F-4E AC7 Flyby 2

The F-4E, a pre-order-exclusive DLC aircraft

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown features downloadable content (DLC) that add to the base game's contents. These DLCs include aircraft, skins, and missions. All prices below are listed in U.S. dollars.



  • F-4E Phantom II
    Exclusive to the "F-4E Phantom II + 3 Skins" bundle.
    A low-tier aircraft featured in most games in the Ace Combat franchise.
  • Three original aircraft ($4.99 each)[1]
    Included in the "Season Pass" bundle.
    The three original aircraft have not been released yet.[2]


  • Three missions ($4.99 each)[1]
    Included in the "Season Pass" bundle.
    The release date for the three missions, and explicit details surrounding them, have yet to be announced.[2]

Aircraft Skins

Aircraft skins can only be used on aircraft that the player has already unlocked in the game.


  • Music Player
    Exclusive to the "Season Pass" bundle.
    An in-game menu option that allows players to listen to the game's soundtrack.


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