Rigaux's Mirage 2000

This is the full list of all aces featured in Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies as well as where and how to find them. Shooting down an ace or completing a specific condition will unlock an aircraft skin for purchase, which the player can later use at any time.

In-Mission Aces

These aces only appear on SP New Game or Free Mission, both of which require completing the game's campaign at least once. In addition, these aces only appear on Normal difficulty or above, and they do not appear on the radar until the player gets close to them.

# Aircraft Callsign Mission
01 F-5E Tiger II Wang "Sitting Duck"
Wang appears far north of Newfield Island.
02 A-10A Thunderbolt II Ciffreo "Imminent Threat"
Ciffreo appears above the lake located north of Rigley Air Base.
03 F-16C Fighting Falcon Tempel "The Northern Eye"
Tempel appears directly in the middle of the map between the two radar sites.
04 Mirage 2000 Rigaux "Blockade"
Rigaux appears north of the western jamming circle.
05 MiG-29A Fulcrum Mrkos "Lifeline"
Mrkos appears to the west of the oil refinery, south of the lone facility.
06 F-14A Tomcat Levy "Invincible Fleet"
Levy appears in the northern-most section of the map, north of New Comberth Harbor.
07 Tornado IDS De Vico "Deep Strike"
De Vico appears in the northern-most section of the map, north of the solar power plant situated in a crater.
08 F/A-18C Hornet Vaisala "Shattered Skies"
Vaisala appears above the second Comona Island located to the east of the rocket base.
09 F-15C Eagle Tuttle "Operation Bunker Shot"
Tuttle appears north of the central Crowne Beach.
10 R-M01 Faye "Tango Line"
Faye appears west of the submarine dock located in the northwest of the map.
11 Su-35 Super Flanker Neujmin "Escort"
Neujmin appears next to the Return Line in the south-southeast of the map. The player must use caution when hunting down Neujmin since Air Ixiom Flights 701 and 702 are constantly under attack. The best recommendation is to wait until the fourth and final enemy wave before engaging Neujmin.
12 F-2A Urata "Stonehenge Offensive"
Urata appears north of Stonehenge.
13 F-15E Strike Eagle Gunn "Safe Return"
Gunn appears just northeast of the center of the map. Gunn does not appear until the Mission Update.
14 F/A-22A Raptor Abell "Breaking Arrows"
Abell appears to the northeast of the player's starting position near the combat zone border. Abell is the only ace who shows up on the radar from the start of the mission regardless of the player's proximity.
15 Typhoon Olmstead "Emancipation"
Olmstead appears directly in the center of the map.
16 F-117A Nighthawk Kwee "Whiskey Corridor"
Kwee appears in the center-west of the map.
17 F-15 ACTIVE Halley "Siege of Farbanti"
Halley appears northwest of Farbanti along the western coastline.
18 S-37A Smirnova "Megalith"
Smirnova appears far north of Megalith.

Other Special Skins

Su-37 Yellow 13 color Hangar

Yellow 13's livery in the hangar

The special skins for the F-4E Phantom II, the Su-37 Terminator, and the X-02 Wyvern are not unlocked in any specific mission. These three skins have unique unlock conditions.

The player unlocks the F-4E's special skin, with the callsign Biela, when starting an SP New Game after clearing the campaign on Normal difficulty or higher.[1]

The player unlocks the Su-37's special skin, Yellow 13's livery, after acquiring all other ace aircraft skins (not including the X-02).[1]

The player unlocks the X-02's special skin—an Erusean Air and Space Administration livery—after earning an S rank on all missions on Expert difficulty.[1]


  • All aces (except Yellow 13, whose name is unknown) are named after real-life astronomers. The X-02's special skin is based on Erusea's space administration.
  • All of the ace liveries, except Yellow 13's and the X-02's, feature either the words "Free Erusea" or the emblem later used by Free Erusea.
  • The aces typically fly an aircraft type that the player should be flying in that particular mission. For example, Ciffreo flies an A-10A during a ground attack mission.
  • Smirnova, named after Tamara Mikhaylovna Smirnova, is potentially a female ace. If true, this would make Smirnova the third-known female pilot in Ace Combat 04 (after Yellow 4 and Kei Nagase).


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