Estovakian Assault Records

This is a list of the named aces featured in Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation. This list includes the full Assault Records shown in the game, including Strigon Team, other Estovakian aces, and members of the Emmerian armed forces.

Federal Republic of Estovakia

Strigon Team

To unlock Assault Records #01-12, different requirements and tasks must be completed. Below is a gallery which details the requirements for unlocking the available Strigon Team Assault Records.

Assault Records #01-12 can be obtained on any difficulty. For the Named Aircraft found on Expert and Aces difficulty, see § Named Aircraft.

Named Aircraft

To unlock Assault Records #13–27, each of these aces must be shot down using a specific method to locate them. Shooting down each one unlocks the Estovakia SP skin for their aircraft that the player will be able to purchase and use.

These aces only show up in Expert and Ace difficulties. Shooting down 10 of these aces awards the "10 Named Aircraft" achievement. Shooting down all of these aces is required for the "All Colors", "Allied Assault Record", and "Enemy Assault Record" achievements.

Republic of Emmeria

Emmerian Assault Records

To unlock Emmerian assault records, the player must complete each of a unit's operations in every single campaign mission within the game. For example, completing every operation to assist Avalanche Squadron will unlock Freddie "Avalanche" Durand's assault record for the player to view.[17]