Following is the list of missions in the export version Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere. Upon its initial release, Electrosphere consisted of 52 missions but due to story branching, only up to 19 could be completed in a single playthrough. The export version removed 16 missions (along with all story elements of the game) and sequenced them in a single linear campaign.

For the list of original Japanese missions, see List of missions in Ace Combat 3 (uncut).


# Title / Operation Original title Location
Transport Expo City
Neucom's air force is transporting military supplies over the no-fly zone above Expo City. Scramble immediately and destroy their transports.
Interference Waiapolo Mts.
Neucom's Waiapolo Mountain radio transmitters are jamming General Resource's military communications. Destroy all 8 transmitters scattered throughout the mountains.
Joint Maneuvers Chopinburg
Based on the success of the previous mission, General Resource Defense Force has agreed to participate in joint training exercises. Follow instructions issued by GRDF's ace fighter in the F-15S/MT "Eagle+" to begin your training flight.
Megafloat Rocky Is.
Neucom's naval vessels are sailing north across the Eusian Ocean to fortify a military installation on the floating city Megafloat. Destroy them to stop the further militarization of the city.
Scramble Wiapolo Mts.
8 R-201 "Asterozoa" attack jets on stand-by were ID'd at Neucom's Waiapolo Mountain air base last night. Wipe them out to reduce the air base's military effectiveness!
Target Acquisition Expo City
Illegal military facilities discovered in Expo City. UPEO requests a recon mission of the area to assess the possibility of a military coup. Use laser targeting to photograph the facilities.
Fragile Cargo Axel Bay
At 18:30 hours, a terrorist communique alerted UPEO command to the launch of an unmanned airship carrying bio weapons over Axel Bay's coastal industrial region. The ship's low altitude is on a collision course with buildings. Destruction of the ship will release its deadly payload. Destroy any buildings in its path for a safe water landing.
Demilitarization Rocky Is.
Despite repeated warnings, Neucom continues to upgrade Megafloat's military capabilities. Destroy any military targets on-board Megafloat!
Moonlight Flower Scofields Plat.
UPEO Intelligence discovered that Neucom's microwave power plant supplies power to their illegal munitions factory. Microwave interference from the plant may reduce effectiveness of your missile guidance system. Use your machine gun to attack and disable the power plant.
Maze Hatties Ra.
A suspicious plane alleged to be General Resource's spyplane was spotted in the Hatties Ravine region. Pursue and conduct surveillance on the craft.
Escort Mt. Lambert
Intelligence reports that a UPEO aircraft transporting the NUN (Neo United Nations) chairman has been targeted by terrorists. Scramble at once and escort the aircraft currently heading northwest over the Lambert Mountains.
Stratosphere White Valley
6 large planes from Neucom's air force are en route to General Resource's White Valley Air Base at an altitude of 30,000 feet. Use the high altitude stratofighter RF-12A2 "Blackbird" to attack the hostiles.
Claustrophobia Amber Mts.
Presence of Intermediate-Range Ballistic Missiles (IRBM's) confirmed at 2 military installations in Amber Ravine. Intelligence reports that the bases appear to be Neucom's. Major population centers such as Expo City and Port Edwards fall within the IRBM's effective attack range. Scramble at once and destroy the bases despite the dense fog.
Reaching For Stars Comona Is.
"Antlion" mobile assault tanks were airdropped near Neucom's Space Research Center. They appear to be from General Resource's airborne unit. We believe that their mission is to stop the space shuttle launch scheduled for today and seize control of the research center. Destroy the Antlions before they overrun the base.
Guardian Angel Comona Is.
Neucom's space shuttle is returning to the Comona Island Space Research Center. A squadron from General Resource's air force is reportedly on an intercept course with the shuttle. Secure a safe return path for the shuttle!
Zero Gravity Outer Space
Recon data from the shuttle has ID'd 4 General Resource satellites as Orbital Satellite Lasers (OSL's). Fly the R-352 "Sepia" starfighter and destroy the satellites before they become fully operational. Mission objective must be met within the starfighter's fuel limit of 3 minutes.
