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Following is a list of medals in Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown. The game awards medals for all three modes: campaign (also available in Free Mission), VR Mode, and multiplayer. The game also features Performance Evaluations earned at the end of every multiplayer match.


Image Name
AC7 Bronze Ace Medal Bronze Ace
Destroy 1000 enemy hostiles.
Silver Ace
Destroy 2000 enemy hostiles.
Gold Ace
Destroy 3000 enemy hostiles.
AC7 Bronze Marksman Medal Bronze Marksman
Shoot down 50 aircraft with the machine gun.
Silver Marksman
Shoot down 200 aircraft with the machine gun.
Gold Marksman
Shoot down 300 aircraft with the machine gun.
Bronze Wings
Earn an S Rank on all missions on Normal difficulty.
Silver Wings
Earn an S Rank on all missions on Hard difficulty.
Gold Wings
Earn an S Rank on all missions on Ace difficulty.
Raze The Roof
Destroy 1500 enemy surface targets (excluding ships).
Ship Of Liberty
Sink 100 enemy ships.
Shoot down 200 enemy drones.
Mass Destruction
Shoot down 30 or more UAVs in Campaign Mission 03, "Two-pronged Strategy".
Silence Is Golden
Penetrate the radar network within 3 minutes in Campaign Mission 04, "Rescue".
First Try
Destroy 50 or more ground targets without using the Return Line in Campaign Mission 06, "Long Day".
AC7 Relieved Medal Relieved
Shoot down all UAVs before seven allies send distress signals in Campaign Mission 07, "First Contact".
Destroy 16 or more ground targets in Campaign Mission 10, "Transfer Orders".
Destroy all missile silos within 5 minutes in Campaign Mission 13, "Bunker Buster".
Whoa Man
Do not take any damage in Campaign Mission 15, "Battle for Farbanti".
Getting The Job Done
Shoot down Mihaly in 5 minutes or less without using special weapons in Campaign Mission 18, "Lost Kingdom".
Dropping the Bird
Destroy the Arsenal Bird without using the Machine Gun in Campaign Mission 19, "Lighthouse".
Destroy all targets using only the Machine Gun in Campaign Mission 20, "Dark Blue".
Not A Scratch
Complete campaign mode without taking damage.
Machine Gun Maniac
Complete campaign mode using only the machine guns.
Photon Blitz
Complete one run of the campaign in a cumulative time of 4 hours or less. This cannot be done in Free Mission, and this requires restarting the story if the story has already been completed.

VR Mode

Image Name



Image Name
Bronze Ace
Shoot down 50 rival aircraft.
Silver Ace
Shoot down 100 rival aircraft.
Gold Ace
Shoot down 200 rival aircraft.
Bronze Wings
Sortie in multiplayer mode 25 times.
Silver Wings
Sortie in multiplayer mode 50 times.
Gold Wings
Sortie in multiplayer mode 100 times.
Sky Stalker
Come first in Battle Royal 3 times.

Win 50 Team Death Match games.
All for the Glory
Earn the MVP in Team Death Match.
Say It Cloud and Proud
Receive each of the performance evaluations "Escape Artist", "Cloud Seeker", and "Hide and Seeker" three times or more.

Performance Evaluations

Some of the following Performance Evaluations were previously featured in Ace Combat Infinity.

Each Performance Evaluation has its own rank to determine the MRP bonus which the player will earn at the end of every multiplayer match. S-Ranks are worth 5,000 MRP, A-Ranks are worth 3,000 MRP, B-Ranks are worth 2,000 MRP, C-Ranks are worth 1,000 MRP, and D-Ranks are worth 500 MRP.

Name Rank Description
Ace S Destroyed the greatest number of enemies and inflicted the most damage.[1][2]
Machine Gun Crazy A Destroyed the greatest number of enemies using machine guns.[3]
Steamroller S Inflicted the most damage to enemies.[1][4]
First In B Claimed the first kill of the match.[3]
Last Out B Claimed the last kill of the match.[3][4]
Iron Man D Flew the longest distance in battle.[5]
Halo Pilot D Flew at the highest average altitude.[1]
Ground Proximity Warning D Flew at the lowest average altitude.[6]
Speedster D Flew at the fastest average speed.[5]
Dangerous Driving
Safety First D Flew for the shortest time while stalling.[1]
Solo Wing C Flew for the longest time while near-death.[5]
Bailout Master D Was shot down the most times.[1]
Specter C Flew for the longest time without being shot down.[1]
Trigger Happy C Fired the most machine-gun rounds.[1]
Gun Master B Exhibited the highest accuracy with a machine gun out of all players who fired over 100 shots.[4]
Fireworks C Fired weapons the most (excluding machine guns).[7]
Sharp Shooter A Exhibited the highest accuracy regardless of weapon.[4]
Shotgun Style C Exhibited the lowest accuracy regardless of weapon.[1]
Bounty Hunter B Obtained the highest average score for the number of enemies destroyed.[4]
Rolling Thunder C Obtained the lowest average score for the number of enemies destroyed.[1]
Cool Head A Destroyed the greatest number of enemies using missile weapons.[3]
Survivor B Survived the match without being shot down once.[3][4]
Mechanic's Friend A Survived the match without taking any damage.[3]
Alan Smithee
Gimme Ammo!
A Gift From Death B A projectile you fired destroyed an enemy after you were shot down.[1]
Entourage B Obtained the highest assist score.[1]
Independent C Obtained the lowest assist score.[8]
Cloud Seeker D Recorded the longest flight time in the clouds.[8]
Nephophobic D Recorded the shortest flight time in the clouds.[6]
Hide and Seeker B Destroyed the greatest number of enemies hiding in the clouds.[1]
Final Word C Destroyed the greatest number of enemies already damaged by teammates.[7]
Escape Artist A Avoided the greatest number of incoming missiles by using the clouds.[8]
Bullfighter A Took out the greatest number of missiles using flares.[1][7]


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