This is the full list of all aces featured in Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War as well as where and how to find them. If the player has purchased the aircraft an ace is flying, shooting down that ace will unlock their skin on that aircraft. Shooting down an ace does not unlock a skin if the player does not own the aircraft.

These aces only appear on SP New Game or Free Mission, both of which require completing the game's campaign at least once. In addition, these aces only appear on Normal difficulty or above, and they do not appear on the radar until the player gets close to them.

# Aircraft Callsign Mission
01 Hawk Gigantor "Shorebirds"
Shoot down two waves of enemy aircraft before AWACS Thunderhead announces the recon plane is shot down. GIGANTOR will spawn behind the third wave.[1]
02 F-14D Super Tomcat Zipang "Narrow Margin"
Sink all DESTROYERs and FRIGATEs, or sink all MSSL. BOATs, in the second phase of the mission. ZIPANG will spawn nearby.[2]
03 F-4G Phantom II Wild Weasel Mindripper "First Flight"
Shoot down two F-4Es and one B-1B in the beginning of the mission. MINDRIPPER will spawn nearby.[3]
04 Mirage 2000D Zaharada "White Bird (Part I)"
Shoot down two F-16Cs and two F-20As. ZAHARADA will spawn nearby.[4]
05 EA-6B Prowler Dune "Blind Spot"
Shoot down six TGTs after the E-767 jammers appear on the map. DUNE will appear in the south-east.[5]
06 X-29A Daredevil "White Noise"
Appears nearby after the E-767 jammer is destroyed.[6]
07 MiG-31M Foxhound Cosm "Desert Arrow"
Appears together with the final wave of KC-10 and E-767s.[7]
08 EA-18G Growler Abelcain "Desert Lightning"
Shoot down two aircraft when the last wave of enemies appear. ABELCAIN appears nearby.[8]
09 FB-22 Strike Raptor Proteus "Journey Home"
Appears in the south-eastern region of the map after Chopper crashes.[9]
10 F-2A Cypher "Fortress"
Appears north-west of Cruik Fortress after six JAS-39Cs are shot down.[10]
11 Tornado ECR Twicedead "8492"
Appears in the south-eastern corner of the map when two enemy aircraft remain.[11]
12 MiG-21-93 Fishbed Swordkill "Ghosts of Razgriz"
Appears around the player's starting point in the east after 20 TGTs are destroyed.[12]
13 YA-10B Distantthunder "Heartbreak One"
Appears in the north-western region of the map when the Grabacr Squadron appears over the airport.[13]
14 Rafale B Decoder "Sea of Chaos"
Appears nearby after all enemy aircraft or ships are destroyed, whichever happens first.[14]
15 Su-37 Terminator Yellow "ACES"
Appears during the tunnel flight between a pair of Su-47s. The player must shoot down the Su-47s sequentially or with multi-lock missiles (such as XMAAs) to shoot down the ace.[15]
16 MiG-1.44 Flatpack Replicator "The Unsung War"
REPLICATOR enters the map from the east and flies towards the player if the Grabacr and Ofnir Squadrons are destroyed before the SOLG timer reaches 00'01"00.[16]


  • Gigantor is named after the 1963 anime television series Gigantor.
  • Zipang is named after the 2000 manga series Zipang.
  • Mindripper is named after the 1995 film Mind Ripper.
  • Zaharada is named after the 1995 Slovakian film Záhrada.
  • Abelcain is named after Cain and Abel.
  • Proteus is named after the Greek god Proteus.
  • Twicedead is named after the 1988 film Twice Dead.
  • Swordkill is named after the 1984 film Swordkill (also known as Ghost Warrior).
  • Distantthunder is named after Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies' European subtitle, "Distant Thunder".