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An F-15E Strike Eagle and F-16C Fighting Falcon

This is a full list of aircraft in Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation.

In total, Ace Combat 6 features 15 playable aircraft, the lowest aircraft count in the numbered series. The only two Ace Combat games with lower aircraft counts are Ace Combat Advance (10) and Ace Combat: Northern Wings (9).


The MSSL ammo in the tables below is listed for Normal difficulty and above.

GUN ammo is infinite on Easy and Normal difficulty, and 800 on Hard and above; MSSL and special weapon ammo is doubled for Easy difficulty only up to a maximum of 999.[1]

F-16C Fighting Falcon (FIGHTER)
Emmerian F-16C Over Grageo

F-16C AC6 Stats
The F-16C has a powerful single engine and a blended wing body. Its high cost-performance makes it a standard for lightweight fighters. The smaller size of this aircraft makes it highly maneuverable, with roll and banking capabilities that are slightly superior to other aircraft. Although basic, its armaments are easy to use and adaptable to both air-to-air and air-to-ground tasks. The F-16C is a highly capable aircraft in almost any pilot's hands.
MSSL x99
XMA4 x40
UGB x30
RCL x20
Unlock: Available at the start of the game.
Mirage 2000-5 (MULTIROLE)
MIR 2000-5

Mirage 2000-5 AC6 Stats
The Mirage is a highly maneuverable multirole aircraft which is highly maneuverable at high speeds, but requires precision controlling because of the resulting recoil. It is equipped with long range air-to-ground missiles enabling it to safely destroy enemy ground targets from a distance. Highly customizable, this aircraft can meet a variety of needs.
MSSL x110
XMA4 x44
GPB x20
LASM x15
SFFS x12
Unlock: Complete Bartolomeo Fortress.
Aircraft Price: 49,500
A-10A Thunderbolt II (ATTACKER)
A 10a img1

A-10A AC6 Stats
The A-10A features a straight-wing design for additional strength at low speeds, high mounted engines to avoid enemy ground fire, and heavy armor plating. It is feared by enemy ground troops as the "Tank Killer" for its ability to continue the assault despite taking considerable damage. It is an extremely durable and stable aircraft with superior maneuvering capabilities. The firepower centric design includes a nose mounted Gatling gun and high performance air-to ground missiles, making it the perfect aircraft for close air-to-ground support.
MSSL x200
RCL x25
FAEB x25
XAGM x56
Unlock: Complete Bartolomeo Fortress.
Aircraft Price: 55,000
Tornado GR.4 (ATTACKER)

Tornado GR.4 AC6 Stats
This is the latest of the Tornado series of aircraft. The Tornado GR.4 is a variable geometry winged aircraft with a compact fuselage designed to avoid enemy fire. Precision flight through advanced navigation equipment and powerful thrust for short take-off and landing (STOL) make this a versatile attacker. Although an attacker aircraft, the Tornado boasts both maneuverability and acceleration of a fighter. Equipped with dispenser munitions, it is capable of quickly suppressing ground targets over large areas. The highly mobile attacker is well designed for striking heavy fortified targets.
MSSL x150
BDSP x25
LASM x20
ECMP x20
Unlock: Complete Anea Landing.
Aircraft Price: 69,000
F/A-18F Super Hornet (MULTIROLE)
Emmerian Navy Hornets On Carrier

FA-18F AC6 Stats
The F/A-18F achieves superb handling while maintaining nearly flawless stability. The combined payload capacity of air-to-ground and air-to-air SP weapons and missiles promise increased battle performance. With the capability to quickly adjust to the conditions of virtually any battlefield, the F/A-18F is a true multirole aircraft.
MSSL x160
SAAM x18
SOD x15
XAGM x32
ECMP x20
Unlock: Complete Siege on Silvat.
Aircraft Price: 76,000
AC6 Viper Zero

F-2A AC6 Stats
Known as the "Viper Zero", the F2-A is a variant of the F-16. It is equipped with the latest avionic equipment, including phased-array radar. Although specifically designed for anti-ship operations, this powerful aircraft is also deployed in air-superiority and intercept missions. The F-2A is known for its responsiveness and stability - so much so that engine stall related accidents are extremely rare. Its high-performance armaments include that of high-maneuver and long-range missiles. While successfully fulfilling its conceived role of air-to-ground and air-to-ship intercept, the F-2A is also a formidable air-to-air multirole aircraft.
MSSL x110
LASM x28
QAAM x20
XMA4 x52
UGB x40
Unlock: Complete Siege on Silvat.
Aircraft Price: 81,000
F-14D Super Tomcat (FIGHTER)
F-14D Flyby AC6

F-14D AC6 Stats
The Super Tomcat is equipped with digital fly-by-wire variable geometry wings and powerful twin-engines. Although costly to maintain, this carrier-based aircraft's wide array of advanced capabilities place it at the pinnacle of modern aircraft design. Unparalleled top speed and acceleration coupled with high maneuverability and stability make the F-14D an impressive aircraft. Long-range missile armaments also allow for preemptive striking capability on multiple enemy aircraft. Excelling at hit-and-run assaults, this high speed intercept fighter is perfect for aerial defense missions.
MSSL x150
XLAA x40
SAAM x25
GPB x30
Unlock: Complete Siege on Silvat.
Aircraft Price: 78,000
Su-33 Flanker-D (FIGHTER)
Ace6 su33 001

