Following is a list of GameShark cheat codes for Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere. These cheat codes only work for the Japanese version, not the international version.


Using these codes will change the game's difficulty. Note that Very Easy and Very Hard are not typically accessible in the game - they are only accessible through these codes.

  • Very Easy: 800BF664 0000
  • Easy: 800BF664 0001
  • Normal: 800BF664 0002
  • Hard: 800BF664 0003
  • Very Hard: 800BF664 0004


Using these codes will load the respective mission for play. Note that the "Unknown" and "Mission Code" missions are unplayable, and the "Game Show" mission is incomplete.


Using these codes will load the respective aircraft for the next mission.



Using these codes will change the gun you use.

  • None: 800BF678 0000
  • Vulcan: 800BF678 0100
  • Chaingun: 800BF678 0200
  • Cannon: 800BF678 0300
  • Pulse Laser: 800BF678 0400
  • Laser Cannon: 800BF678 0500
  • Neutron Beam: 800BF678 0600

Main Weapons[]

Main weapon codes follow this format: 800BF67A xxyy. xx dictates the air-to-ground weapon, and yy dictates the air-to-air weapon.

  • No Weapons: 800BF67A 0000
  • Missiles: 800BF67A 0101
  • Short Range Missiles: 800BF67A 0202
  • Ground Missiles: 800BF67A 0300
  • MIRVs: 800BF67A 0404
  • Spread Bombs: 800BF67A 0500
  • Anti-Nanobite Bombs: 800BF67A 0600
  • OSL: 800BF67A 0707
  • Unguided Rockets: 800BF67A 0800
  • Unguided Bombs: 800BF67A 0900
  • Plasma Beam: 800BF67A 0A0A
  • Homing Laser: 800BF67A 0B0B