This game and its DLC are no longer available for digital purchase on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

"Those we've lost gave their lives to bring the morning light. Living this day to the fullest–is the highest tribute we can offer to their memory."
AWACS Ghost Eye[4]

Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation (エースコンバット6 解放への戦火 Ēsu Konbatto Shikkusu Kaihō e no Senka) is the ninth installment of the Ace Combat series and the seventh numbered installment. Developed alongside Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War, it released in 2007 exclusively for the Xbox 360 console.[5] It was added to Xbox One backwards compatibility in January 2019[6] and was playable on Xbox Series X and Series S through backwards compatibility when the consoles launched in November 2020.[7]

The game's single-player campaign takes place in Strangereal during the Emmeria-Estovakia War. The player takes control of Talisman, flight lead of Garuda Team, as they fight to reclaim Emmeria from the invading Estovakians. Cutscenes between missions depict the war from multiple perspectives, ranging from a mother searching for her child to the very enemies the player fights.

Ace Combat 6 is the first Ace Combat title developed for a seventh-generation video game console, utilizing new hardware to deliver graphics considered to be unmatched at the time of its release. The Xbox 360 allowed for more expansive battlefields and increased enemy counts in each mission compared to the previous games. Core mechanics were also improved through the Dynamic Mission System and Allied Support, allowing the player to command and support their allies on land, air, and sea. While the game received positive reviews with an average score of 80 on Metacritic,[8] it is the lowest-selling console game in the Ace Combat franchise, managing only 700,000 copies.[9] This is attributed to its Xbox exclusivity: the Xbox platform is notoriously unpopular in Japan, and all previous Ace Combat games (except Advance) were PlayStation-exclusive.

In 2016, all DLC for Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation was removed from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace; players who already bought items could still re-download owned content, however, new purchases cannot be made.

On September 19, 2018, Bandai Namco announced that players who pre-order Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown for Xbox One would receive a digital copy of Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation on Xbox One through backward compatibility.[6]


Basic Info[]

Additional Gameplay Modes[]




Invasion of Gracemeria Talisman

A battle over Gracemeria

Prior to the game's events, the Ulysses 1994XF04 asteroid struck the Earth and devastated Anea. Among the most affected countries was Estovakia, which had its infrastructure and economy left in ruin.[10] In contrast, Nordennavic and–Estovakia's neighbor–Emmeria, managed to recover relatively quickly.[11] The impact ultimately sparked the Estovakian Civil War. When the civil war ended, Estovakia came under the control of The Generals. Tensions rose between Emmeria and Estovakia because of accusations made against Emmeria regarding their stance during the civil war.[12]

In August 2015, Estovakia launched a surprise attack on Emmeria's capital, Gracemeria, and successfully conquered it.[13] Numerous attempts were made by Emmeria to recapture the city, however, none succeeded.[14] The Emmerian military is considered to be one of the most capable forces in the world, but through utilizing their Aerial Fleet in tandem with Strigon Team, the Estovakian Forces managed to drive Emmeria back to Khesed Island.[15] Desperate, Emmeria launched a counterattack and managed to return to the mainland by early 2016.[16] As they continued advancing east, Garuda Team gained a reputation as the Emmerian aces due to them essentially turning the tide of the war in Emmeria's favor.[17]


The Aerial Fleet engaging Emmerian aircraft

After liberating San Loma,[18] the Emmerian military ambushed Estovakia's Aerial Fleet and destroyed the P-1112 Aigaion and her support ships; many Strigon Team pilots were killed during the battle.[19] The destruction of the Aigaion threw Estovakia on the backfoot, and Vampire Team was dissolved and its members transferred to Strigon Team.[20] Additionally, Ilya Pasternak became the squadron's new captain.

Emmeria began heading straight for Gracemeria, recapturing Ragno Fortress in Grageo Canyon, and pushing into the Moloch Desert.[21][22] During the Battle of the Moloch Desert, the Emmerian military was ordered to cease fire in response to looming threats of weapons of mass destruction. Unaware of the danger, Garuda Team continued to engage Strigon Team and was subsequently penalized for their actions.[22] The following day, Garuda Team redeemed themselves when they flew through the Alma River and destroyed the WMD catalyst.[23]