Su-33 AC6 Stats
Known by the codename "Flanker", the Su-33 is a carrier-based air superiority fighter. Its bold canard wings and aerodynamic fuselage design have realized performance never before achievable in a fighter. Its derivative shape stands as a symbol of modern aircraft design. Extremely maneuverable and quick to respond, the Su-33 is capable of maintaining an advantage even in battles against superior numbers. It is well equipped for aerial combat with high-maneuver and high-performance missiles. The aircraft's true potential depends solely on the pilot's skills, making this aircraft for experienced pilots only.
MSSL x160
QAAM x25
XMA4 x56
RCL x30
Unlock: Complete San Loma Assault.
Aircraft Price: 85,000
F-15E Strike Eagle (MULTIROLE)
Talisman Garuda One

F-15E AC6 Stats
F-15E adds a variety of air-to-ground modifications to the already excellent air superiority design of the F-15. It can be distinguished from its predecessor by the conformal fuel tanks under the fuselage, fitted to extend attack range without sacrificing payload. The F-15E boasts first class speed, excellent acceleration and durability. This aircraft can be fitted with powerful high-performance missiles or cluster bombs for air-to-air and air-to-ground missions. This large-bodied multirole aircraft excels on battlefronts.
MSSL x180
XMA6 x60
UGB x60
SFFS x30
XAGM x64
Unlock: Complete Heavy Command Cruiser.
Aircraft Price: 91,000
Emmerian Rafale M Squadron

Rafale M AC6 Stats
A carrier-based aircraft known as "Squall", Distinguishing characteristics include a flowing delta wing and canard design, and an aerodynamically conformed air intake. Its ergonomically designed cockpit has earned it high regard among pilots. The Rafale M offers quick response control thanks to a compact turning radius and agile maneuverability. Its large wing surface provides extra storage space for high performance missiles and dispenser munitions. This multirole aircraft is well suited for prolonged scale missions.
MSSL x160
SOD x40
SAAM x35
XMA6 x54
LASM x40
Unlock: Complete Heavy Command Cruiser.
Aircraft Price: 90,000
F-117A Nighthawk (ATTACKER)

F-117A AC6 Stats
The "Nighthawk" is the first fully stealth capable aircraft. Its unique shape and special coating are designed to absorb and reduce enemy radar. Advanced stealth characteristics allow the F-117A to operate freely while evading enemy detection. Although its payload is limited, bunker penetrating bombs give its formidable pinpoint striking capabilities. A complete deviation from traditional fighter design, the F-117A is a revolutionary attack aircraft designed solely for stealth.
MSSL x135
GPB x65
QAAM x15
LASM x35
Unlock: Complete Ragno Fortress.
Aircraft Price: 69,000
Typhoon (FIGHTER)
Ace6 typhoon012

Typhoon AC6 Stats
The Typhoon represents the leading edge of air superiority fighter technology. The close-coupled delta-canard configuration gives the aircraft its distinct design. Developed by an international consortium, the flexible design ensures that the Typhoon can be modified to answer the fighter needs of all nations involved. The Typhoon fuses maneuverability with precision providing the pilot with ease of control. Long-range missiles allow it to destroy multiple enemy aircraft while staying out of lock-on range. Whether from a distance or in a dogfight, the Typhoon's robust capabilities assure its dominance in any battle.
MSSL x230
XLAA x48
XMA6 x66
RCL x32
Unlock: Complete Weapons of Mass Destruction.
Aircraft Price: 115,000
Su-47 Berkut (FIGHTER)

Su-47 AC6 Stats
The "Berkut" is distinguished by its three-surface-design, comprised of forwardswept wings, canard wings and horizontal stabilizer. The latest in avionic technologies help overcome instabilities inherent in its complex aerodynamics, positioning the SU-47 on the cutting edge of experimental aircraft technology. The SU-47 fighter features superb maneuverability and stability. Equipped with high-maneuver missiles, its superiority in a 1-on-1 aerial conflict is unrivaled. Designed to dominate in a dogfight, it is the preeminent fighter.
MSSL x270
QAAM x40
SAAM x40
UGB x70
Unlock: Complete The Liberation of Gracemeria.
Aircraft Price: 126,000
F-22A Raptor (FIGHTER)
Emmerian F-22A Raptor Flyby

F-22A AC6 Stats
The F-22A is a composite of the latest technologies, including the ability to cruise at supersonic speeds. This ultra-powerful 5th generation fighter is aptly titled "Air Dominance Fighter". Commanding powerful thrust and stealth technologies, the F-22A represents the leading edge of aircraft technology. As well as being dispenser munitions capable, high-performance missiles allow it to attack from beyond the range of enemy aircraft. Geared perfectly for aerial combat missions, the F-22A is a powerful preemptive fighter.
MSSL x250
XMA6 x72
QAAM x40
SOD x55
Unlock: Complete The Liberation of Gracemeria.
Aircraft Price: 130,000
CFA-44 Nosferatu (FIGHTER)
Aces At War 2019 Emmerian CFA-44s Over Selumna

CFA-44 AC6 Stats
The "Nosferatu" is Estovakia's next-generation carrier-based stealth aircraft. Various onboard experimental weapon technologies include a rail gun, ADMM missiles and a fully integrated electronic support system. In the hands of an experienced pilot, this aircraft truly knows no bounds. Complete dominance over all other aircraft in speed, acceleration, and maneuverability is hindered only by its instability. Outfitted with the latest in experimental weaponry, it knows no match from the land or air. The aircraft's true potential can only be achieved by a technologically minded ace with the battle skills to match.
MSSL x300
ADMM x18
EML x24
ECM x36
Unlock: Complete the Campaign on Hard difficulty or higher.
Aircraft Price: 229,500

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