All right, gentlemen, it's time to clean house!
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Following is the list of Campaign Mode missions in Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies.

# Title / Operation Date Location
Sitting Duck Newfield Island
Mobius 1 is responsible for stopping six Tu-95 bombers from approaching Allenfort Air Base. They have a few escort fighters as well. Note this day is also SkyEye's birthday.
Imminent Threat Rigley Air Base
Mobius 1 must sabotage Rigley Air Base to prevent further bombings in the future. The Tu-95 bombers are the targets, and all the bombers must be destroyed to finish the mission. There are various other enemies, though, including AA Guns and hangers. Simply use the UGBM (default special weapon) to get rid of the bombers grouped together.
The Northern Eye Mt. Shezna
Mobius 1 are tasked with destroying the Mt. Shezna radar station. Again, the UGBM helps with clustered targets. The radars are the main targets.

Mission Update: Simply return to base via the Return Line to the south. SkyEye gives a short tutorial on the Return Line and its use. The landing mini-game is optional, though more money is earned by finishing it.

Blockade NW of Comberth Harbor
Mobius 1 is tasked with shooting down transport planes. The area where the enemies are will be jammed with E-767s. Simply find the jammers and destroy them to make the mission much easier. There are several enemy fighters as well, and shooting them down will result in a bigger reward.
Lifeline Petrochemical Complex
Mobius 1 must inflict 2,000 points worth of damage to the enemy's oil drilling platforms and refinery/fuel storage complexes in the area to reduce the Eruseans' overall war output. This is done so the "Invincible Fleet" will be unable to launch an offensive against North Point.

Mission Update: Yellow Squadron enters the map north of Mobius 1's position. Fly south and cross the Return Line to end the mission.

Invincible Fleet Comberth Harbor
ISAF launches a surprise attack on the "invincible" Aegir Fleet. This mission is one of the larger missions, as there are many Destroyers, a few submarines, and many ground targets to choose from, not to mention the enemy air support. 3,000 points must be scored to complete the mission.
Deep Strike Faith Park
Mobius 1 must destroy solar generators in order to reduce Erusea's war productions. There are several solar generators, though not all need to be destroyed, it will increase payout (the machine gun will quickly handle them). Take out the three TGTs to get the Mission Update.

Mission Update: Utilizing the ravines, players need to fly below 2,000 feet (in alt.) and avoid Stonehenge's attacks while retreating to base. The ravines are very tight, and it is advised to fly slowly. A few enemy helicopters can be found waiting in the ravine as well.

Shattered Skies Comona Islands
In the game's first true large scale air-to-air dogfight, Mobius 1 must score 800 points within the time limit and ensure launch of ISAF's new recon satellite. QAAMs are highly recommended to make the battle easier. Note that the Yellows are present in the furball and worth 150 points.

Mission Update: At the very far left of the screen, a group of B-2A Spirit bombers appear. They all must be shot down before they can make it to the launch site. Afterwards, continue to destroy enemy planes for additional points until the time limit runs out.

Operation Bunker Shot Halle/Crowne/Caranda Beach
Mobius 1 must score 2,200 points by destroying various enemy forces located throughout the three beaches on the map. Assist the ground troops' advancement by taking out tanks, pillboxes, and batteries, but beware of AA guns and SAMs throughout the beaches.

Mission Update: A squadron of A-10A Thunderbolts close in on Crowne Beach, and must be shot down.

Tango Line Istas Fortress
Mobius 1 must score 3,000 points within a 20-minute time limit. The area is very mountainous, and large clusters of enemies are located throughout. Harriers and choppers reside in large depressions in the eastern mountains' surfacea. Also, Stonehenge strikes again in various parts of the mission; stay below 2,000 feet to avoid crashing.
Escort North of Chopinburg
As the Mission name implies, Mobius 1 must escort Air Ixiom Flights 701 and 702, which are under attack by Erusean fighters. The first officer of Flight 701, Nagase, is confirmed to be the same Kei Nagase from AC2.
Stonehenge Offensive Hatties Desert
Mobius 1 needs to destroy each of Stonehenge's seven cannons in order to stop it. It is highly recommended to destroy the jammer in the center of the Stonehenge complex with the Gun, so missiles can be used. UGBs are useful here.

Mission Update: Yellow Squadron arrives too late to defend Stonehenge, but engages Mobius 1 anyway. However, they are vulnerable now, as supported by the previous cutscene in which Yellow 4's plane was badly damaged, and the rest were low on fuel. Simply shoot down one of the Yellows to scare them off and accomplish the mission.

Safe Return Gnome Ravine
Mobius 1 must escort an ISAF spy plane through the ravine by destroying 1,300 points' worth of airship jammers. This mission can be difficult, as the balloons cannot be targeted, and thus, no targeting reticle appears. Follow the intermittent gray dots on the radar to find at least 13 of the jamming balloons and destroy them with machine guns.

Mission Update: Two F-15C Eagles and two Typhoons appear to the north in pursuit of the U-2 spy plane. Shoot them all down to finish the mission.

Breaking Arrows Ice Creek
Mobius 1 needs to destroy several large cruise missiles heading towards the ISAF's northern landing forces. All of the targets must be destroyed within the time limit. XMAAs are particularly useful on this mission. The first missile formation can be destroyed as long as Mobius 1 can keep up with them, though the second wave splits into two smaller groups when Mobius 1 tries to engage them. Note the generously large amount of points awarded by shooting down the two enemy aces near the top of the combat area.

Mission Update: Another, larger missile appears on the map following a zig-zag pattern. Destroy it and it will produce a "grand finale" explosion.

Emancipation San Salvacion
Mobius 1 needs to destroy 2,000 points' worth of enemies within the ten minute time limit. Destroy tanks and choppers, and protect ground forces. Beware of several SAMs in the cities.

Mission Update: Six Tu-160 Blackjacks close in on New City (the west city), and must be shot down. The Tu-160s are supersonic bombers and travel at approximately 900 knots, so make sure to get behind them before firing.

Whiskey Corridor Whiskey Corridor
Mobius 1 needs to destroy at least 3,500 points' worth of enemies within the 20-minute time limit. Being a very widespread ground battle, Mobius 1 must destroy enemy positions throughout the desert area. The area is very spread out, and more enemies appear on the map once certain enemy positions are destroyed.
Siege of Farbanti Farbanti
Mobius 1 must destroy at least 3,500 points' worth of enemies within the 20-minute time limit. The engagement takes place in the Erusean capital, and there are several warships, numerous tanks, and a bridge that must be destroyed.

Mission Update: The Yellow Squadron returns to make a last stand for Erusea. They are once again flying a five-plane formation. AWACS SkyEye assures the player has gotten "faster" than they are, but warns not to underestimate them.

Side note: This is the second mission that takes place during AWACS SkyEye's birthday, exactly one year from the first mission in the game.

Megalith Megalith
In one of the most memorable battles in Ace Combat history, players must destroy the Megalith. ISAF assembles the recently expanded Mobius Squadron for this operation, lead by Mobius 1. After a roll call by SkyEye, players fly ahead to engage a 15-plane Yellow Squadron. It is highly recommended to use QAAMs to make the battle easier. After taking care of the Yellow Squadron, Mobius 1 must destroy the three TGT generators within the facility. After the generators are down, the Mission Update will begin.

Mission Update: Proceed into the central silo and prevent the final missile from taking off. The player must survive as well; fire one missile to destroy the final TGT and climb out of the opening above. The ending also hints at Operation Katina, in Ace Combat 5.

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