On March 31, 2016, the Emmerian military launched Operation Free Gracemeria and successfully liberated their capital. Shortly afterward, a CFA-44 Nosferatu piloted by Pasternak entered the airspace alongside numerous UAV-45s. Pasternak engaged in a fierce dogfight with Talisman, a duel which would ultimately result in his death.[24] That night, Estovakian officers who opposed the ceasefire with Emmeria employed the Chandelier railgun to launch retaliatory strikes against Gracemeria as celebrations took place in the city.[25] Cruise missiles began approaching Gracemeria and all Emmerian squadrons on patrol were ordered to defend the city. Eventually, the attacks came to an end and AWACS Ghost Eye managed to track the missile trajectory back to the Razgriz Straits.[26] On April 1, numerous Republic of Emmeria Air Force squadrons were dispatched to investigate the vicinity around Sonne Island with orders to destroy the Chandelier. They located the Chandelier and a battle ensued which concluded when Talisman flew into the railgun's barrel and destroyed its core.[27]


AC6 Box Art C Wallpaper 1280x1024

A wallpaper featuring the Republic of Emmeria Air Force scrambling to defend Gracemeria

  • Talisman is the silent player character of the game. He leads Garuda Team, consisting of himself and Marcus Lampert. Together, Talisman and Lampert fight valiantly to reclaim their homeland, earning a reputation as ace pilots.
  • Marcus Lampert (callsign "Shamrock") is an Emmerian pilot who is assigned to Garuda Team during the Invasion of Gracemeria. Forced to abandon his wife and daughter in Gracemeria, he fights ferociously to liberate Emmeria and return to his family.
  • Victor Voychek is one of Estovakia's ace pilots and the former captain of the Strigon Team. He becomes an intelligence officer after he sustains a career-debilitating injury in the Invasion of Gracemeria. Throughout his time in Emmeria, he gains a new perspective on the war and the people it's affecting.
  • Ilya Pasternak (callsign "Strigon Leader") is an ace pilot and the new captain of the Strigon Team. Once a pupil of Victor Voychek, Pasternak displays fierce piloting capabilities and prepares for a showdown with Talisman.
  • Melissa Herman is the wife of an Emmerian pilot who dies in the invasion. She believes her daughter, Matilda, to have also died and follows other escaping civilians to safe refuge. After finding out that her daughter is still alive, she begins making her way back to Gracemeria.
  • Ludmila Tolstaya is an Estovakian woman studying in Nordennavic. She is engaged to Strigon Team pilot Toscha Mijasik. She rushes to the battlefield to be at her lover's side and meets Melissa on her way to Gracemeria.
  • Louis McKnight is an Emmerian soldier and leader of the Serval tank company. Initially fighting to liberate Emmeria, McKnight and his crew aims to perform a heist on Gracemeria's central bank.
  • Toscha Mijasik (callsign "Strigon 12") is an ace pilot, a member of the Strigon Team, and Ludmila Tolstaya's fiancé. He fights to help Estovakia claim victory in the war.



Ace Combat 6 features 15 playable aircraft, of which 14 are real or prototypes, and one is fictional (the CFA-44 Nosferatu). To purchase aircraft, the player must first unlock them by completing certain missions, then purchase them by spending credits in the Hangar. Credits are earned by destroying enemies and getting high ratings on missions. Only the F-16C Fighting Falcon is available from the start and it cannot be sold. In addition to machine guns and standard missiles, each plane is equipped with a limited number of special weapons which can be purchased in the Hangar as well. Like in 04 and Zero, the player can select their special weapon after selecting their aircraft prior to each mission. Upon purchase, the player is provided with one special weapon, others can be purchased should they have the funds.

Unlike Zero, the player can once again choose both the plane and the special weapons of their wingman before each mission. However, unlike 5, the player does not need to purchase a separate plane for Shamrock.

Before each mission, the player can also select the paint scheme for their and their wingman's planes.

All of the gauges inside the aircraft are fully functional and give accurate information from sea level.

Allied Support[]

Building off of the Wingman Command system from previous Ace Combat titles, Allied Support allows the player to command their fellow allied troops. To utilize Allied Support, the player must fill up a gauge located at the bottom left of their HUD, next to the radar. The player can do this by completing operations and destroying enemies during missions. When activated, the action depletes one of the five displayed bars. All nearby allied units will attack enemies the player designates or enemies currently engaged with the player, depending on whether the player activated Allied Attack or Allied Defend.

Dynamic Mission System[]

In line with the larger scale of the battlefields in Ace Combat 6, the game features a Dynamic Mission System whereby players can pick and choose which operations they want to participate in to complete the mission. Typically, half of the operations (rounded up in cases of odd numbers) must be completed to progress the mission. The radar display can be toggled to display targets assigned to each specific operation. Clearing operations will add the associated allies to Allied Support and fill up the support gauge.

