Ace Combat 5 The Unsung War Perfect Guide Cover.jpg

Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War Perfect Guide (Japanese: エースコンバット5 ジ・アンサング・ウォー パーフェクトガイド) is an official "Perfect Guide" book published by Softbank Publishing in collaboration with Namco. The book starts off with a basic reference of the premise and characters of Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War, as well as a glossary of terms. The book's chapters are as follows:

  • Chapter 01: Flight - an explanation of the game's flight mechanics and some advanced maneuvers, as well as the available special weapons
  • Chapter 02: Campaign - a description of each campaign mission in the game
  • Chapter 03: Arcade - a description of each mission in Arcade Mode
  • Chapter 04: Weapon - a description of every aircraft available in the game, as well as all non-playable units
  • Chapter 05: Secret - various development info, including a brief history of the 25 years before the game's events, some concept art, and a developer interview