AC5 Timeline

Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War features an in-game timeline accessible from the campaign menu's Gallery section. The timeline updates as the player completes missions in their active campaign run.

Sep.24: "OADF Intercepts Unidentifed Aircraft"[]

Unidentified aircraft detected entering Osean air space off western coast. Osean Air Defense Force 108th Tactical Fighter Wing Detachment (Sand Island Squadron) scrambles to intercept. Engages in combat with additional group of unidentified fighters.

Sep.27: "Unidentified Ship Enters Osean Waters"[]

Unidentified vessel detected west of Sand Island. Attempts recon activities but stopped by Sand Island Squadron. Captain Jack Bartlett's plane is shot down during conflict. Later reported as missing in action. 1200 hours same day: Union of Yuktobanian Republics declares war against Osean Federation.

Sep.27: "Attack on St. Hewlett Naval Port"[]

Yuktobanian forces launch surprise attack on St. Hewlett Naval Port. Captain Andersen, commander of flagship aircraft carrier Kestrel, leads Osean 3rd Fleet through Yuktobanian naval blockade. Blaze promoted to squadron leader for fleet air support mission.

Sep.27: "Air Raid over Sand Island"[]

Yuktobanian forces launch air strike on Sand Island. Sand Island Base takes heavy damage but repels attack. A1C Hans Grimm officially assigned to Sand Island Squadron following attack.

Sep.30: "Battle at Eaglin Straits"[]

Osean Navy 3rd Fleet carriers Kestrel, Vulture, Buzzard attempt to converge on Eaglin Straits. Fleet devastated by burst missile attack from Yuktobanian underwater carrier Scinfaxi. Osea deploys ASat "Arkbird" to front line.

Oct.03: "SSTO Launch Successful"[]

Osean forces launch SSTO (Single Stage To Orbit) craft to deliver new armament module to Arkbird.

Oct.04: "Attack on Sand Island Fails"[]

Yuktobanian forces launch amphibious attack on Sand Island as prelude to Osean invasion. Osea deploys Arkbird to launch laser attacks from outer space, prevents Yuktobanian landing on Sand Island. Yuktobanian underwater carrier Scinfaxi sunk in battle.

Oct.22: "Akerson Hill Incident"[]

Sand Island Squadron encounters Osean transport plane bound for North Point while patrolling Akerson Hill airspace. Stowaway terrorist kills transport plane pilot before being shot. Surviving passengers take over controls and perform emergency landing. Transport plane passengers (Osean President Vincent Harling and two others) rescued by Osean Air Defense Force 8492nd Squadron.

Oct.25: "Arkbird Immobilized"[]

Explosives hidden in supply cargo from Earth renders Arkbird inoperable.

Nov.01: "Landing on Yuktobanian Mainland"[]

Osean forces launch large-scale landing operation on southeast region of Yuktobania. Upon securing southern coast of Bastok Peninsula, Osean forces begin advance on Yuktobanian mainland towards capital city Cinigrad.

Nov.02: "University Campus Strafed"[]

Yuktobanian forces initiate aerial evacuation of Bastok Peninsula to reorganize front line against Osean advance. Sand Island Squadron prevents withdrawal operation. During mission, Yuktobanian civilian facility within combat area is strafed by fighters. Suspecting possible involvement, Osean Central Command summons Sand Island Squadron crew to headquarters in capital city Oured.

Nov.04: "Apito International Airport Attacked"[]

This entry only appears if the player completes "Chain Reaction".

Osea's Apito International Airport attacked by Yuktobanian squadron and ground forces hiding inside cargo planes on tarmac. Sand Island Squadron, sent to Oured for questioning, deploys and repels attack.

Nov.04 "Terrorism in Bana"[]

This entry only appears if the player completes "Reprisal".

Yuktobanian terrorist group releases mixed nerve gas in Osea's college town of Bana. Sand Island Squadron, sent to Oured for questioning, disperses neutralizing agent to minimize casualties. Perpetrators are arrested through joint operation with Bana metropolitan police force.

Nov.07: "Blow to Yuktobanian Military Power"[]

This entry only appears if the player completes "Powder Keg".

Sand Island Squadron returns after military investigation for immediate deployment in ongoing invasion of Yuktobania. Sand Island Squadron destroys large weapons storage facility in Yuktobania's southern jungle region.

Nov.07 "Weapons Production Ability Weakened"[]

This entry only appears if the player completes "Four Horsemen".

Sand Island Squadron returns after military investigation for immediate deployment in ongoing invasion of Yuktobania. Sand Island Squadron penetrates heavy radar defense system and disables munitions factory in Yuktobania's eastern desert region.