Electronic Support Measures[]

Electronic Support Measures (ESM) is a tool available to both the player and enemies. It increases missile accuracy and rate of fire. ESM is provided to the player via radar facilities and radar vehicles on the ground, allied naval ships at sea, and AWACS Snake Pit in the air. These areas are marked by blue pulsing circles on the radar; when the player enters these blue circles, they will receive a certain level of ESM (denoted on the bottom-right of the HUD) depending on how many ESM sources are present in the area.

Estovakian radar facilities, radar vehicles, naval ships, and AWACS planes provide enemy units with ESM as well. These areas are marked by red pulsing circles on the radar. They do not directly harm the player, but enemies boosted by ESM will pose more of a threat. Enemy ESM areas will negatively impact the player only in the Ace of Aces DLC missions.

Assault Records[]

Complete Estovakia Assault Record AC6

Assault Records in Ace Combat 6

To unlock enemy Assault Records, the player must shoot down the corresponding Named Aircraft within a mission; Named Aircraft will only appear on Expert difficulty or higher. To unlock allied Assault Records, the player must complete all corresponding operations that allied unit is involved in. Assault Records for Strigon Team are earned throughout playing the campaign.


AC6 Co-Op Battle Gameplay Screenshot

Co-op Battle gameplay featuring a squadron of Rafale Ms attacking the Chandelier

Ace Combat 6 featured four online multiplayer modes at launch (three PvP and one PvE), Battle Royale, Team Battle,Siege Battle, and Co-op Battle. In Battle Royale, players engage in a free-for-all deathmatch where the first player reaches the score limit wins, or the player with the most points wins if the timer runs out. In Team Battle, two teams must shoot each other down until the timer runs out or when one team reaches the score limit. In Siege Battle, players must either attack or defend the different objectives across the battlefield. In Co-op Battle, players can partake in modified and more difficult versions of missions featured in the campaign. All player-versus-player modes feature up to eight players in a battle, while Co-Op Battle features a maximum of four. In the event there is a lack of players, there is also an option to turn on computer-controlled aircraft in PvP modes.


There are 49 achievements in the game, including five secret ones, cumulatively worth 1000 Xbox Live Gamerscore Points.


Ace Combat 6 is the first Ace Combat game to feature checkpoints. Following a Mission Update or completion of an operation, the player will receive a checkpoint, allowing them to restart from said point without having to restart the mission from the very beginning.


Pre-Order Bonuses[]

Ace Combat 6 Pre-Order Bonuses

Pre-order bonuses

Players who pre-ordered Ace Combat 6 in Japan and Europe received a download code for the in-game F-15E -MOBIUS- and F-15E -YELLOW SQUADRON- aircraft. The deadline for redeeming the aircraft was September 30, 2008.[28] These aircraft were never made available in North America.

Certain retailers worldwide also offered Xbox 360 faceplates for pre-ordering the game through those retailers.

Initial release copies of the game also came with a 48 hour trial for an Xbox LIVE Gold membership.[29]

Limited Edition Bundle[]

In addition to the game, the Limited Edition Bundle comes with the HORI produced "Ace Edge" Fligthstick, and an exclusive Ace Combat 6-themed faceplate for the Xbox 360.[30]



Ace Combat 6 on a Blockbuster database

Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation was developed alongside Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War. Due to this, the team was spread thin and the game's development faced some trouble. However, the team persevered as they felt they needed to deliver a quality experience in an era where the gaming landscape was starting to change. With the possibilities provided by the Xbox 360 hardware, Project Aces developed the game around the concept of two large militaries clashing, aiming to realise battlefields on a scale larger than any previous Ace Combat title.[5]

The existence of the game was first discovered in a database of the defunct Blockbuster video rental store in March 16, 2007 by the site Xboxic, together with Beautiful Katamari and Warhammer: Mark of Chaos, which labeled it as an Xbox 360 release in November 16.[31]

The game was formally announced by Namco Bandai on March 23, confirming its release as a 360 exclusive, along with details on multiplayer and plans for downloadable content.[32] The announcement was also disclosed through the March 2007 issue of Famitsu Weekly. On April 27, in an interview, producer Hiroyuki Ichiyanagi stated that the choice to make it an Xbox exclusive was made after research on new game hardware by Project Aces; as well, he commented that the decision was partly made because it was believed that fans had been kept waiting "for a long time", commenting on the timeframe between Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies and Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War, and to satisfy popular demand for online gameplay.[33]

As of June 30, 2016, Ace Combat 6 and all of its DLC were removed from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. Players could no longer purchase any Ace Combat 6 material digitally. However, players who already had purchased the game or DLC could still download it at any time.[34]


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