A list of missions in the campaign of Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation.


# Title Date Location
Invasion of Gracemeria Gracemeria
Gracemeria, the capital city of Emmeria, is suddenly attacked by unknown forces. King's Bridge is destroyed, and other parts of the city are up in flames. The Emmerian Air Force scrambles all pilots, including Talisman (Garuda 1) and Shamrock, who joins Talisman as Garuda 2 during this mission, forming Garuda Team. Emmerian forces are ordered to hold off against all enemy bombers, who are discovered to be part of the Estovakian Air Force, and succeed in doing so; however, a Nimbus missile strike wipes out half of all allied aircraft, and with the arrival of the Strigon Team, the remaining pilots are ordered to evacuate and give up Gracemeria.
Vitoze Aerial Defense Vitoze
Estovakian bombers begin approaching Vitoze in an effort to eliminate the remaining Emmerian military. The Garuda Team and allied aircraft, with the help of local ESM support, manage to shoot down all bombers before they reach the base.
Sipli Field Sipli Field
The Emmerian military is ready to begin a counter-attack. They begin by attempting to retake Khesed Island, which is protected by the Estovakians along Sipli Field. After a fierce ground battle, the Estovakians attempt to retreat, but they are halted and decimated by the Air Force.
Bartolomeo Fortress Mount Marcello
The remaining Estovakian military force is on Mount Marcello, with Bartolomeo Fortress being their center of operations. The fortress boasts high levels of defense for both ground and air attacks. However, the Emmerian military split into three groups - two ground from east and west, and one air from the south - and was able to capture the fortress. Two members from Strigon Team launched, but were of no help.
Anea Landing Rargom Beach
The Emmerians then push back by landing on the Anean mainland at Rargom beach. The Yellow Jacket Unit, escorted by Quox Armored Battalion, take back the airfield at Ortara, while the Emmerian fleet take the Kijera Oil Fields. Warlock Separate Battalion goes right through the middle, facing a heavy Estovakian deployment. Estovakian aircraft and tanks attempt to take back the LZ, but are not successful.
Siege on Silvat Rawllins Plain
An Emmerian force (specifically Sherpa Signal Battalion, Barracuda Armored Battalion, Gavial Tank Battalion, Grizzly Tank Battalion and Dragon Busters Battalion) defending Silvat Town are surrounded by Estovakian forces and members of the Strigon team. The forces included an A-10A Thunderbolt II squad defending an airfield, numerous tanks as well as two guntrain. After the Estovakian defenses are weakened, they then proceed to retreat, but are stopped.
Selumna Peak Peak of Selumna
There is a light amount of Estovakian Army units in Selumna Peaks, which the Emmerians try to break through. Warlock and Quox Battalions advance through the peaks by land, Snake Pit provides ESM support, and Avalanche destroying airborne jammers. The Emmerians even destroy supersonic bombers trying to hit the allied ground units. The Estovakian planes are ordered to retreat the airspace, and then Nimbus missiles prompt the Emmerians' retreat, covered by the Garuda Team.
San Loma Assault San Loma
The Nimbus missiles are found to be launched from the P-1112 Aigaion. The missiles, however, are guided by marker drones with guidance systems in San Loma. The Emmerians attack using bombers, the Quox and Warlock Tank Battalions, and Emmerian flagship Marigold.

After their separate missions, they all converge to retake the San Loma port and airport.

Heavy Command Cruiser Glava Islands
The Emmerians are ready to attack the P-1112 Aigaion. They decide to go in while the fleet is refueling (the tankers will block the fleet's radar.) The Emmerians are detected, however, and the Strigon Team is launched. All members of the Strigon Team are defeated, the P-1113 Kottos and P-1114 Gyges aircrafts are destroyed and the Aigaion is destroyed in a head-on cockpit attack and an attack on the ship's core itself.
Ragno Fortress Grageo Canyon
Ragno Fortress is a defense and resupply fortress in Grageo Canyon. The Emmerians recapture it with the Garuda, Quox, Warlock, Yellow Jacket, and Windhover squadrons.
The Moloch Desert Moloch Desert
Estovakia is holding a last line of defense in the Moloch Desert. Garuda, Hammerhead, Warlock, Quox, and Snake Pit attack the area. As soon as the battle starts to tilt in Emmeria's favor, all planes are ordered to fall back for an unknown reason. Shamrock defies orders to battle the just-arrived Strigon Team. Strigon is yet again defeated, but Garuda team is grounded. It is then revealed that Estovakia commences the use of WMD's on Gracemeria if Emmerian forces continue their advance.
Weapons of Mass Destruction Alma River
Garuda Team is taken off of suspension to destroy the threat of WMD's. The WMD's are destroyed, but a very large number of enemy fighters appear. Emmerian allied units come to Garuda's rescue, and all enemy fighters are downed.
The Liberation of Gracemeria Gracemeria
Gracemeria has been retaken by Garuda, Steel Gunners, Dragon Busters, Warlock, Windhover, and Avalanche squadrons with support from the Marigold. Hovever, Ilya Pasternak appears to battle Garuda and make a last stand. Pasternak is killed by Talisman, however, ending in complete victory for Emmeria.
Gracemeria Patrol Gracemeria
Emmeria is completely recaptured. Garuda Team, along with others, patrol the city. Shamrock has learned of his family's death, and wants to turn in his wings as soon as he lands. However, Gracemeria is attacked by a large number of Chandelier cruise missiles and stealth fighters. After all enemies are destroyed, the cruise missiles are revealed to have been coming from the Chandelier, a railgun designed for shooting down large asteroids.
Chandelier Sonne Island
Garuda, Avalanche, Windhover, Sky Kid and Stingray squadron along with AWACS Ghost Eye set out to destroy the Chandelier. They are attacked by Strigon Team, a large number of ships and Anti-Air emplacements. The Chandelier is powered by twelve cooling units. After destroying all, a final cooling unit is revealed to be inside the superweapon itself. Shamrock flies through the reloading trench for intel, but takes multiple hits and has to eject. Talisman flies through the trench to destroy the cooling unit. However, the barrel of the Chandelier opened in an attempt to cool itself. Talisman delivers the coup-de-grace by flying into the barrel to destroy the core. The Chandelier is destroyed, and the war is won by the Emmeria.