Nov.14: "Osea Launches Massive Assault"[]

Osean forces acquire location of Yuktobania's second underwater carrier, Hrimfaxi. Sand Island Squadron sinks Hrimfaxi, eliminating threat of burst missile attack. Osean ground forces launch massive offensive throughout Yuktobania.

Nov.17: "POW Internment Camp Discovered"[]

Osean forces discover Yuktobanian POW camp in Yuktobania's mountainous central region. Sand Island Squadron and Marine helicopter squadron Sea Goblin stage joint operation to rescue Osean POWs. Captain Kei Nagase's plane is shot down during rescue mission.

Nov.18: "Captain Kei Nagase Rescued"[]

Captain Kei Nagase, shot down during POW rescue mission, is rescued.

Nov.25: "Operation Desert Arrow"[]

This entry only appears if the player completes "Desert Arrow".

Yuktobania's field headquarters in northern region of Jilachi Desert and its field support airfield in western region are neutralized.

Nov.25 "Operation Desert Blitz"[]

This entry only appears if the player completes "Desert Lightning".

Yuktobania's field support airfield in western region of Jilachi Desert and oil facility in southern region are neutralized.

Nov.29: "Peace Ceremony Attacked"[]

Yuktobanian squadron attacks stadium in Osea's southern coastal city of November. Sand Island Squadron, assigned to perform air show above stadium, repels attack. During battle, Captain Alvin H. Davenport is shot down and killed.

Dec.06: "Cruik Fortress Falls"[]

Osea's air and ground forces work together to neutralize Cruik Fortress, Yuktobania's final defensive stronghold. Following mission, Sand Island Squadron is attacked by planes of unknown origin but escapes and returns to Sand Island Base.

Dec.07: "Escape from Sand Island Base"[]

Sand Island Squadron flees base and is pursued by 8492nd Squadron (Belkan Aggressor Squadron). Captain Andersen of aircraft carrier Kestrel orders Captain Marcus Snow to stage false death of Sand Island Squadron crew and shelters them onboard Kestrel.

Dec.09: "President Harling Rescued"[]

Osea's President Harling, held captive within Belkan territory, is rescued. Captain Marcus Snow assigned to Sand Island Squadron for rescue operation.

Dec.11: "Reconnaissance in Northwest Belka"[]

Reconnaissance operations in northwestern forest region of Belka reveal link between 8492nd Squadron and Yuktobanian forces. Sand Island Squadron is appointed as special forces unit under direct command of Osean President. Renamed "Razgriz Squadron."

Dec.12: "Tactical Nuclear Weapons Sealed"[]

Recon image analysis reveals existence of nuclear weapons inside mining facility. Razgriz Squadron destroys facility and buries nuclear weapons deep underground. Number of nuclear weapons already transported to Osean and Yuktobanian forces unknown.

Dec.16: "Resistance Dismantles Nuclear Weapon"[]

Resistance captures tactical nuclear weapon being transported from Belka to Yuktobanian forces and dismantles it at hideout located in northern canyon region of Yuktobania. Razgriz Squadron engages Ofnir Squadron (Belkan Aggressor Squadron) through ravines.

Dec.19: "Arkbird Shot Down"[]

Tactical nuclear weapons from Belka are equipped on Arkbird as Belka plans nuclear attack on Yuktobanian city of Okchabursk. Razgriz Squadron destroys Arkbird and prevents nuclear attack.

Dec.23: "Prime Minister Nikanor Rescued"[]

Yuktobania's Prime Minister Nikanor, held captive by Yuktobanian military faction, is rescued. Razgriz Squadron engages and destroys Grabacr (8492nd) Squadron. Jack Bartlett reunites with Razgriz crew on Kestrel.

Dec.29: "Naval Battle in Ceres Ocean"[]

Prime Minister Nikanor's call for peace causes division among Yuktobanian and Osean forces. Fleets in support of peace, those in support of war, and Osean fleet all clash in Ceres Ocean. Razgriz Squadron and Kestrel neutralize both opposing Yuktobanian and Osean forces.

Dec.30: "SOLG Control Facility Neutralized"[]

Belkan forces deploy MIRV (Multiple Independently Targetable Reentry Vehicle) nuclear weapon "V2" on SOLG (Strategic Orbital Linear Gun). Joint squadron of Osean and Yuke forces in support of Harling and Nikanor attacks North Osea (formerly South Belka) and neutralizes SOLG control facility. Razgriz Squadron enters underground tunnel below facility and destroys SOLG control device.

Dec.31: "Circum-Pacific War Ends"[]

Razgriz Squadron scrambles to intercept and shoot down SOLG, aimed to drop on Osean capital Oured. Razgriz Squadron overcomes resistance from Ofnir and Grabacr squadrons and destroys SOLG.