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Tutorial Kingdom of Nordennavic
The Kingdom of Nordennavic has been neutral for centuries; a beacon of freedom and stability in the troubled world of Strangereal. However, two months after the fragments from the Ulysses asteroid devastated several countries on the Usean and Anean Continents in Nordennavic's vicinity and plunged them into turmoil, this treasured neutrality will be hard to defend. Grendel Squadron is a newly formed top secret squadron of the Nordennavic Royal Air Force. Its mission: covertly influence skirmishes and wars in order to ensure Nordennavic's safety.
Erusean Campaign (Part 1) Erusean Border
The Erusean Air Force is attempting to shoot down the helicopter transporting The General Assembly Commissioner of the UN on his way to inspect the Ulysses refugee camps on the Erusean border. Nordennavian Intelligence learned of this and the NRAF Grendel Squadron has been dispatched to prevent the attack.
Erusean Campaign (Part 2) Usean Coastline
Humane Transport Plan airliners are carrying the Ulysses refugees to Nordennavic, but Erusea will attempt to shoot down the civilian aircraft to hide the Erusean government's refusal to help. Grendal Squadron must prevent this.
Erusean Campaign (Part 3) Mt. Shezna
Erusea occupied the Stonehenge railgun network and gained control over most of the Usean continent. Grendel must aid ISAF in destroying the Northern Eye radar stations on top of Mount Shezna so that ISAF's forces can be evacuated.
Yuktobanian Campaign (Part 1) Earth Orbit
Yuktobania is launching a massive attack against the Osean base on Sand Island. Nordennavic secretly helped the Oseans build the Arkbird spacecraft. The Arkbird's weapon system is capable of deploying a powerful laser from orbit in order to attack ground targets. It will be maneuvered over Sand Island airspace in order to dispatch the invading force.
Yuktobanian Campaign (Part 2) Ceres Ocean
With the Arkbird inoperable due to an unknown saboteur, Yuktobania is trying to launch another attack on Sand Island. The Osean Wardog Squadron is on a secret mission, so Grendel must defend the island.
Yuktobanian Campaign (Part 3) Oured
Nordennavian Intelligence was made aware that Belka orchestrated the war between Yuktobania and Osea. The Belkans sabotaged the Arkbird and programmed it to crash on the Osean capital, Oured. Grendel must assist the Osean Razgriz Squadron to destroy the Arkbird before it reaches the city.
Estovakian Campaign (Part 1) Estovakia
The Estovakian Civil War is raging, and the scales seem to favor the Lyes United Front. General Lyes' dictatorship is more unsettling to the Kingdom than Supreme Commander Gustav Dvornik's, so the Grendel Squadron is being sent to aid the Eastern Faction.
Estovakian Campaign (Part 2) Gracemeria
Estovakian forces are attacking the Emmerian capital, Gracemeria. The Kingdom of Nordennavic, found guilty of supporting the Estovakian Eastern Front Faction that won the civil war, is sending Grendel Squadron to hold off the Estovakians until most of the Emmerians retreat by sea.
Estovakian Campaign (Part 3) Sonne Island
Emmeria manged to turn the tide of the war with the help of Nordennavic. The losing Estovakians are making one last attempt at destroying Gracemeria. They will try to fire the Chandelier railgun at the Emmerian capital. Grendel 1 must use an experimental hovering jetfighter to annihilate the Anti-Air Weapon System that protects the Chandelier. The Emmerians will then be able to take out the railgun.