Following is the list of campaign missions in Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies. Also see Trial Missions for the bonus challenge missions.

# Title / Operation Date Location
Sitting Duck Newfield Island
Mobius 1 intercepts six Tu-95 bombers approaching Allenfort Air Base as a last ditch attempt to protect North Point, the sole remaining ISAF stronghold. AWACS SkyEye notes that this date is his birthday.
Imminent Threat Rigley Air Base
Mobius 1 destroys a contingent of bombers stationed at Rigley Air Base in order to prevent a full-scale bomb strike on North Point.
The Northern Eye Mt. Shezna
Mobius 1 destroys the Mt. Shezna radar station in order to support ISAF forces retreating from the port of Saint Ark. Mobius 1 then returns to base after successfully completing his mission.
Blockade NW of Comberth Harbor
Mobius 1 intercepts a fleet of transport planes moving to supply the Aegir Fleet stationed in Comberth Harbor. Despite radar jamming and interference from enemy E-767s, Mobius 1 destroys all transports.
Lifeline Petrochemical Complex
Mobius 1 assists ISAF aircraft in attacking an Erusian petrochemical complex responsible for fueling the Aegir Fleet. After Mobius 1 damages the complex enough to cripple the Aegir Fleet's supply chain, Yellow Squadron arrives and causes high casualties among ISAF forces. However, Mobius 1 successfully retreats from combat airspace.
Invincible Fleet Comberth Harbor
ISAF aircraft accompanied by Mobius 1 launch a surprise attack on the "invincible" Aegir Fleet, sinking it where its docked in Comberth Harbor and indefinitely delaying Erusian plans for an invasion of North Point.
Deep Strike Faith Park
Mobius 1 and accompanying ISAF fighters conduct a long-range attack on Erusian solar power generator plants in the Faith Park region. After successfully taking out the facility, ISAF forces are forced to retreat from the combat airspace through the surrounding canyons due to air attacks from Stonehenge.
Shattered Skies Comona Islands
Mobius 1 helps defend an ISAF rocket launch from an Erusian air attack. The rocket is carrying a recon satellite to support the impending ISAF invasion of the Usean mainland.
Operation Bunker Shot Halle/Crowne/Caranda Beach
ISAF invades mainland Usea in a large scale counterattack against Erusian forces. Mobius 1 lends air support to the ISAF landing parties and intercepts a squadron of A-10s sent to drive them back. The invasion is ultimately successful in establishing a foothold on the main continent.
Tango Line Istas Fortress
ISAF air forces bomb fortified positions along the Erusian defensive "Tango Line". Mobius 1 and accompanying forces weave through repeated long range attacks from Stonehenge in order to neutralize the fortress.
Escort North of Chopinburg
Mobius 1 is tasked with escorting two civilian airliners carrying engineers from Stonehenge, Air Ixiom Flights 701 and 702, as they attempt to defect to an ISAF member state. Mobius 1 successfully defends the two airliners despite one of them receiving damage during takeoff. First Officer Kei Nagase, an ex-fighter pilot who flew with Scarface Squadron during the Usean coup d'état, is the co-pilot of Flight 701.
Stonehenge Offensive Hatties Desert
ISAF air forces attack Stonehenge, the Erusian weapon of mass destruction built to shoot down fragments of the Ulysses 1994XF04 asteroid. Mobius 1 singlehandedly annihilates the entire turret network, and subsequently shoots down Yellow 4 when Yellow Squadron arrives on scene.
Safe Return Gnome Ravine
Mobius 1 escorts an ISAF U-2 spy plane as it returns from a recon mission. Airship-mounted noise jammers were deployed by Erusia to prevent the use of navigation radar, but they were cleared out by Mobius 1 just as the spy plane reached Gnome Ravine. Mobius 1 then destroyed a squadron of fighters deployed to intercept the spy plane. The U-2 returned vital information on the Erusian superweapon Megalith.
Breaking Arrows Ice Creek
Mobius 1 successfully intercepts a number of cruise missiles inbound for ISAF invasion forces leading an assault on the northern Usean mainland.
Emancipation San Salvacion
ISAF invades San Salvacion, one of the first cities to be occupied when Erusia initiated its invasion. Mobius 1 provides close air support for ISAF invasion forces and eliminates a squadron of Tu-160 Blackjack bombers that attempt to bomb the city.
Whiskey Corridor Whiskey Corridor
Erusian forces make a last-ditch effort to halt ISAF ground forces along a fortified strip of desert known as Whiskey Corridor. Mobius 1 provides critical close air support, allowing the ISAF units to push through towards the Erusian capital.
Siege of Farbanti Farbanti
Exactly one year after Operation Umbrella, ISAF military forces assault the Erusian capital city of Farbanti. Mobius 1 provides close air support for the ground forces, and then intercepts and destroys Yellow Squadron (killing Yellow 13). The Erusean Supreme Commander is killed during the battle, and Erusea formally accepts the ISAF's terms for surrender, officially ending the war.
Megalith Megalith
A group of young Erusian officers sieze control of Megalith and plan to use its ability to redirect Ulysses fragments in orbit to cause widespread destruction on the Usean continent. The newly formed Mobius Squadron, led by Mobius 1, assault the fortress in an attempt to prevent the weapon from being utilized. After destroying the power generators within the facility, Mobius 1 flies into the main missile silo and destroys the ICBM within, finally ending the main military campaign against Erusea.