Shooting down an ace squadron or pilot, in Ace Combat 2, will reward the player with a medal after completion of the level. Once every medal has been obtained, the Aircraft Viewer will be available in the Options menu.

Note that the Z.O.E. aces will appear in succession, and the next Z.O.E. plane will appear only once its predecessor is shot down. For example, if you fail to shoot down the F-14A Tomcat Z.O.E. in the Sledgehammer mission, the F-14 will appear again in the Seagull mission. In order to face the ADF-01 Z.O.E. ace in the Fighter's Honor mission, the player must defeat every Z.O.E. in the first mission each one appears.


All the Ace Combat 2 medals.

List of Ace Combat 2 Enemy Aces

Mission 2: Easy Money

1 x F-4E Phantom II "Superfly"

Mission 4A: Tin Castle

1 x MiG-29A Fulcrum "Ricochet"

Mission 4B: Opera House

2 x Su-25 Frogfoot "D-Cowboy"

Mission 6A: Midnight Assassin

2 x F-117A Nighthawk "Razorback"

Mission 6B: Bear Tracks

2 x F-117A Nighthawk "Razorback"

Mission 7: Sledgehammer

1 x F-14A Tomcat "Z.O.E." (Captain)

Mission 9: Swordsmith

1 x F-16C Fighting Falcon "Tallman" and 1 x F-16C Fighting Falcon "Metal Sphere"

Mission 10: Toy Box

1 x MiG-31 Foxhound "Stalker"

Mission 11: Seagull

2 x Rafale M "Hangmen" Squadron / 1 x F/A-18E Super Hornet "Z.O.E." (Major)

Mission 13: Power Play

1 x YF-22 Lightning II "Z.O.E." (Colonel)

Mission 14A: El Dorado (Alphaville branch)

1 x Tornado F3 "Max" and 1 x Tornado F3 "Goose"

Mission 14B: Dark Star (Bellissima branch)

3 x EF-2000 Typhoon "Death Rave 2000 Squadron"

Mission 15A: St. Elmo's Fire (Alphaville branch)

1 x F-15E Strike Eagle "Xiao" / 1 x F-15E Strike Eagle "Jian" / 1 x F-15E Strike Eagle "Dao"

Mission 15B: Dead End (Bellissima branch)

4 x YF-23A Black Widow II "Fox Force Four"

Mission 19: Kingpin

1 x F-15S/MTD "Z.O.E." (General)

Mission 21: Fighter's Honor

1 x ADF-01 Falken ZOE "Z.O.E." (Commander)


  • The "Max" and "Goose" squadron can be a resemble to cult film "Mad Max" (1979), where Max Rockatansky and his buddy Jim "Goose" Rains serve as officers of Police Main Force Patrol.
  • The Death Rave 2000 squadron is a possible refereance to the movie Death Race 2000 (1975).
  • "Tallman" and "Metal Sphere" names can be inspired by a horror film named Phantasm (1979). In the movie main antagonist the Tall Man, a mysterious grave robber, uses metal spheres as one of his weapons.
  • Ace with callsign "Stalker" shares similarities with Belkan Schwarze Squadron, having the same aircraft and coloured in black/red camo.
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