Complete Estovakia Assault Record AC6

Estovakian Assault Records

Complete Emmeria Assault Record AC6

Emmerian Assault Records

This is a list of the named aces featured in Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation. This list includes the full Assault Records shown in the game, including Strigon Team, other Estovakian aces and members of the Emmerian armed forces.


Named Aircraft

To unlock the Assault Records for #13-27, each of these aces must be shot down using a specific method to locate them. Shooting down each one will unlock a special paint scheme for that aircraft that the player will be able to use. A gallery is available below the table to note the location of each ace. These aces only show up in Expert or Ace difficulty. Shooting down 10 of these aces will award the "10 Named Aircraft" achievement.

# In-Game Display Pilot Aircraft Mission
13 F-22A PEGAS Lucijan Markovic F-22A Raptor Invasion of Gracemeria
If you shoot down all of the target B-52s and UH-9 quickly (under 2 minutes), a squadron of four target F/A-18Fs will spawn directly in front of you, once destroyed they are followed by four Rafale Ms, take them out and Pegas appears at 40k altitude in front of you.
14 F-16C EDINOROG Mihajlo Mesic F-16C Fighting Falcon Vitoze Aerial Defense
Enters the battlefield alone at high altitude in the central area of the map.
15 TND-GR4 DRAKON Zoran Mikulanec Tornado GR.4 Sipli Field
Spawns near center of the map after the mission update. As a jamming aircraft, it is identifiable by a big green cloud on radar but immune to most weapons (e.g. missiles), so just stay on him until he starts flying in a straight line.
16 SU-47 KENTAVR Ozren Milos Su-47 Berkut Bartolomeo Fortress
Appears during the siege to the enemy HQ in the second half of the mission, often fighting along the Strigon Team.
17 F-15E ORYOL Dragan Panadic F-15E Strike Eagle Anea Landing
Appears over Warlock battalion after the mission update.
18 RAFALE M VEGA Irena Dvornik Rafale M Siege on Silvat
Appears near the enemy camp after the Mission Update.
19 F-117A DZHOKER Gunther Kleiber F-117A Nighthawk Selumna Peak
Appears near the Warlock Battalion's position when one operation is completed.
20 EF-2000 RUSALKA Goran Rosandic EF-2000 Typhoon San Loma Assault
Spawns near the central bay at San Loma after the Mission Update.
21 SU-33 FENIKS Lorenz Riedel Su-33 Flanker-D Heavy Command Cruiser
Takes off from the Aigaion if the Gyges, Kottos, KC-10, defense systems and engines are destroyed before destroying the Cockpit.
22 MIR-2000-5 OBLAKO Jakov Vabec Mirage 2000-5 Ragno Fortress
Spawns above Ragno Fortress after the Mission Update, with the second group of enemies.
23 A-10A RYTSARY Adalbert Radic A-10A Thunderbolt II The Moloch Desert
Spawns after the Mission Update in front of the player.
24 F-2A FLYUGER Miljan Zrinski F-2A Viper Zero Weapons of Mass Destruction
Spawns near the player after the Mission Update, and will pursue them relentlessly alongside the other enemy aircraft. Unique in that the ace fires what appear to be Rocket Launcher barrages.
25 F-14D VALET Valeriy Nikitov F-14D Super Tomcat Liberation of Gracemeria
Takes off from the aircraft carrier in King's Bay.
26 F/A-18F DAMA Vaslav Reynek F/A-18F Super Hornet Gracemeria Patrol
Spawns in northwestern Gracemeria, when the enemy fighters appear, as a jamming aircraft.
27 F-4E KOROL Gustav Dvornik F-4E Phantom II Chandelier
Spawns in the Chandelier's runway after the mission update to destroy the core of the chandelier, trailing an escort squadron. It is recommended to destroy him just after he appears.

Strigon Team

# In-Game Display Pilot Aircraft Mission
01 SU-33 STRIGON Victor Voychek Su-33 Flanker-D Invasion of Gracemeria
02 SU-33 STRIGON Karlo Bogdanovic Su-33 Flanker-D Bartolomeo Fortress
03 SU-33 STRIGON Cvitko Dudic Su-33 Flanker-D Siege on Silvat
04 SU-33 STRIGON Federiko Jarni Su-33 Flanker-D Heavy Command Cruiser
05 SU-33 STRIGON Darijo Kovac Su-33 Flanker-D Heavy Command Cruiser
06 SU-33 STRIGON Franz Leko Su-33 Flanker-D The Moloch Desert
07 SU-33 STRIGON Nino Ljubek Su-33 Flanker-D The Moloch Desert
08 CFA-44 PASTERNAK Ilya Pasternak CFA-44 Nosferatu Liberation of Gracemeria
09 SU-33 STRIGON Aleksei Cheshenko Su-33 Flanker-D Chandelier
10 SU-33 STRIGON Yaroslav Deryagin Su-33 Flanker-D Chandelier
11 SU-33 STRIGON Stepan Feigin Su-33 Flanker-D Chandelier
12 SU-33 STRIGON Toscha Mijasik Su-33 Flanker-D Invasion of Gracemeria


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To unlock Emmerian assault records, the player must complete each of a unit's operations in every single campaign mission within the game. For example, completing every operation to do with assisting the Avalanche Squadron will unlock Freddie "Avalanche" Durand's assault record for the player to view.