of his data center, infuriated. Despite this, he is taken out, along with the data center. The destruction of the Olivieri Life Insurance building exposed the Golden Axe Plan's secrets, and it also put an end to the conflict sparked the the war damage insurance business and the Valahia. Antares Squadron and Canopus leave the area, claiming that "our work here is done."

There are two variants of this mission. 21A is the single-player version with fewer targets; 21B is the multiplayer version with more targets. To access 21B, players must be doing a campaign run while playing in ad-hoc or infrastructure mode.
Operation X Central Romania
Antares Squadron is tasked with destroying several fictional planes from other Ace Combat games.
Ace of Aces Pacific Ocean
Antares is tasked with destroying a hundred targets, including nine aces from previous Ace Combat titles.