Erusean Assault Records

This is a list of the named enemy aces featured in Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown. They are also referred to as named aircraft.

Aces are elite fighter pilots of the Erusean Air Force who have unique callsigns and paintjobs for their aircraft. They only appear when replaying campaign missions on Normal or higher difficulty, in either campaign mode or Free Mission mode. Although their aircraft are not more durable than other enemies, they will be more skilled and may take longer to shoot down. Shooting down named aces will also provide double the points than other enemy aircraft of the same type. Like previous games in the Ace Combat franchise, shooting down named aces unlocks the "Special" aircraft skin for the player to use.[1]

Shooting down all named aces awards players with the "Bird Of Prey" achievement and the "Special" skin for the X-02S Strike Wyvern.

Data mined Assault Records icon and image for the cut F-4E Phantom II ace

Data miners have found a cut F-4E Phantom II ace. Shooting this ace down would have presumably unlocked the F-4E's "Special" skin (two-tone RF-4E/RF-4EJ Marine Blue scheme). This ace was likely cut as the F-4E was removed as a playable aircraft from the base game and made into a pre-order bonus.


  • Restarting from checkpoint after shooting down an ace will still unlock the skin as long as the checkpoint occurs after the shoot down.
  • Restarting from checkpoint may not reset the timer for some spawn requirements such as for GADFLY, and BAYONET, so be sure to restart from mission instead of restart from checkpoint to restart the timer if needed.
  • Aces will not spawn after restarting from checkpoint if the requirement was met prior to the checkpoint. This means that for aces that spawn based on performance in a previous part of the mission, such as RONIN, COMET, GADFLY, and GAZELLE, if the mission is failed after completing the requirement, the mission must be restarted entirely for them to spawn again.
  • Using a fast aircraft with speed parts can make it easier to both achieve the spawn requirements and shoot down fleeing aces, such as COMET.