One-Way Ticket Sandbury Desert
Neuwork's researchers were abducted by unknown agents. They are now fleeing east across the Sandbury Desert aboard an armored train. Eliminate both the train and researchers.
Bug Hunt Chopinburg Forest
UPEO HQ received reports that nanobites were released in the Chopinburg forest region. They've since built gigantic nests out of themselves. HQ verified that electronic equipment in close proximity to nests are affected adversely by the nanobites. Use Neucom's Anti-Nanobite Bomb to exterminate them.
Blackbird White Valley Air Base
4 large Neucom air transports are closing in on General Resource's White Valley Air Base with a high altitude approach. Fly the RF-12A2 "Blackbird" with high altitude combat capabilities to intercept them.
Fjord Petrol Coast
Neucom's naval fleet is upgrading itself at its Petrol Coast logistics base. The base is sheltered from aerial attacks by the area's fjord topography. Infiltrate the area via a low altitude approach from the sea ahd destroy the fleet!
Counterterrorism Megafloat
A large airborne aircraft carrier has been spotted over Megafloat. UPEO Intelligence suggests that this is an attempt by a coup d'etat force to take over Megafloat. Scramble immediately to destroy the carrier and suppress the group.
ECM Expo City
Ouroboros is operating an illegal weapons plant in an Expo City facility. Their radar will be jammed to enable a stealth approach in order to keep combat in the city's airspace to a minimum. Time raids to jamming periods and bomb the plant.
Swarm Megafloat
Neucom has been amassing its air force on Megafloat since the recent coup d'etat attempt and continues to ignore UPEO's warnings to demilitarize. Destroy Neucom's air force!
Damage Control Port Edwards
General Resource mobilized its air force in response to Neucom's actions on Megafloat. Fighting has broken out over Port Edwards airspace as a result. We've received reports that civiilian press choppers are in the combat zone. Stop the fighting between the two combatants while protecting civilians!
Conspiracy Expo City
The skirmish between Neucom and General Resource was caused by false intelligence information transmitted from an Ouroboros outpost in Expo City. You are now cleared to destroy this outpost. Shoot down any hostile Ouroboros fighters and bomb the outpost!
Intercept Eusian Ocean
Neucom's space research satellite made a water landing in the Eusian Ocean, and their recovery unit is en route from Megafloat. General Resource's fleet is also en route and is likely to reach the satellite first. Mobilize immediately and prevent satellite recovery by General Resource!
Plumber White Valley
General Resource's air base radar facilities are intercepting state secrets via satellite. You are hereby ordered to destroy their facilities. Their radar net detects all aircraft flying above 1200 ft. Maintain low altitude flight to infiltrate base and destroy all 8 radar facilities.
Pathfinder Expo City
Ouroboros abducted the chairman of NUN and imprisoned him at their Expo City outpost. NUN has given the green light for a UPEO rescue mission to terminate the Expo City Ouroboros detachment and secure the area for the rescue unit.
Ouroboros Port Edwards
Port Edwards is under attack by Ouroboros' air force. Scramble immediately and eliminate all hostile aircraft.
Search and Destroy Megafloat
The Ouroboros naval forces are reportedly advancing toward Megafloat. Ouroboros support aircraft have also been sighted in the area. Scramble immediately and destroy all enemy forces.
Tunnel Vision Geofront Tunnel Network.
Follow the Night Raven into Geofront and watch out for the closing bulk heads.
Night Raven Geofront
Destroy the Night Raven.
Geofront Attack Geofront
Destroy the Geofront Support Pillars and watch out for the Night Raven.
Aurora Port Edwards
Destroy the Night Raven.
Electrosphere Megafloat Ruins/Electrosphere
You must destroy the UI-4054 Aurora over the ruins of Megafloat and in the Electrosphere.
Geopelia Port Edwards
We've received reports of an attack on Port Edwards by 8 unidentified fighters. Our intelligence has ID'd them as Neucom's powerful new unmanned fighter, the XR-900 "Geopelia". Scramble immediately and destroy them while minimizing civilian casualties.

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